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Christmas Tree Essential Oils?

Super excited to post about these oils. I recently got a shipment in from Rocky Mountain Oils… where I order all my Essential Oils… These oils though are especially special :)

With Thanksgiving coming this Thursday, I have hopes to start decorating our home for Christmas soon after. One way that I find helps me to get into the Christmas feel of things, is for my home to smell festive… and like Christmas.

There are obviously ways to do this using things like Plug In’s or Candles… but why not diffuse something that not only smells like Christmas but is also beneficial for you.

So let me introduce you to these blends…

Christmas Essential Oils

First up.

Christmas Tree : While this blend was mostly created to give you a lovely, fun Christmas scent, it is also a good choice for cleaning. You can add it to your cleaning supplies to help give the room a clean, forest scent.

ED9A6244My boys the other day were playing “fort” in our living room. I had Christmas Tree diffusing when my 7 year old accidentally spilled my diffuser all over some blankets they were using as “a roof” to their fort. Initially I was a bit upset, worried my diffuser was broke, but thankfully it wasn’t… and once I realized it was fine, I picked up their blankets, tossed them in the dryer… and within 10 minutes their once wet blankets were dry…. As I handed them the blankets they held them close and said “MMMmmmm it smells like a Christmas Tree!!!” – so the once bad spill made for refreshingly Christmas Tree smelling throws that my boys are enjoying each time they cuddle. Win win.

To those curious what is in this blend – Ingredients: Spruce, Fir Needle, Pine Needle, Orange, and Cinnamon Bark
For those unfamiliar with Essenital Oils. Cinnamon Bark is one of the most amazing oils!! I love it. You can read up on that oil HERE.

Next blend…

Ginger Spice! : This runs a close 2nd to the Christmas Tree Oil above…. It has a very nice warm, bright, snuggly feel to it. This oil defiantly made me want to bake. :)

Because of the oils used in this blend (synergy), it works beautifully in cleaning as well. The spices will help you clear germs out of your home so you can add it to your cleaning projects. – read more about this oil at RMO.

Last up…

Candy Cane : This blend doesn’t need much to describe it. It smells like candy :) – but not a “harsh to sweet candy” – a perfect “just right winter candy” that your kids will love. This oil because of what is in it, is also great for clearing the air and for the respiratory system.

I hope to use the Candy Cane Oil this week for baking up some Holiday Cocoa Wafers…. with the added EO I hope it makes a thin mint type cookie. I will for sure keep you all posted on how they turn out.

christmas tree essential oilsAlso for those wondering what Diffuser I use. I currently use the Rocky Mountain Oil CLOUD Diffusers. I have both the large and small. However, if price tag is a issue, there are other less costly options available online… This is one I got for my oldest sons room. It is not made nearly as nice as the Rocky Mountain Diffuser. However at its price tag, I couldn’t pass it up. It does well and diffuses nicely.

Ok now for some coupon code love.

Rocky Mountain Oil’s issued me a special coupon to be used towards these above oils. If you use “DREAWCHRISTMAS” at checkout you will save an additional $2.00 off any of the above blends. This coupon code is only good through December 25th 2014…. It can’t be doubled up with other coupons though.

Oh and be sure to check out THIS PAGE to learn some fun ways to use the above oils. Such as “christmas tree” scented pine cones!

Thanks yall!! and enjoy these oils if you order them. Its all I diffuse right now.

Disclosure: The above post does contain affiliate links. It is just a little perk to being a blogger. If you click any of the above links and purchase any thing from the RMO site, our family gets a very “small” portion of the sale. It is just a little incentive for bloggers. This in no way affects my view on the company and opinions on the oils. I love the quality of oils and integrity of the company. Happy Shopping!


Its been a stay home and bundle up kinda week. No? :)



If I don’t blog before Thanksgiving, you all have a great one! I do hope to share some special news on some new oils I got and a new coupon monday though. So keep an eye out for that ;-)

Good for the Gut

waterkefirI thought I would write up a really quick blog post linking to a new favorite etsy shop I found. I ordered about two weeks ago from this shop a new shipment of KEFIR grains. My Water Kefir grains sadly died many months ago after I forgot about them :( – was so sad… I got busy with school, photography and everything else… that I just kinda put off buying any more. Well… my kids kept asking for it. Esp. Taite – he loves that stuff! Reed also has been constipated and I too have been having some gut issues (TMI I know). So, I knew I had to get some grains back.

