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Do we have a spirit of compassion?

Post about Compassion.

As we walked through the airport headed towards security. We waited in line as the airport employee checked peoples tickets, before proceeding to the next checkpoint. We waited… and waited. Only to be told when we got there, that we needed to go down to the other security check point, because we were gate such and such. Yet, if you looked right in front of where we stood, it was clearly shown on the gate signs, that that security check point led to the very same gate. It did not make sense. As this employee coldly told us to leave the line and go 2 check points down, across the airport… the guy behind us, over heard and said “The woman at the front desk told me to come here as well.” Emphasizing what we had just shared… that we had been led in this direction just moments prior by the American Airline Employee who checked our bag in. She didn’t care what we had to say, coldly told us “Get out of the line.” Giving no explanation… We paused just in shock completely taken back by her cold request and unwillingness to explain her reasoning… The man behind us was not so calm… He refused… and we were nervous for a moment he was about to get violent. Instead, he shoved his way by and said to the woman “You are worthless! Worthless! I hope you know that.” Marched off and proceeded to the other security check point she demanded we go to.

In those moments in the midst of stressful places like an Airport… when you’re tired and running off a poor night of sleep. It is hard to be compassionate… or kind. A part of me wanted to be rude and say something to this woman, who clearly seemed on some sort of weird power trip… unwilling to listen to anything we had to say… and careless of the fact we had waited in line and told to go to her line to begin with. It was frustrating. It did make us angry…. but does getting mean and saying harsh words do any good? No. In no situation will it ever solve anything….

As I started my week back in the land of the living haha, aka around Wifi and with the influences of social media… I read through numerous peoples facebook post (never wise btw), after weeks away and unable to do so. Mondays always seem to start rocky, this monday was no exception… but as I read through these post I just had an overwhelming burden for our society… and how hateful it can be.

How even professing, strong believers, could seem so worldly. It is no wonder those not in the church, would steer clear. Why be a part of a place full of people who preach one thing but live another.

I saw people posting negatively about their neighbors or the person beside them in line at the grocery store. Or the ER Nurse who ticked them off. To situations at work or with a certain family member. While we all need a place to vent on occasion (Hello, have you seen my instagram? heh….), the continual flood of negativity and criticism just seemed overwhelming today.

Where is our compassion?

Why are we so quick to judge a motive?

Or so fast to assume in situations we may not understand.

Where is our heart for our fellow man. Those we know struggle just as we do… and yet we so quickly remark or push aside. As if they have a worth less than our own.

Our sense of compassion is lost today… as we live busy lives consumed with our own.

I don’t want my boys to see me not show compassion. I want them to see me being kind to others. I want them to be able to one day *when they are like 18 haha!!* log onto my facebook and see post that uplift, not tear apart.

I don’t want to crush that persons spirit in the store, by being harsh, or mumbling under my breath… not knowing they just had a miscarriage or their husband just got diagnosed with Cancer. Do we so quickly forget how broken and hurting our world can be? Should we not show compassion, even when its easier not to?

I love Elevation Worship and listened to this song today as I was in my room… and it just encouraged me… I love its message of hope and assurance of Gods favor and blessings… and just reminds me to ever be caring and compassionate. No one ever saw Jesus through an uncompassionate soul.

“Therefore, God’s chosen ones,
holy and loved, put on heartfelt compassion,
kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience”
Col 3:12