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Essential oils and Anxiety

Great Post about Essential Oils and Anxiety

I thought I would type up a quick post sharing a few of my favorite oils to use for anxiety/depression. I have dealt with seasonal depression for a good while now. It really hits me hard during the late December-February seasons. Right now during the sunny months of June, July & August I do pretty well in regards to any depression. What I do struggle with though almost year round is some anxiety. I have even had seasons where I had to get medicated for it because it was just to much for me to handle. There is a time and a place for that but always seek medically professionals if you are struggling with deep depression or crippling anxiety. It IMO is not something you just push to the side. Never feel shame for ever needing so seek help.

I’m in a good place now though and am so thankful for that.

Even in a good place, I find when I get anxious, that diffusing essential oils truly does help.
Along with keeping my body healthy, diffusing these oils calms me and I love them.

So below are a few different blends I love to use at night or during the day when I feel anxious.

A great blog with information on Essential Oils

**Blend of Melissa & Lavender – This right here has been my go to lately. While some say not to put “BLEND” essential oils (this basically means the oil is not NEAT – it has been diluted down with fractionated coconut oil, making it more cost effective for those who cannot afford straight MELISSA essential oil – for those concerned about it messing up your diffuser, from someone whos used it plenty and has a diffuser that is 2 years old and still going, don’t haha… it works just fine)

Diffuse the oil in the evening for a good night’s rest. Melissa may have an uplifting effect on the mood while also providing a leveling of aggravated emotions.” [source]

Lavender will be posted a lot in this post. If you don’t like lavender (or think you don’t), give it a try. Blending it with other things can take away the typical Lavender scent you may not be crazy for. Its benefits are worth considering.

It has not only been known to calm the mind but also the body. Great for relaxing the muscles when applied during a massage and over all just an amazing oil. I think I have 3 bottles of it, because I love it that much.

Bergamot, Ylang Ylang & Lavender

Ylang Ylang is one of those oils I’m not crazy about by itself. But when you team it with others, it is wonderful.

Diffuse the oil alone or in a blend to help bring harmony, along with feelings of peace.” [source]

Bergamot goes really well with Ylang Ylang and is wonderful for not only immunity but sleep.

Typically when I diffuse the 3 together, I do 1 drop Ylang Ylang, 2 lavender and 3 drops bergamot. Its wonderful.

**Roman Camomile is also an AMAZING oil to aid with anxiety… It however a little expensive so I don’t use it as often as the others above. Still, if its within your budget, its a great one to consider adding in. A little goes a long way.

A lot of people do not like BLENDING different oils to create their own blends like this though…

and for those, RMO has plenty of oils marketed for Anxiety, sleep and depression.

So if that is more your speed, do check out these few oils.

Peace & Quiet (a favorite of mine)
Tranquility (this was my 1st ever synergy blend I got from RMO, I love it)

See more of their [sleep] collection HERE.

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