ED9A8962About me… any time I write these types of pages, I feel a bit silly. Should I explain who I am to the world? does it matter… those who know me, know me… so why write this. What I have found however throughout the last 10 years of blogging… is that those we may not even know, may be just who we need to know. I have met some amazing people through blogging… and have learned so much about myself and others throughout this “blog” journey I suppose you could say.

Life on this blog has totally changed from when it began.

What started in a small apartment in Northern Ohio… a small town called Bellevue, as a mother of one and newlywed to a youth pastor… is now the blog of a mom of 4 amazing boys, wife to a former pastor (hopefully will soon be a pastor again), now cop… no longer living in Ohio and have since moved 8 times… now living life in Atlanta GA.

So yes. You will find the good, bad, immature, ugly and pretty stupid types of post here :) – I have left it all out for the world to see… and while I do feel I am different than I was then… I want to be real and not erase who I was either… even if I regret a lot I said in those older post.

I do not claim to know it all… although some think I do :)

I am not a professional at this.

I do not care if I post grammar errors… spelling errors

a lack of apostrophes

This blog is pretty much as unpolished as it gets :) – so welcome…. enjoy your look around…

Now… onto “who I am…” – In short?

Between the moments of life I spend what spare time I do have investing in my business, as a professional portrait and event photographer. I also blog & write @ She {hearts} It as well as here. All of which bring income into my family [an incredible blessing].

To expand a bit more here are…
a few odd, seemingly unimportant, but fun tidbits… You MAY or MAY NOT want to know about me :)

*I was married by the age of 19 & had my 1st son just after 21.

*I love to read, if only I didn’t love to sleep more. Naps are my favorite :) – yes I make time for them. Did you know people who nap tend to live longer ;-) – its just a way to help justify my napping that occasionally happens.

*My mother was born and raised in Panama, Central America for 20 plus years. She married my dad, who was an American.

*I would love to travel the world one day. Birthing babes may have to hault for that.

*I have one brother. He is exactly 1 year and a week older than myself.

*Art fascinates me.

*I seem to develop a new allergy with each baby born and a new shoe size.

…. and since you will see me talk about my children A LOT on this blog… I figured I would type up a bit about each one of them. This obviously may not be up to date at all times, since children to grow and change so fast… but it should give you an over all idea of who my boys are.

1st up:

Caleb Nathan

ED9A5625 ED9A5628

Born August 2004

Birth weight @ 7lbs 11oz

Caleb is now 9 years old (as of early 2014). He is a huge help to me… has a very giving heart (most of the time) and desires to please. He is very observant and notices the small things… he can tell when I am upset… or tired.. and during those moments without my even asking puts forth such an effort to help.

He is amazing with his baby brother Reed… loves to hold him, play with him and has such a nurturing heart with him. Caleb LOVES reptiles… and is extremely smart and so good at researching things he wants to learn more about.

Taite Ezekiel

ED9A5596 ED9A5598

Born December 2006

Birth weight @ 6lbs 8oz

Taite is our blonde heart throb (hah). Seriously one of the cutest little dudes I know. What is even more adorable though is Taite’s personality. He is such a fun kid with such a sure personality. He knows who he is and is not afraid to be himself. He is very athletic… we are amazed at how strong he is for such a little dude…. with such a stamina that he can put most adults to shame.

Taite loves to talk… loves to lead… and is all boy. Despite his all boy personality… he is also so affectionate and such a mamas boy. He loves for me to scratch his back and has no problem showing me affection in public. He defiantly inherited this from his dad. :)

Owen Luther

ED9A5607 ED9A5612

Born March 2010
Birth weight @ 8.3lbs

Oh where to start with Owen.

Owen was that little dude who stole our hearts. He was my 1st natural birth experience… as well as my largest baby… His entire pregnancy brought lots of trials… with pre-term contracting and inability to sleep because of it… I think by the time Owen was born I was so excited to NOT be pregnant, that having him here was so over joyous that I was so completely in love with this little dude, he has just won a sweet place in my heart. Then again all my kids have haha… but little Owen, oh how adorable and sweet he is.

He also has the best laugh, EVER.

Reed Jeremiah

ED9A5615 ED9A5618

Born October 2012
Birth weight @ 6.6lbs

Reed was a total shock when we found out I was pregnant with him. He came at such a time that we honestly were at a loss at the thought of having another baby. Funny how despite us not being ready for him, the Lord knew exactly what we needed.

Reed is a fire cracker with his adorable personality. I think his favorite thing to say is “stop” to his brothers. He has to do what they do even if he can’t… he loves to run, swim, climb and without a doubt will be one tough dude when he grows up. He keeps up with everyone.

He is still super cuddly… but also very independent with his play. He is a champ sleeper (took him 7 months to get there)… and adores his brothers.

So as you can see.

We are truly blessed to have such healthy, strong and amazing boys… I get asked often if we plan to try for a girl. Honestly, not so sure haha… while I do feel there is a small piece of our family that is not yet complete… not sure what that means… may just be my natural “desire” to have children…. and don’t want to think that this phase of my life may be over so soon (I just turned 30)… what I do know is that I would not choose to have things any other way. I love having all boys… and while there is a part of me that desires a little girl… I know without a doubt I have a home full of boys who will grow up to be men sooner than later… and love their mama :)

Thanks again for reading on… enjoy the rest of your stay and feel free to write me at drea[at]dreawood.com


“I have learned that in every circumstance that comes my way, I can choose to respond in one of two ways: I can whine or I can worship! And I can’t worship without giving thanks. It just isn’t possible. When we choose the pathway of worship and giving thanks, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances, there is a fragrance, a radiance, that issues forth out of our lives to bless the Lord and others.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss