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Taite’s 10th Birthday

I have been so bad at blogging these days. I blame to many moves, job changes and home school, haha…. I try to always blog the boys birthdays though, no matter how busy I get.

This week we celebrated our 2nd born Taite, turning 10! I can’t believe I now have two boys in the double digits. Goes so fast you guys!

Before I get to the photos from his special day… Here are a few older post some may enjoy looking back on. I couldn’t find his 2nd & 7th birthday though. So maybe that year we got busy or its just hidden away in my blog and I can’t find it. :-\

I do cringe a bit at some of my writings from the past haha, but they are still memories, so ill leave them intact. :)

Taite’s 1st Birthday

Taite’s 3rd Birthday

Taite’s 4th Birthday

Taite’s 5th Birthday

Taite’s 6th Birthday

Taite’s 8th Birthday

Taite’s 9th Birthday (we celebrated at the Great Wolf Lodge, this is a video from that trip)

and for his 10th birthday. We celebrated by taking him to A local trampoline park. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t take my camera, since I had just finished doing a big job for Boba… and wanted to leave all the gear at home. But I did get this group photo prior to the boys jumping. They had a blast and they were the only kids there. Can’t beat that :)


After jumping we made our way to grab a bite to eat. Then came home to sing Happy Birthday, eat cake/ice cream and open gifts.

We keep birthdays simple. While some years we do more, majority of the time, its just at home celebrations with each other and maybe my parents. Taite’s birthday also seems to be one of those that is hard to plan much for, since its so close to Christmas. He doesn’t seem to mind though and I have yet to hear any complaints. :)

Taite played with his toys most of the afternoon. For dinner we took him to San Jose, a Mexican place he loves. He was tickled by the big sombrero they stuck on his head at the end of the meal.

Then after dinner we made our way to a Christmas light display in town along the Saluda River.

All in all a successful 10th Birthday.