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Great Wolf Lodge 2017

Great wolf Lodge 2017

We took the dudes to the Wolf Lodge for a surprise visit. SUCH fun planning this. I got a 15% discount for being a home schooler btw. Pre-book your stay at the Wolf Lodge to save a good amount. I share more on that on my Frugal Tips post HERE.

I snagged a bunch of videos while there and threw them together in a fun little montage. So for memory sake here that is :)

Also totally unrelated but Rocky Mountain Oils (my source for Essential Oils) is having a great 3 days sale on their Diffusers/Immune Strength Essential Oil Synergy. Its a great deal and perfect for warding off all the germs going around right now. Feel free to read more of my Essential Oil Post and recipes HERE.

Great Source of Essential Oil Informatiom

disclaimer: Above post contains an affiliate link.

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