So I hopped on etsy and just ordered from a shop that looked “safe” :) – and placed an order. The order took about a week to get to me due to my ordering it around veterans day… so that delayed the shipment… but even with the delay in the shipping, the grains were totally fine and healthy when I got them.

I ordered them from THIS ETSY Shop called CulinaryCultures

The lady who runs it was super sweet. She even includes some instructions for first time kefir users in the shipment. The Grains I got were nice and plump and after just one cycle using them, they look even nicer and stronger.

Here is a quick copy/paste adaption from THIS BLOG, explaining the benefits of water kefir…

Water kefir is a fermented beverage made with water kefir grains and sugar water. If you are anti-sweet drinks. Don’t worry, this drink is not overly sweet. You can make it sweeter though if you prefer that. The “grains” (aka the booger looking things you see in the above image) feed on the sugar leaving it with an extremely mild sweetness. So the taste is not “pure sugar” – so dont worry about your calories on this one. It is not something you even need to worry about as long as you don’t sweeten it with soda after the fact :)

Water Kefir (or milk kefir – I dont like milk, so thats not an option for me)… is a PROBIOTIC

Probiotics are good bacteria that help you keep a healthy gut. While it is thought to be not as strong it contains a greater number of bacterial strains than are found in kombucha. These good bacteria help us to digest our food, prevent allergies, boost our immune system, and overall keep our body healthy. Getting your probiotics from fermented foods is the way to go.

Water kefir also helps to Increased Immunity!

Probiotics help boost your natural immune system. So with winter months upon us, I am all for keeping my kiddos well. Filling your body with good probiotics from things like kefir is one way to do this. This means that you will get sick less often.

Its easy and frugal to make. It’s very versatile allowing you to customize the flavors to better suit your families needs. The end result is a soda like drink that your kids will like, that is good for you.

For those who may want to learn more about Kefir and its benefits, check out this post I wrote a while back about how I make my water kefir.

water kefir

… and to end. A new recipe for your kefir:

1. Juice a Fresh Lemon (organic) – pour all the lemon water into your water kefir. Make sure you strain out any seeds. You could also use lime.
2. Add it to one bottle of your water kefir (so about 3 cups of water kefir, maybe more)

and thats it! store it in an air tight bottle and you will have a fizzy lemonade. :)

Prepping ahead – Share your recipes

ED9A5656Well, besides staying busy working :) – schooling. You know. The Norm.
We have been planning for our upcoming Holiday Season. Travis of course has to work on Thanksgiving this year. So, alas we are moving Thanksgiving to Tuesday instead of Thursday. Totally fine… its one of those holidays I believe can be flexible :) and having it early has its advantages too. Travis I thought would have off Christmas this year too… but turns out he more than likely wont. Booo. Moving Christmas for me is a hard one to move… but we probably will. That one is harder to move since our church has Christmas Eve Service… and its just always been nice to go to church on Christmas Eve, then do Christmas the next morning… it’ll be fine tho. I am hoping and praying this will be our last year as a “COP” family… and next year we wont have that worry about “off days” like we have the last few years.

This week we will spend prepping for next week though. My parents will come into town and hopefully my brother too… hes in school again tho, so that may not work out for him… but I am hoping it will.


We also have begun some preparations for decluttering :) – fall and winter brings this on me like a wave. Not sure why. I guess because you are inside more? I have been selling stuff on facebook yard sale pages like crazy… and Travis today I hope will finally go through his closet and weed out what he no longer wears.

I am now off to burn 3 client disc :) – then plan for the rest of the rainy day… Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Reed btw has nothing to do with the post :) – just thought these photos were cute.



He was playing my iPhone one night late this week while I edited a portrait session. He is so good with the ABC came on it… I am in awe at his iPad skills every time :) – crazy how fast they learn!

For fun, if you want. Leave me a comment letting me know your “Thanksgiving Menu!” – I asked this on facebook yesterday and had a great response. Many of what you all said I plan to make for Thanksgiving now. So share your family favorites in the comments. Id love to hear.


One of the cutest things to end a day with.


Reed attempting to say a prayer at the dinner table, after his brother’s prayed for the meal. He tries so hard and it just melts our hearts. Love him.