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Stay small

I look at the photo above. My youngest sleeping in one day recently. Then I look at the photo below…


My oldest who is almost as tall as some of these band members from the JJ weeks band. He’s only 12 and he has surpassed me in height and is 10 lbs away from surpassing me in weight. Where does the time go!?

Since we got married I have never NOT been pregnant by now. I was always pregnant before my youngest would turn 3… and here we are in a phase of life that has not had us changing diapers or feeding a newborn at 3am. Its different…. and at times I get sad when I look at how big my babies are getting… but I have much to be thankful for… Even on the days my boys fight over a pack of bubble gum. Or wrestle on the floor over who holds the remote. Motherhood will stretch you so far… and God will use these tiny humans in your life to grow you greatly. They are blessings and I am thankful for them.

I have no real words of wisdom. I just sat down for a moment to clean my desk and wanted to write a bit. Helps me process. :)

I hope everyone is well. Be blessed today <3