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Taite & Reed’s Room – former Guestroom – now Boys Bedroom

Super inexpensive Boy Room Ideas

For the 1st time ever, Reed got to spend the night with my parents, without us. My parents have kept the boys before, but at our home. Never has Reed left our home and slept elsewhere, without us. On Taite’s 10th birthday though, Reed asked to go to his Nana’s house (my mom). He wanted to go so bad he actually broke down into tears when it was said he couldn’t go. It had been a very busy week prior and I was completely for this… and so my parents ended up taking Reed & Owen (our 4 & 6 yr olds) back with them. They live about an hour 15 minutes away. So its not to bad a trip.

As soon as they left, we began the process of swapping our home around a bit. We have been battling some serious issues with bickering between the boys. I know a lot of it has to do with having hormones changing in one of our boys (so not ready for this) and also I just believe the enemy is trying to cause division within our home, as my husband takes on a new position at a new church… I have no doubt Satan would love nothing more than cause us to feel defeated and cause strife. One thing that I find is hard some days with being a home school family is that we are CONSTANTLY together. My boys are at the table together. They sit in the living room together. They sit in a school room together. They’re in a car together. Always. All four. We also had all four sharing a large frog room (finished room over the garage) and while it was functionable… it forced the boys to be together, again. With no breaks or time apart.

So with advice from some friends. One being a mom of twice the amount of boys we have (yes, she has 9 boys). I decided to split the boys, 2 and 2…. Older with younger. So we have Taite & Reed together (ages 10 & 4) and then Caleb & Owen together (12 & 6). The blondies and the brownies. haha… Taite and Reed mesh well. Caleb and Owen mesh well. For the most part any way…

So to make this transition happen. We had to move our GUEST ROOM/Office to the frog room. We actually ended up moving Travis’ office desk to our bedroom. So we have my desk and his desk in our bedroom. With Travis’ new job he has an office, so he really doesn’t “need” an actual office with a bunch of books and study material… but he still likes to have a desk area to work, if he needs to and to do bills, etc…etc… We decided it be best to leave the GUESTROOM in the frog room, but to also make that guestroom a play room/game room. Because its so large, it needed to function as two.

I’ll post photos of that room soon :)

For now, here is what our FORMER guestroom now looks like. (see how this room looked as the guestroom here – we had to repaint this room when we moved in. The remodel really is night and day. This old post also has images of our cat Toby in it :( – makes me so sad he went missing… we miss him greatly….)

– I am going to list prices and places we got the things in this room below the images, for those curious.

A really simple and inexpensive boys bedroom

A really simple and inexpensive boys bedroom

A really simple and inexpensive boys bedroom

Mom of 4 boys ideas on how to furnish a boys room for less

Mom of 4 boys ideas on how to furnish a boys room for less

Mom of 4 boys ideas on how to furnish a boys room for less

The Bed’s are bunk beds that separate into twins. We could BUNK the beds to make more room for play space, but because we have the large play room/guestroom, we didn’t feel this was a must. Also its a pain in the neck to make up bunk beds! Id much rather have separates if I can help it. We got these beds for FREE.

The Chest at the end of the bed was mine as a kid. Also FREE. It has a few toy cars in it for Reed.

The blue box by Reed’s bed on the left was from Target (we got it back in 2007 I believe for under $10).

The Bedding I got back in Atlanta for $8 – included both comforters.

The crochet blanket my mom made.

The two fleece blankets I made.

The Dresser was Travis’ as a kid.

The mirror window my mom made years ago when I was a kid. I repainted a portion of it last year though.

The small desk was also my moms, given to us.

The stool at the desk is from IKEA ($19) – we have two of these stools and LOVE THEM!

The Shelves we made this weekend by getting a long board from Lowes (prepainted) – believe Travis’ said the board was like $12. You can get the employees at Lowest to cut it for you. We then used L brackets to hang it. This gives Taite a space to hang his more breakable toys in a place Reed cant reach. We also put up a shelf for Reed that he should be able to reach if he climbs onto the dresser, haha…

The Rug is from Ross. I picked that up this weekend as well because the carpet in this room has a HUGE stain. The former home owners had a dog and we believe this is what caused the stain. Then again, could have been spilt coffee ? :-\ – think positive haha. The rug was $29 and looks great. I think it adds to the room, so even though I don’t like that its there to hide a stain, I do like that it urged me to buy it because it ties things together I think.

The Hamper is also from Ross for $12.

Thats pretty much it! I think if you total it all up the room decorate, furniture and so forth cost all under $100.00 – not to shabby!! I love making a room cozy and homey, without spending a fortune. It may not be anything to fancy, but its home…. and I believe when we are good stewards with what God gives us, He will bless us.

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