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The Guestroom/Game Room/Playroom

Guestroom Idea

Read this post 1st :) – if you want to catch up on why we switched our rooms around. Then feel free to hop on over to all my other house tour post OVER HERE.

This is now our new Guestroom/Game Room/Playroom. This was the OLD guestroom (that is now Taite & Reed’s Bedroom)

My parents stay with us on occasion so it is really nice having a space for them. But we also will be able to use this large room for the kids to play. I put a small amount of toys into the FROG (finished room over the garage) closets. We also have a TV set up in that room with an XBox 360 (thanks bro), a super Nintendo (was mine as a kid), Play Station 2 (from eons ago haha) and a VHS player for all our VHS tapes we have accumulated over the years (all located in the hutch the TV is sitting on).

I hope to get a few bean bag chairs to put up in this room eventually… but for now our lone recliner and pillows will do.

We’ve really done nothing to this room. It could use a paint job as the walls are scuffed up. One day :) – I don’t think ill bother with painting it any time soon though.

Simple Guestroom and Game room

Simple Guestroom and Game room

Simple Guestroom and Game room

Simple Guestroom and Game room

The Bed my mom/dad gave me. It was their old master bedroom bed… they upgraded to a king and so they handed it down.
I love this bed frame so much!

The Recliner Travis bought for me back in 2008 :) – its a great little recliner to sit in and read.

The Pillows my mom gave me – we use to use the same ones as kids growing up. She found pillow cases for them a few years ago from IKEA, so it gave them a face list.

The hutch the TV is on also came passed down from my parents as well as the TV.

The Blue chest across from the bed I picked up at Walmart a year ago. Latches and locks if need be. We keep legos in it.

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