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Essential Oil Storage Ideas for small spaces

Lots of great ideas on storing Essential Oils in small spaces. A must pin.

After a while if you grow to love Essential Oils, you will sooner than later have a rather large collection of small glass bottles laying around your home. You will realize, you need a place to store all those oils. Shoving them into a bottomless bag, while easy, isn’t usually ideal when it comes time to find oils you need. I’ve done a few post talking about how I store Essential Oils… but I thought it would be fun to list off some ideas for storing essential oils in small spaces. While some have the room for trendy wall shelves to display their oils, a lot of us may not have this space… and finding ways to store our oils is a must.

Idea 1: An Essential Oil Bag.

Really great idea for storing Essential Oils pre-diluted

I have two I love. One of them I got from Aldi oddly enough. I store my KID LINE of Essential Oils in it. So if I need to grab an oil quickly for a child, I only have to reach into that bag. Another bag I have holds almost all my most used oils diluted down and ready to go. I find having a bag with pre-diluted oils is very helpful.

Idea 2: Use a Caboodle (aka the thing that a lot of teens store make up in back in the 80s)

Really simple Storage Ideas for Essential Oils

Walmart sells these SUPER cheap. I found a clear one for under $5 at walmart. Or you can find them on amazon. This one looked similar to the one I found at walmart.

Idea 3: Find a small shelf unit

Super easy and inexpensive storage ideas for Essential Oils

I found one recently at TJMaxx for $12.99 – it came in 3 colors. White, Pink and Gold. Its a great size. Not to big, not to small. Could be placed in a room you go to often for easy access to your favorite oils. Could be placed in a bathroom. Or by a diffuser you use often.

Idea 4: A simple BOX

Really great ideas for how to store essential oils for less.

This box I actually use to old all my extra bottles now. My collection of oils wont fit in this any more but I still love it for storing other oil items. It was $1.50 from a thrift store back in Atlanta. It was the perfect height and size for 15ml bottles. They fit in it standing up. Total score. So keep an eye out at local good wills, thrift shops in your area. Storing oils does not need to be expensive.

Idea 5: Jewelry Boxes!

A blog post with really great ideas for storing essential oils

I have seen MANY Jewelry boxes at local stores that would work so good for storing oils. Amazon has a ton… but check your local Home Goods, TJMaxx, Marshalls. Any of those stores would have options to pick from. This one looked especially spacious.

Idea 6: Specially made boxes or bags made for Oils

Many oil companies sell already made bags and boxes for Essential Oils. RMO has a few different options.

really great ideas for storing essential oils

I also saw this one on Amazon that looks AMAZING!! If you have a little bit more to spend, this would be a good option. I like the idea of it being so organized and can be shut for travel.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful. Another thing I find helpful is to have a designated area to keep all your oil blending supplies. I have a spot on our book shelf that I keep a basket. In that basket I keep things I use with my oils. My fractionated coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, extra bottles, even labeling items I use to label with. I also keep my Essential Oil book nearby as well.

Feel free to check out some of my other post HERE – where I talk about ways I use Essential Oils. Share recipes and more.

Also if you have OLD Essential Oil Bottles laying around, don’t throw them away!! Always reuse those bottles. Here is a post that I wrote a while back that shares how I clean my bottles to remove the labels.

Such a great blog, full of informative post on Essential Oils and uses

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