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Essential Oil Gift Guide

Essential Oil Wish List, a simple gift guide for those new to oils.

You all know I love oils! The Holidays are here and with that comes gift giving from husbands who may not be gifted in the area of gift giving. OR possibly family members wanting to buy their cousin or daughter a gift, yet not knowing what exactly to get.

SO, if you are that individual who loves oils…

Wants to buy someone oils.

Knows something or anything oil related would make your wife or whoever happy, this post is for you.

Everything listed can be purchased ON YOUR OWN. No signing up for anything is needed. If you have amazon and or the ability to use a computer or phone with safari, you can shop all your essential oil needs with this post.

The company I will be mentioning btw you can read more about WHY I went with them HERE, HERE or HERE. But in short, they are a great company. I’ve used them for going on 4 years now. All their oils are certified by 3rd party labs. I am very pleased with them.

I hope you enjoy this list :)

My Personal Favorite Oils

Purify – This one is comparable to Doterra’s Purify Blend and Young Living Purification Blend – I use this year round and love it. It is probably one of my favorite. It is great for uplifting moods, cleaning the air from stinky boy feet, a poopie baby diaper or that oven burn from the melted cheese. Great great oil.

Tranquility – One of my very 1st oils ever purchased! Love it. Its one I diffuse often at night.

Peace & Quiet
– This is also a fav. one to diffuse at night. This one cost a bit more than Tranquility, but its well worth it.

I also adore Counting Sheep Blend, but currently it is not available in a full size bottle. Hopefully soon it will be.

Immune Strength – My go to for sickness with my boys and myself. I diffuse this any time my boys are exposed to a cold. Also just smells great for every day diffusing. One of my favorites without a doubt.

Mothers Touch (formally known as Gentle Healer) – If you’re a mom with kids, THIS IS A MUST!! Absolutely amazing oil for boo boo’s, burns, scrapes, scars. It is super expensive but its worth it. This Oil no lie, saved us a trip to the ER. That alone paid for it.

A few other oils, that are truly just staples that I adore.

Lavender (a must), Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Clove & Cinnamon. To many favorites to list honestly, but those are the 1st few that come to mind on my must haves list.

You can buy the ENTIRE Organic Essential Oil Kit btw, featuring most of the above single oils for 21% off together. Its a great starter kit for anyone new to oils.

Great Holiday Gift guide for those new to Essential Oils

A few other MUST HAVES for all Oily Users

A Diffuser!

– I have a few favorites. RMO has a few out right now that are well priced and lovely. I don’t own the ones on their website right now though. So I can’t personally speak about those. You can check those out HERE though.

One diffuser that I do have and love though is from WALMART. Its around $23.00 – and is so lovely. It comes in a variety of different looks. They work very well. I own two (the bird one pictured and a stain glassed one) and have been very pleased. The brand is Better Homes & Garden. My local walmart has them in store (in the candle isle), but you can buy them online HERE.

Great blog with a TON of information on Essential Oils by RMO

Great post about all the things you need along with Essential OilsROLLER BOTTLES – Also a must for Oily users. I buy mine from Amazon in a bulk package. There are many options on amazon for Roller Bottles. I just try to get ones with METAL roller balls, not plastic. Heres one I found well priced.

You can read up on Dilution Ratios and such ON THIS POST. Shares how to dilute your oils and so forth. Essential oils go a long way. You should not be using them straight from the bottle.


(storage) – With oils, you need a place to store them. I have written NUMEROUS post on ways to store them. You can read those HERE, HERE & HERE. However, if you want something easy, inexpensive to buy to store all those oils. THESE Wood Cases are great! So well priced. Amazon has a ton of them.

This is how I currently store my oils, but a box like I’ll list below is also a great option.

Great great great post about Oils and how to store them

I liked THIS ONE & THIS ONE on amazon.

Great Blog Post about Essential Oil Must Haves


Great blog about essential oils

Rocky Mountain Oils HAS A TON of great carrier Oils. You can view all of those HERE. However, amazon is a great source too. So depending on if you have Amazon Prime, it may be cheaper to use them. If you don’t have amazon prime, by all means, use RMO. They are great quality and RMO ships free with every order.


Lovely Diffuser Necklaces

This is a total spoiler product for your loved one. I own a Drops of Joy Diffuser Necklace and love it. The company is small, home run… and the owner is just as sweet as they come. They also sell bracelets and kid jewelry as well. You can read my original review on the necklace I got HERE.

& LASTLY, just had to end with a MUSCLE RUB

Great Alternative Muscle Rub to Doterras Deep Blue

Those who follow me on instagram (@dreawood), know I’ve had some issues with my back lately. Severe lower back problems… I was using samples of another oil company, muscle rub. It helped. Loved it. I just couldn’t fork out the $60 for it. So I just kept making do with my $1 samples. So when RMO came out with a Muscle Rub last week. I was so excited. I got it right away… and its so perfect. In fact I prefer it. It works great and relieves any muscle pains and aches almost immediately. Best part, it was affordable.

RMO Released an entire new skin care line and it was in that line.

You can look into the Muscle RUB HERE.

They also have a lovely Facial Moisturizer. I got that too… cause, what we put on our face matters. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and you better believe, what I put on my face, will be good for it. :) So I had to try it. So far I love it. You can view the ENTIRE SKIN CARE LINE HERE.

I hope those reading found this post helpful.

You can read my other Essential Oil Post OVER HERE. Or just click the top tab on this blog for links to the post. I share recipes and other informational post on that link.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving this week with their families and friends.

Disclosure: The above post contains affiliate links for amazon, walmart & rocky mountain oils. What does affiliate mean? It basically means that I get a very small percentage of any sale made through a click through on my blog. Thank you so much for your love and support. All the opinions are my own.