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Juice Plus vs. Juice Festiv’ – A real moms review

Juice Plus vs. Juice Festiv - a real moms review

*update at the very end*

Juice Plus vs. Juice Festiv’? That is the question :) Below is a review from real experience over the course of a year. If you’ve been a follower of my blog for any length of time, you would know that I am not the biggest fan of MLM style companies. I’ve always really struggled with the idea of a company charging so much more for a product, when there were alternatives out there without the big names, for far less. While I understand a portion of the sale is going to that person selling it, because they are the “store front” for that business, rather than the company giving a portion to say “publix” or “walmart.” I get that and it makes sense for the person selling to get a cut. In fact many of my friends sell for MLM and I could be nothing more than thrilled for them being able to provide for their family by doing so. Still…. my being the frugal, bargain loving shopper I am, I’m always looking for a cheaper alternative.

That is just who I am. I am a researcher… I am slightly OCD when it comes to buying things… and I read way to much. So when I decided to try Juice Plus, it was a jump for me. A close friend of mine (a mom of 9 who is honestly probably the healthiest person I know) sold Juice Plus and after her many many many post on instagram haha, I decided to give it a go.

Juice Plus vs. Juice Festiv' - A real moms review from a mom who used both for a year.

This was last year.

At the time I was battling serious digestive issues. Depression. Anxiety. Fatigue. Breakouts. I knew I did not get the proper intake of vegetables or fruits in my diet. Even though I ate relatively well. I had tried other supplements (the typical ones you can find at most pharmacies), survived on colon cleanse supplements and occasionally laxatives. Something had to give. I knew that my body was not functioning the way it was suppose to and so I made a financial investment and signed up for my 1st shipment of Juice Plus Duo Blend.

I was on it for around 7 months and within the 1st 2 months I began to see changes. The changes DID NOT HAPPEN over night. It took a solid 6 weeks for me to really begin to see changes. In fact I got a bit impatient with how long it took for me to really notice change and almost requested a refund after just 1 month.

Then…For the 1st time in years. I’m talking a decade…. I was using the bathroom daily. Almost on schedule, without any issues at all. TMI :) – but a big deal for me. I still remember when my husband and I took a cruise to the Bahamas when we 1st got married. I went the entire 5 days cruise without using the bathroom. My bowels had major issues… and no matter how many fiber drinks Id drink. Gallons of water. Nothing would keep me regular. I tried it all.

Juice Plus gave me something I so greatly needed and I felt so much better.

A few other things it helped me with, if that isn’t enough as is… was my anxiety and depression tendencies almost completely went away. My skin cleared and rarely broke out. I wasn’t nearly as fatigued. Another thing I noticed was my allergies to dogs… Something I have battled since I was a child. We went to visit my Father in Law while I was on Juice Plus last year and for the 1st time ever, I was able to stay in his home for days visiting, with no reaction at all to his dogs. Prior trips to visit, I’d have to survive on benedryl and antihistamines.

Clearly Juice Plus was a great product.

and yet….

I decided to stop purchasing it.

My husband was out of a job in Aug 2016… and our means to financially afford Juice Plus wasn’t there. We had to make cuts in the budget and that was one that had to go. I am a firm believer that if something causes financial debt or strain, you should not purchase it. So as much as I loved it, I was willing to get off it and try something else for a season.

This brings me to JUICE FESTIV.
A cheaper alternative and comparable product to Juice Plus. So they claimed. I had read up on this prior to ever getting on Juice Plus, but ended up going with Juice Plus because of all their clinical research and published medical journals. Juice Festiv’ did not have those. So since at that time I could afford it, I went with the more expensive choice.

Out of a job though, I figured it was worth getting and would probably in the end be just like Juice Plus, just cheaper, because it wasn’t a MLM product.

I was wrong.

As much as I wanted to be right. My body and what happened over the course of 5 months was evidence that Juice Festiv’ is not the same as Juice Plus and did not work for me.

Within those 5 months on Juice Festiv my digestive issues reverted back to the way they were prior to being on Juice Plus.
I would go days with the inability to use the bathroom. I battled bloating. Stomach cramps… I would then have to buy laxatives to help clear me out, resulting in days of feeling bad, hours on a toilet (almost always in the middle of the night, ugh) and having to put something synthetic and unnatural into my body, in order to make it do something it should be able to do on its own.

My face began to breakout worse than it ever has…. In fact, I cut my bangs back in order to hide the blemishes I got on my forehead… blemishes I didn’t battle when on Juice Plus. I was embarrassed.

My anxiety and depression both came back with a vengeance and I had to go on an anti-anxiety medicine for months in order to help me cope. I know some of my anxiety was related to the circumstance of life we were facing at the time… This is most defeintly not an anti-med post. There is a time and place for medicines that help with depression and anxiety. However I often wonder, had I stayed on Juice Plus during that hard season, would it have been different?

