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Alright, so I am trying to get back into my blogging routine here… but may or may not stick with it even with the best intentions haha. Its just the way things are right now. Busy. Full. Constant. So blogging takes a hit. I miss writing though and hopefully can get into a routine where I can blog again some.

So life update…

Yes, my husband has a new job. He is serving as a full time student Pastor at a large church in SC. Never did I imagine the Lord would open that door back open, but it has… and its been a good thing. There are so many amazing details to that whole transition and story… but way to many to share in this space. All I can say is that God has purpose to every trial. Even the ones that do not make sense. We are blessed to be where we are. The timing seemed all to perfect with an almost 13 yr old in our family now… yes, my oldest son Caleb will officially be a teenager this August. Crazy! You all, he is wearing an almost size 10 adult shoe now… he weighs almost as much as me… and he has surpassed me in height. I feel tiny next to him. Where did the time go?






How are the boys?

#blessed to be the mom of these dudes.Good! Caleb like I mentioned above will be turning 13 soon. He enters the 7th grade this fall. Eek!. Taite is 10, going into 5th grade. Owen is 7 and Reed 4 (5 this Oct). When I think about Reed turning 5 this fall, it freaks me out a little. I mean how is it that I have an almost full house of kids who are in school now… where as just a few years ago it felt like I was surrounded by diapers, bottles and sleepless nights. It really does race by… To answer the question I get a lot. Are we done? Honestly, I don’t know. I kinda feel like we are some days, other days I am not sure. We’re open for possibilities of more kids but I’m not sure how that will happen at this time. When I look at photos like this….


I do want more. :) That is Caleb sitting beside my besties youngest little girl Evangeline. He doesn’t smile often with little kids but she won him over for sure.

How’s home school going?

Its going, haha. I actually wrote a long post about our year OVER HERE. So you can read in more detail there as to how the year went.

To those curious if we will be home schooling this fall.

Yes and no.

This will be YEAR 7… maybe year 8? I have honestly lost count. If you count pre-schooling my oldest two, its probably closer to 8 years now… My oldest though has been begging to go to “normal” school, as he puts it… and we just so happen to have an amazing Private School at our church… and so its just all kind of worked out that we have that option. It isn’t free… so for now, we will just be sending my oldest and 2nd born there. Just to see how it goes. I don’t want my child to ever grow up feeling as if I robbed him of some sort of experience… I also truly want a break. I am tired…. and after that long home schooling my boys, the countless moves and job changes we’ve had. I feel I deserve a break. So Caleb and Taite will attend the Private School. I was VERY proud of them for passing the entrance exams they had to take to get into the school… I was nervous they wouldn’t pass… but was so pleased they did. It just reassured to me that I did well… and while we had our seasons where they probably wouldn’t have passed a placement test… this year we worked hard and they did… and I am one proud home school mom.

I will continue to home school the younger two though. Well technically only Owen. Owen will be in the 1st grade (he had a slight delay with phonics. We hired him a tutor this last year and that helped tremendously… that and time… I truly believe some boys learn slower… and that is ok. Thats the beauty of home school. You can take it slow and focus on things more intentionally when those road blocks come). Reed is only 4 so he wont make the cut off for Kindergarten this year. So he will do some Pre-K work this fall.

I’m excited to only home school 2! Should be a huge lightening of the load haha… and I am really excited to see how Caleb and Taite do in a school setting outside of our home.

Am I still working?

Yes! I am still doing photography. Lately its been slow with local clients… however, Boba and Beco keep me busy photographing for them often. I ADORE that job and love that they love my work enough to hire me often.





so yea…

That is about it for a life update. :)

Between work, ministry and just normal life with four boys. We stay busy. Feel free to follow me on Instagram where I post almost daily tidbits into our life.

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  1. I have been following your blog and Facebook since Caleb was just a baby. You weren’t even pregnant with Taite yet.
    You have done a remarkable job Drea. You are an inspiration to so many mothers out there.

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