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Home School Room and 2016-2017 Curriculum Choices

How we organize our home school room.

It is officially the start of our 2nd year home schooling in SC. All together though this is year 7 home schooling for me. Crazy! I am counting Pre-K with my 1st born as a year btw, I guess technically from the time my 1st born started Kindergarten its only been 6 years? Still, whos counting. Right? :)

This year I have a 6th grader (middle school, eek!), a 4th grader and an in between K/1st grader. Owen started last year in Kindergarten but about mid way through the year (not even), I knew he wasn’t ready yet. He was a young 5 and just struggled greatly with mastering his phonics. (All my boys did at age 5. I am finding the longer I do this that starting at 6 is far better with boys) So for last year we did mostly math and a lot of Reading Eggs, apps that went over letters and some LeapFrog DVDS. Owen also was involved with our home school co-op as well… but I knew for this year, he needed to repeat a good bit. That is the beauty of home school though. You can cater it to fit your child and there is no shame at repeating things. I have no doubt Owen is going to go through this years work with no trouble. He is much more mature and ready now.

The adjustment into life as a Pastors wife for me, leaving friendship back in Atlanta. Sickness plaguing our family for almost a solid year since our move… has exhausted me though. I almost didn’t home school this year… but my husband and I just felt it was what was best, despite a hard year… So we are pressing on and keeping with it. Or should I say “I am” pressing on haha, since I do the bulk of the home school. My husband is on board though and will help me if I need it. My goal is to home school my boys until 9th grade (high school). Then come high school we may start public. The public schools here are great. So I am okay with sending them to them one day. Just not today. :) We will see though. Nothing is ever set in stone.

Our Home School Room 2016TO help make the year a little easier for me though we invested a little bit more money and went with a DVD geared curriculum. We used this curriculum our 1st year or two of home school… and while we steered away from it after those years, because of the heavy seat work and cost. We felt now that our oldest is in middle school, it was time to step things up a bit… and having these DVDS will take a lot of pressure off of me. I needed that.

I remember at times throughout the last few years of home schooling. That I would compare myself with other home schoolers. I felt the need to do a lot on my own and “pick and chose” things, in order to fit a specific mold or image in the home school world. While I love the idea of Charlotte Mason, a wild and free kind of unschooling method. I have also found I like structure. I am a tad OCD with things… and having a set routine for us helps me and the boys. So yes, Abeka is kinda boring… a bit dry at times… but for me to push myself and force trying to be a way I clearly am not. Would only make the year harder… and potentially impact my boys education as well. So you do what works for you! Do not make anyone make you feel less than and do not think your way is wrong, if it doesn’t look like so and so. No two families home school journey will ever look the same.

So all 3 of our older boys are doing Abeka Academy DVDS and books for all their subjects. The cost of Abeka with DVDS has to be budgeted. I will work extra this fall in Atlanta to help cover the cost. You do what works and for us, the cost was worth it this year. Any who, ill step off my small soap box haha…

Since prepping for the school year this year. I have rearranged and reorganized the school room some. HERE is a post I did last year showing the school room soon after our move in. Below will be the updated version of the room. A little bit more spacious with the layout I have now… and I think it functions better this way.

I WILL TRY and mention where things came from between the images too. We are all about hand me down furniture and being thrifty :)


Our School table was my parents kitchen table we used growing up.
Its just a solid oak table that has been in the family since I was a kid.

The white board we got 75% off at Office Max back in ATL. It was going out of business and was a total steal.
Its magnetic too. I think we paid $30 for it. The small table was mine as a kid too. (as mentioned above)


The white cabinet is something my dad made for me years ago out of an old TV cabinet.
I use it to hold all our school supplies, my teacher books, crafts, puzzles, etc…

The black small desk came from Aldi. I got it for around $20 last year.
The computer was a gift from my dad, one he put together years ago (got to like techy dads)
The shelf unit was given to us back in ATL from another home school family.

The red chair was given to us from a neighbor back in ATL.

The globe was mine as a kid.
The map was given to me by my moms old neighbor who also home schooled.
The pencil holder on top of the shelf was a gift from my mom almost a decade ago.

The cork board was also from my childhood I believe.

Let me say I am so thankful for generous people who give families things they no longer need. 90% of our home is furnished with things that were either purchased used or gifted to us. It is a true blessing, cause furniture is expensive!



This basket came from Home Goods. I believe the cost was $9.

The iPad we purchased 6 years ago with our reward points on a credit card we use to buy gas, groceries, etc with. Its old but still kicking! The laptop was gifted to us. We will use it to let the boys watch their DVDS on.





Toby the cat is still doing well too. For those curious.
Still the best cat ever. He pretty much follows us to any room we are.


The cork boards stuck on the wall I got from walmart 9 years ago! I believe they still sell something similar… and I know I saw recently at Target in the dollar section some cork board similar. They can be nailed directly to the wall or you can use command strips to hang them. Great for displaying kids art.


and of course, my bunting banner my friend Lindsey made me remains. I love it.

We also plan to take a break from co-op this semester too. I needed a break from that routine (although I will miss the socializing part). To replace that though for the semester I am signing Caleb up for Guitar (Starts in a week). Our neighbor teaches lessons and has a special home school rate. Such a blessing. I will also get the boys into Piano. Also taught by a friend. Probably Owen and Taite.. but we will see. That wont start until Sept. Awana at church starts back in Sept as well.

So plenty to keep the boys busy.

Reed also will be doing tot-school :) – aka, I will give him a lot of stickers and paint to keep him busy HAH! He is excited and the tiny table in the room will be what he uses. That table was mine as a kid. Such a fun keepsake for our family.

Feel free to share what you are doing this year for school. Also what extra activities you enjoy signing your kids up for.

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The sale going on right now is called Oils around the world. They have some of my favorite oils on sale. Lavender, Bergamot and Peppermint. Many more too. So be sure to check that out. I hope everyones school year started off well (or starts off well if you haven’t started yet).

Disclaimer: The above post contains affiliate links for RMO. I was not paid to write this post. All the opinions above are my own.

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  1. Love it! And I have to say, I’m jealous you are doing the DVD’s again. We have talked about for a couple years but it’s never been in the budget, and this year the boys’ curriculum was given to us. (A total only God moment) but as we are close to 6 weeks into the year and life is winning more then actual school time I’m wishing and praying the DVD’s become an option. I’m with you on the needed pressure off part. It sounds like your year will be great this year! And your room is amazing!!

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