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DIY 2 Ingredient Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner Spray

DIY 2 Ingredient Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner

I have been using this DIY all purpose cleaner spray for YEARS now. I believe close to 5 years now. It works wonderfully. It smells amazing. Cleans just as well as any store bought cleaner I’ve used. It is cheaper than any natural cleaner spray you can buy already made and its a lot better to use in your home.

I blogged this recipe years back but thought I would re-blog it while I made up a fresh batch of cleaner. To emphasize how good it is. :) Seriously, make it.

Its so easy.

Here is what you need.

DIY 2 Ingredient Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner

2 Ingredient Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner Spray



  1. Fill up your 16 oz glass spray bottle with distilled water (or a filtered water - I use Berkey water - you can learn more about the Berkey Water Filter over here.)
  2. Once filled, squirt two squirts of Dr. Bronners. Yes. Squirts. I don't even measure now... but if I did measure it, it be close to 2 tsp. of Dr. Bronners. Doesn't have to be exact. If you make it and it seems to soapy, don't put as much next time.
  3. Add in 15 drops of Blood Orange Essential Oil (or oil of choice)
  4. Shake it up.
  5. Spray away and that is it! I keep mine on my counter and have never had any issues at all. Love it and will continue to use it for years to come.

It really is that easy.

Once you start making this you’ll wonder why you didn’t start making it sooner. BTW, Dr. Bronners, while it may seem expensive up front, it isn’t. It last forever. Since you’re using so little at a time, that one bottle can last you YEARS. Also, check TJMaxx. I have found Dr. Bronners for $5.99 a bottle vs. $15 at most stores. I have even seen it at Whole Foods marked down. Target also sells it if you don’t want to order via amazon prime.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Don’t forget to share it and pin it ;-)

DIY Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner. Super easy!

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