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Half Bath Remodel

Before and After Images of our Half Bath

I have wanted to remodel this bathroom since the moment we bought our house. While there was something charming about its 1980’s wallpaper and curtains… It was just so dark… and didn’t go with the rest of the home. However, it had wallpaper. I knew the pain of removing wallpaper from years back when my parents did it in their home. Since, yet again, we’ve been house bound with sickness. (more on that later) I finally just did it.

I forgot to take proper before/afters because I just woke up one day and began ripping. I have a few “instagram” images of the before though that should do.

I had no real method to my removal process. A friend told me about using White Vinegar/water to help with the process. I did that. Picked. Pulled. And after about a day 1/2 I got it all down by myself. Although Reed at one point helped ;-) – was so cute. He tried and tried picking off pieces of glue strips.

My dad came to help puddy some imperfections on the wall, left from where the wall paper damaged the dry wall. He sanded the walls for me (thank you!) and then Travis and him put in a new faucet for me. Can I just say, faucets are so expensive!! It was worth every penny though, as it looks 10x better.

The color I picked out is a tea-gray. The color name is called “TEA STAIN” – I believe by Vaspar, from Lowes. It has a hue of green in it but its on the gray side. This house isn’t super bright inside, since we have a lot of shade, so bright/cooler/yet not to cool tones is what I find works well.

We replaced the brass sink with a black antique finish faucet by Delta.

The vanity I painted a gray color and replaced the hardware.

The lighting was fine as is. (thankfully)

I replaced the plates on the light switches.

Hung a simple piece of decor I had on hand.

Removed the old plain dated mirror and put up a distressed round mirror I got at TJMaxx for a steal!

We also added a new paper towel holder to match.

Thats it! It looks so much better. The only thing I do need to do still is add a small half curtain to the window in there. That way its more private (our screen porch looks in on this bathroom, so technically someone could spy on you haha, but since our backyard is well wooded, no one really can see in, except maybe our kids. The curtain will come soon enough).

Below are a few more “cell phone” before images :)

The faucet before was the original faucet we believe. It leaked and was very old.


The cabinets were an off white color before.



Before and After images of a small half bathroom with wallpaper

Before and After images of a small half bathroom with wallpaper

Half Bathroom inspiration

Half Bathroom inspiration

Half Bathroom inspiration

Half Bathroom inspiration

Half Bathroom inspiration

Half Bathroom inspiration

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  1. It looks great! I love your new vintage mirror and bronze faucet. We had a Delta faucet just like that at our old place that I reviewed, but left behind. I miss it!

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