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The Toy Room

Boys toy room.

ED9A4171I haven’t posted photos of this yet… but since putting our boys into all one bedroom. We turned one of our extra bedrooms into a toy room. I never thought Id like having a toy room, but I must admit. Its kinda nice. Its a place the boys can put all their “stuff” and a place we can just shut the door to if we don’t want to deal with the mess. It is also a place they can go read. Play their kindles. Etc…etc. If we have guest come over, there is space to put an air mattress as well. Not sure if we will have a toy room forever… but for now, having it, brings no complaints. :)

This room has bay windows and built ins under the windows that open. So a TON of storage. We can put all the boys stuff toys, trains, train tracks, etc… in this space. We also put the bottom portion of our hutch we no longer use in this room for more storage. We have blocks in it and they kids can use the top of it to place things they wish.

In the closet there are bins for toys. Such as legos, tag books, smaller blocks, the costumes and weapons (yes we have an entire chest of boy weapons haha). I used curtains instead of sliding doors that the house originally had on the closet. Only because the tracks on the doors were old and falling apart. So each time our kids opened the closet, it fall off track and you’d have a crooked door. Drove me nuts! So a wood curtain rod from Lowes and some old curtains we had from our Atlanta home did the trick.






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