With the use of those meds my fatigue was terrible and I found myself needing naps daily to get through a day.

So to summarize and wrap this up….
In my opinion Juice Festiv’ is a waste of money…. and I saw no health benefits what so ever.

A real mom review on Juie Plus VS. Juice Festiv.My husband is now employed (such a praise!). We are doing very well and in a position now where we can afford Juice Plus. It still takes “budgeting” it to afford it… but when my husband saw how bad my stomach was upset recently, he told me “Buy the Juice Plus, its worth it.

So I did.

& this is where I am at today.

I hope to do updates here and on social media sharing my experiences and how Juice Plus helps get me back on track… I actually had signed up to be a REP for Juice Plus last year when I was originally on it. So I can sell Juice Plus if you are interested in purchasing it. No pressure though. This is just here to be informative and help people make a decision. A decision that I really do believe can help people. If you’d like more information on it feel free to email me or message me on facebook.

Id be glad to explain how the pricing works and how with every adult purchase of Juice Plus, you get a child free.

I am so excited to be back on Juice Plus!

Below are a couple videos that will help explain more what Juice Plus actually is. It is not a supplement. It is REAL FRUITS & VEGGIES in a capsule (or gummy).

What is Juice Plus with How it is Made? from Healthy Living Revolution on Vimeo.

& This video talks about the farmers who Juice Plus uses.

Farm Fresh Nutrition: Family Farm Grown from Healthy Living Revolution on Vimeo.

UPDATE: It has been a little over 4 months now since I went back onto Juice Plus after being on Juice Festiv’… and without fail, the Juice Plus is helping me TREMENDOUSLY… This small capsule full of real fruits and vegetables is a true blessing. Worth every penny. If you read my review and would like to show support and help our family in the process of helping your own, consider using me as your rep. for Juice Plus. I can sign you up and get you your child free as well. Also I have samples I can ship out if you are interested in trying them 1st… Just email me at fromdrea[at]gmail.com. Thanks so much and I hope that Juice Plus can be a blessing to your family and over all health as well.

Below is a new video I made talking about most of what is mentioned in the post… just on video :)

8 Comments on “Juice Plus vs. Juice Festiv’ – A real moms review

  1. Ok I totally have never looked into juice plus I thought it was a hype? But my stomach sounds the same as yours I take colace almost daily and that doesn’t even help much I’ve tried most everything. We’re not financially at a point were we could afford it but I will defiantly be looking into it when we can.

  2. For me it comes down to value for money. I have a family of six and I personally felt, and still feel, that the cost of Juice Plus+ is the best part. I didn’t add the cost of Juice Plus+ to my weekly food budget, I deducted it. There was absolutely nothing else that I could spend, the equivalent money on, that was going to improve our health, preventing OTC meds, doctor visits, missed work/school and Rxs. I simply cut back on junk, that we typically had on hand … we never went hungry, avoided cravings, developed improved habits and enjoyed radiant health … and still do, more than twelve years later. When I hear someone say that they can’t afford Juice Plus+ I immediately think “How can you afford not to!?” #nobrainer

  3. Hello excellent review. I am also a Juice Plus rep. I also had the same concerns on the price. But, when I started using and saw all the benefits that you mentioned which I also experienced. No more Dr visits, no more missed days of work and I was now regular again. After all the amazing Benefits Juice Plus has helped me and my family stay healthy. I had made changes in my budget which included Juice Plus and I cut all the junk processed food that I was buying. Now, me and my family make healthier choices and we take our Juice Plus and we eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. Now, my kids say to me when I am making their lunch don’t forget the Juice Plus gummies. They love the gummies like a fruit snack. I know what they are getting by take Juice Plus. When I would put a regular fruit snack in their lunch these are not as beneficial as Juice Plus. Yeah they are tasty but had no benefit. I jump on bored as being a raving customer and a rep so that I can share all the benefits with everyone that I meet. People go to the store to get things that they need but I know when I would buy items I read the labels they sound good we buy. But, Juice Plus I don’t really think that it is pricey. It is spot on the price cause now I am not wasting anymore money on items that don’t work. Do me a favor and don’t be quick to say no to a Juice Plus rep. Let them share their story this might be the answer to what you are looking for. Thank Kimberly Gunia

    1. Hi Amanda, forgive the delay in responding, just now saw your comment. It doesnt really cause a laxative effect. Ive taken laxatives for years because of my issues and any time id take one, it caused cramping and “the runs” i guess you could say. With Juice Plus, once my body was on it for about 2 months, everything just began to work like it should. Id go like clock work every morning. TMI Here I am sure, but it was like it should be. Normal consistency, never constipated, never runny. Perfect poo lol… it really is amazing and people may think its silly to be so happy about this but I struggled with this for almost 15 years and I am just so thankful for Juice Plus. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions :) fromdrea[at]gmail.com

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