My 15 year old Problem

A real Moms review on Juice Plus

Those who follow me on social media have probably seen my posting a lot lately about something called Juice Plus. Don’t exit yet! I know, I know… someone trying to “market” something… but give me 5 minutes… I made a short video sharing my story and how this small product has helped heal a 15 year old problem I’ve battled with my health.

So if you have 5 minutes and want to hear how… Heres the video.

If you have any questions after you watch it you can email me at fromdrea[at] – follow me on instagram @dreawood. Thanks so much. I hope my experience and my journey can help someone else battling the same problem. There are hundreds of testimonials out there about this product radically helping others with similar health issues. Its worth looking into. What we fuel our bodies with matters.

View my original post on JP OVER HERE. That post explains a little bit more of the story and shares a little bit more information than the above video shares.