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Returning to Atlanta

Back in Sept 2011 – our family took our 1st ever trip to Downtown Atlanta.
We had just moved to Atlanta August 2011 and entered the City of Refuge program that Pastor Johnny Hunt started at First Baptist Church Woodstock. I love how God can use a hardship in ones life ultimately for the better of that person. Those who follow me on this blog and have since that time, know the story. So no need to retell it…. Our time in Atlanta was used to bring healing into our lives, as individuals, a couple & family. So thankful for that ministry!

IMG_9887copyWe were recently invited to go back to Atlanta for a City of Refuge Reunion, celebrating 20 years of COR. We of course had to go. What we did not expect, was to go to this reunion unemployed and in a very similar situation that brought us to COR in the first place. I know without a doubt all things happen for a reason and God knows what He is doing. We face this uncertainty now, with a much stronger walk… a better understanding of each other as a couple. Better communication… and a knowledge of things that will help us as we get through this season of life. God will provide and I have full confidence it will all be okay.

The boys were so excited about going back to Atlanta for a visit.

We tried to see as many people as we could… but with a short trip like this, it made it very difficult to see everyone. So hopefully we can go back and see more friends back in Atlanta on another trip… or maybe they can just come see us. (we have a guestroom! – please come, we love visitors). The trip went well and the boys had a blast.

One of our first stops on the trip was to go see the Westin at Peach Plaza. This is a hotel that my oldest son Caleb ADORED while living in Atlanta. The view was amazing and he is really into buildings (still is), so going that high up (72 stories) was such a joy to him.

I remember specifically certain places at the Westin that I took photos at with the boys back in 2011…. so I tried to recreate those with this visit. Below are a few before/afters as well as a few other images from that weekend.

Image from Sept 2011 of Caleb and Taite standing by the Window in the Westin.
(Owen was there too but he was on his Daddys back in a baby carrier)


Below is the same image as above, just taken this year – oh how they’ve grown!



What I found even more interesting, was how GRAY Travis has gotten in just a few years :)

The below image is this year, Travis holding Reed as he looks into the binoculars


check out the 2011 images of him holding Taite (who was I believe just shy of age 5)


and…. Caleb.
Wow has he shot up…..
He was only 6 years old when we went in 2011….
had two teeth coming in and was so funny!


He is now a pre-teen… 12 year old, just shy of 5 foot 2…
and weighs 100lbs.
Where did my little guy go!?


Time really does go fast…





We of course had to check out Centennial Park again too. Such a lovely spot!






As our trip began to wrap up…. my oldest looked at me and said “I wish we had never moved….” as he at age 12 processes the loss of friendship… and the uncertainty our current situation in SC brings… I do have to fight not to become angry at the church, as I watch my son struggle. If only the church as a whole would understand more what Pastors and their family sacrifice to serve…. I think a lot of peoples hearts would be softened and much less judgemental if they truly took the time to stop and think about that.

So a bitter sweet trip… but a good one… one that I was thankful we got to experience.

Thankful to hear our Pastor back in Atlanta preach.


See friends.



and be blessed.

City of Refuge Reunion 2016. So thankful to have been in this place back in 2011- such an amazing ministry. We are blessed to have been a part of it.

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