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May Busy

Gorgeous 80F day here in SC. Hoping to get a little yard work done maybe. Debating getting an outdoor picnic table for our back yard too. Anyone ever do this? Thought it be a good alternative to a patio table. Could do school on it some when weather permiI have been an awful blogger the last few weeks. I have so many idea of post Id love to type up… yet find myself very stretched thin. Hmmm, I wonder why ;-) – while life with four boys is very busy, I have also found myself busy with other things. Lots Id love to elaborate on but for the sake of others privacy I can’t. Lets just say being a Pastors wife, while I dont wear many hats in ministry (I don’t teach. I dont sing in the choir and Im not on any committees haha), I do things behind the scenes that do seem to be enough. For me in this season.

I am learning with age I am the type that really takes things to heart, more than I should allow… I find myself very much burdened for people who don’t want help… despite the need… and I take things way to personal when people reject help or make poor decisions. It consumes me so much so that it will cripple my day at home. I just can’t stop thinking about the people or the situation. It literally feels heavy. I know this is when you have to give it to the Lord and let it go… but it still is the type of thing that I have really got to learn to separate myself from… and sometimes just stay out of situations all together.

Throw in the extra doctor appointments we’ve had for Owen’s broken arm. It just seems like I have no spare time to blog. Or just a lack of drive to do it.

So forgive the updates. When I do go silent on the blog you can follow our daily life over on Instagram. @dreawood I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend…

… and that the end of the school year is wrapping up nicely for everyone.

Happy Mothers Day everyone. Be blessed. And a quote I always like to share on Mother's Day... To those who may struggle with infertility and Mother's Day can be bitter sweet. A day you love to celebrate because of your love for your own mother or friends