Oh how I wish I could hit pause.

IMG_3761Today is a milestone day for us. The day our first born son becomes an official “teenager.” The big 13. I’ve never been one to really be keen on the word teenager. I like to think of a teen as a young man or young woman. Rather than slapping a label to give them some sort of right to be “less mature” than they need to be. Maybe that is just me. haha… but Teenager, 13, young adult, whatever you may call it. Its here.

How am I old enough to have a 13 year old?

How is my baby who use to let me hold him for hours and hours as he slept on my chest, now able to hold me?

How is that small foot now a size 11 mens…

and when and where did the puddle playing, sword fighting, match box scooting, imagination soaring little guy go?

I can’t say I enter the teen years with tremendous excitement.

Not because I don’t look forward to this season but because its just happening so quick.

I heard this song YEARS ago called “100 more years” and any time I listen to it I tear up.

In the song the writer talks about a little girl and even though my Caleb is not a little girl :) – the song and that part of it makes me think of my children every single time.

“She’s got blue eyes just like her mother
Three years old, he’s crazy for her
He wants to freeze this day before it disappears
She’s spinnin’ like a little princess
Makin’ sure he’s gonna notice
He could watch her twirl for a hundred years”

But here and now.

Caleb is 13 and I could not love him more.


I am exciting for the years to come. Maybe a little scared at the same time.

Caleb is growing up to be one handsome young man with lots of amazing potential. I am sad its gone so fast but I am excited to see our relationship grow and just pray Gods provision and protection over him as he begins his journey through these teen years.

Soak those babies up mommas.

Enjoy the little moments.

and always keep your eye on eternity.

Happy 13th Birthday Caleb. We love you.


One Commnet on “Oh how I wish I could hit pause.

  1. This is beautiful Drea….I, too, was a young mom and found these big milestones harder for me to grip my age versus my childs =) And yes, they do grow so very fast. My oldest got married last year and we used A Mother’s Song…this part of the song got me because I so loved those kool-aid smiles…”With a Kool-aid smile
    And a sparkle in your eyes
    I wrap you in my arms…

    Enjoy his big day!!

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