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Seasons Change

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Yesterday I took my oldest son Caleb to the Doctor. We have thankfully been rather healthy people the last 6 mo. plus, however we seem to have caught a pink eye bug while at the beach on Vacation. So I took my oldest to the Doctor to get some drops prescribed. We have an upcoming trip to Atlanta with some of the students at our church and so I knew I wanted something to kick Pink Eye out before that trip. While at the Doctor Caleb had to get on the scale. He hadn’t stepped on one in a while… I knew he had grown but didn’t expect him to weigh in at 111lbs at 12 years of age. He also has surpassed me in height, hitting the 5 foot 4.5 inch mark… and wearing a size 10 shoe.

Great Mom Blog with encouraging post.That same little knot who use to remind us of a bald sumo wrestler as a baby haha… and had the chunkiest face around. Is now a young man that could potentially beat me up haha. Although I may be small, I think I could take him. ;-)

Seasons change. Seasons seem to pass quicker and quicker every year… and yet some days I feel stuck in this constant state of repeat…. that seems less than.

Motherhood can truly mess with your minds. I have no doubt that the enemy has a hay day spewing lies into the minds and hearts of mothers every single day. Trying to convince them that they lack worth staying home. That what they do every day… the mundane and the simple task, are worth nothing. That other women who are mothers are out there having a wonderful time working outside the home and that to stay home and do this thing called “motherhood” every single day, isn’t a title to be praised.

SO WRONG. Working moms work hard.
They sacrifice too and I cannot say a single negative thing about mothers who do both. So this isn’t a bashing working moms post.

I just want to encourage ALL mothers out there to know that those tiny tots… will one day be 111lb young men or women, who surpass you in size. Those poopie diaper babies are going to help carry your groceries inside and baby sit your younger children soon enough. Those sleepless newborns who use your boobs as pacifiers will one day drive…. What you do and the time you invest every single day with those tiny little humans matters.

Love them like Jesus.

Vent with a friend when the days are hard….

and practice self care, because you do matter too.

My seasons are changing I feel right now. My oldest and 2nd born Taite will enter a private school this September. I will have just two kids at home… as I continue to home school the younger, while the older enter a new world among peers and with someone besides mom as their teacher. It will be different…

The thought of it makes me sad in ways… knowing that my home school days to school some of my children may be over. Yet at the same time I am so excited about it.

Hugs to all the moms of littles who don’t feel so great today… and may be struggling.
Hugs to the moms of pre-teens and teens. Oh man do I get your struggles. I use to look down on moms and dads who complained about their pre-teen/teenagers and think to myself “I will not be that mom who talks badly about my kid when they are a teenager.” Pshhh.. yeah, you’ll see haha. You love them and yet it is not easy. None of motherhood is… and one thing I’ve learned over the last 12+ years of motherhood is to never judge another and always remain humble. Cause no one is promised the picture perfect experience.

I haven’t blogged in a while and this was on my heart today… so thought Id write.

I will say now that my child is almost 13 and has friends online… blogging about my kids is becoming harder. Their friends see my post on instagram and can even see this blog. I don’t want to embarrass them or write something they may cringe to read themselves.

My boys are the best blessings I could ever be entrusted to have.

I hope they know that :)

Even if I embarrass them with my photos and thoughts.


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