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Christmas 2016

I have been so terrible at keeping my blog up to date with life events. I remember the days when I use to blog like 4 times a week, if not more. Life has just been so busy… Just with every day task. Schooling the boys. House work. Cooking. Normal stuff. It is busy enough. You add into that my husband resigning from his job. Moments of waiting. New job opts. Adjustments and all that. Plus the holidays. Blogging… well. It just hasn’t worked lately.

I think I have gotten lazy a bit with Social media too. Its so much easier to throw up thoughts on a quick instagram post, than to blog them. I do hope in time, in 2017… that I can share a bit more about what has happened over the last 5 months. I know many have been curious. While some know the story, many do not. I have learned recently I have to really be careful what I write about… An old blog post I wrote back in 2011 came back to bite us sadly… While it did not have lasting effects, it was used in a hateful way and it truly broke my spirit. Making me want to never share on my blog again. A post that was not intend for bad. And had those reading it known the situation and what was going on, they would have never used it to harm but would rather have sympathized and showed care. Still. This is the world we live in… where everything we say is examined and often times taken offensively… Even though I can see past a lot of things… I just have not felt comfortable sharing “to much” out of a little fear as to how it may affect me or my family later in life. So… the silence may be because of busy life moments happening but also a bit of anxiousness in regards to who is reading and the result that may come from it.

All I can say is that we should always be slow to judge… and quick to show mercy. Never assume. Always be gracious.

I am so thankful for how the Lord has grown us in this season of trusting. We would have never chosen a path of unemployment again. We came to SC committed and wanting to plant roots and serve in a growing town. Not to be put in a situation where we may have to uproot our kids again…. yet God has used situations and brought us to a place I have no doubt we are meant to be for a long time. A place I truly believe we will be used to impact the Kingdom. A place our kids can build friendships and grow. A home where we can enjoy and not leave after a few years…. a house we can make our own, without the fear of packing boxes again. All of this has just reminded me of how we should always remain faithful, despite our circumstances. We should never lose sight of His promises.

God has purpose. Even in trial.

Below are just a few Christmas memories from our Christmas… I like to record them on the blog so that in years to come I can look back on them. I pray everyone reading was blessed this Christmas and had a lovely holiday season.


Reed loving on Santa.

I’ve never had a child to actually like Santa… beyond a “oh hes neat” kind of like… haha. Reed though, adores Santa. It really is cute.



These images were taken inside our new church. Its a lovely place.


Reed and this cutie below have clicked. Very sweet to watch them play. Her name is Liberty.


Pastor Rocky bringing the Christmas Word on Christmas Eve :)


A christmas tradition of new Jammies on Christmas Eve.


This photo above made me realize that in a few years, it’ll be a tight fit to put all four boys on one sofa… they sure are growing fast! In fact Caleb was to big this year to fit into the normal “cute” jammies in the little boy section. He has to wear “teenage” type pajamas now. Sniffle Sniffle. Slow down!

The boys got up at 5:30am. SO early….






Our new kitten Shepherd enjoyed the christmas process too. Lots of things to play with for him.
He had some moments of unsurity though with all the choas of gift wrapping and boxes surrounding him :)


I have yet to write about it… but we lost our sweet cat Toby back in August… he just vanished one day… we put out signs…. checked shelters… the works. For months we waited and no sign. It truly broke my heart. I don’t ever remember crying so much over a pet… Toby was special to us and I still to this day think of him. Shepherd is a kitten we saw at a shelter though. A rescue who was just so small… and reminded us of Toby… and so we adopted him. While there was a big part of me that was not ready to have another pet cat… at the same time, this shelter had so many cats. I just couldnt leave him there. I have hopes he’ll be a great addition to our home. He is still in the “Growing on us” process :) – testing the limits in his Juvenile kitten phase. He will never replace Toby… but he will be his own special addition in our home and the boys really do enjoy him.






My parents who live an hour or so away got to come on Christmas Day too.


& the weather. 70’s! Perfect for Christmas ;-)


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