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DIY Shelf Display for Essential Oils

DIY Essential Oil Shelf, that cost almost nothing to make.

I have posted MANY post now on how to store essential oils. Some ways may be great for some, other ways not so much. Our old house back in Atlanta had a lot more space, so I found having a larger wall shelf for organizing my oils was really nice… however, our new house isn’t as large and therefore I have had to get creative at figuring out ways to store and display my oils for easy access and use.

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For this post though, the shelf display I am about to share is SO incredibly easy to make… and will cost you virtually nothing.

DIY Essential Oil shelf you can make for almost nothing. Super easy using things from home.

So one thing I really like when it comes to my oils, is having them in a spot that is easy to access. Yet not so easy that my kids will play with them. Although my kids are getting to the age that they know better (no more toddlers here). I still have a very curious 4 yr old, so keeping them at eye level for him, is probably not wise. So I keep them up higher if I can help it.

I have been trying to think up a way to create a “staircase” sort of “shelf” display for my oils. Yet didn’t want some elaborate wall piece or something that would resemble a nail polish holder. haha… You all know exactly what I am talking about. If you don’t know, click here and you’ll see a visual. Then again the more I look at that plastic shelf unit, the more I think that probably work just fine. :) Still, what I did cost me ZERO. Not a penny… so my way is better, right? :)

DIY Essential Oil Shelf that cost almost nothing to make, using things from your own home. So easy!So here is what you need.

AN OLD set of books.
The books I used the former home owners left. They all matched and had a very “old vibe” about them. I personally love that about them and had just enough books to make what I wanted work.

Paper towel or tissue paper
This is what you will use to shove behind the books to make sure they dont tip over any.

So what I did was….

I stacked the books in 3 tiers… The way they stacked though left a small gap in the back behind the books… So in that gap I shoved paper towel (yes, shoved) so that the books would remain level. YOU CANT SEE THE PAPER TOWEL at all. :) Where I am displaying these are in one of our built ins, so you can’t see on the sides at all. Hopefully that makes sense. This is way harder to explain than I thought haha. Probably should have done a video.

These images hopefully will help….

Really clever trick on creating a Essential Oil Shelf using old books.

Really clever trick on creating a Essential Oil Shelf using old books

In short.
Stack them in tiers.
Shove the paper behind them.
Organize the oils by the alphabet, or to your liking.
Ta-da, you’re done!

I actually needed a little more room for my 5ml bottles… but since I have so few of those, I just stuck those to the side. In the little brown box I keep extra oily tools. Extra roller bottles, labels, etc.

Any how, I hope you enjoyed! Hopefully this inspired someone and you found it helpful.

If this seems silly, you could always get an oily box (honey if you’re reading this. I want that box. How cute! They have it in two sizes btw. One that holds 25 oils and another that holds 68!) to store your oils or a shelf like this.

So many options. Get creative and have fun.

Oils wont be used to their fullest if you shove them in a corner and forget about them. :) I use them daily and love them.

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DIY Essential Oil Shelf, that cost pretty much nothing to make. Super easy.

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