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Satisfied – Adoption?

Satisfied – Adoption?

Been a busy few weeks… with work, home school, house keeping… and just life with four dudes. We also had a meeting last weekend with The Hope Box. Those who follow me on instagram will know what I am talking about.

Yes… we are in the process of adopting. It will be a long process… but one we look so forward to. Travis and I have never really had trouble having our own children. I seem to get pregnant without much effort. While I have suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks… and also tried for over a year to get pregnant with Taite. I still do not know personally the hard struggle of infertility. I have seen friends though struggle with this and I see how it hurts… and crushes. I cannot imagine. The Lord has given me 4 amazing boys… and I love each of them so much. My last two pregnancies were a bit hard on me physically and mentally. I battled depression after my 4th, so much so that I had to be medicated. I was put on bed rest with him as well…Reed was high risk on top of things. I had at one point to go in for 2 ultrasounds A WEEK with him. That in and of itself caused major anxiety for me. I was so scared the ultrasound machine was damaging his brain or something haha… it was so stressful having my Doc. tell me how Reed was at risk for heart defects and kidney disease…. as well as preterm delivery. I remember that whole pregnancy feeling so heavy and tense… it made it very hard to enjoy. I am thankful despite what “risk” Reed faced, he was born completely healthy and full term.

This is a total tangent unrelated to adoption below… so bear with me. …
I have often wondered “Am I less spiritual?” I remember in seminary some women (esp Pastors wives sadly…) made you feel almost less than if you did not allow God to choose how many children you had. In other words to use any form of birth control would mean I didn’t think children were a blessing, because I would essential use something to try and “stop” that blessing. I remember feeling almost guilted into the “no birth control” way of life… and while I believed FIRMLY in using a birth control that will not cause abortion. (yes some birth control can… do research it…) I really believe God also commands us to be wise… and no where in the bible does it tell us to have as many children as physically possible (although if someone wants to do this, more power to them and large families do rock)… I know for myself personally, if I did this and had children every year 1/2, I would loose my mind. Just being honest… and yes I do understand God gives us mothers who may have children fast and close together grace and the power to do it, as hard as it may get… but that still does not mean I was made to have child after child with no moments of rest. Children are a blessing… that is a given and I would never say otherwise… but for each person its different and finding a happy medium on this topic to me is key. While some may be built to birth 15 babies others are not. Will I ever be pregnant again… maybe :) I do doubt I will have 4 more naturally. Here btw is a good read that has scripture in regards to birth control and what the bible says (for those interested).

They've been watching this tow truck for like a half hour! So funny. It's better than TV. #boymomEarly on when Reed was tiny, despite my body saying no to more kids… my heart did not feel our family was complete just yet (weird I am sure for some to imagine, I mean four kids is a lot right?). The idea of adoption has been something in the back of my mind since I was a teen. I visited an orphanage in the Dominican Republic and those babies and children just melted my heart. I remember holding a 1 year old little girl on that trip who just melted in my arms. She was precious.

I could write for paragraphs on this topic :) – but in short. We want to adopt. Travis and I both.

As crazy as our family (and others) may think we are to add more to our plate… we have so much to give… and I just cant imagine not having more children.

Our boys have already begun talking about adding another baby. While Caleb (our oldest) was hesitant (because he didn’t want to share a bedroom haha)… he has now started saying things like “If we adopt a girl, she sure will be tough!” and “Owen will probably teach her all sorts of boy things.” Those small things my boys say about the thought of another baby bless me.

We have enjoyed being able to explain to them why we’d adopt, instead of having a baby grow in mommys tummy. Its opened up a lot of opts. to talk to our boys about Christ and grace and love.

So yes, super super excited about this! While it may not happen until the fall (before we get a baby), it is a process we look forward to sharing here and with others we meet.

We have started a GoFund Page but plan to hold off on raising funding just yet. We have some things to work out in regards to a possible move… and with that possible move (its not a given just yet), we may have to put off our home study until the summer. The Hope Box does not launch until summer or early fall any way, so this should still be fine timing wise. We know financially we cannot provide the money due for what is about to come with adopting… but we know God will provide every penny. I plan to organize some fundraising soon, once we have things lined up with our home study and so forth (probably around July).

… and to answer everyones question. Will we ask for a girl. :) We did request a girl but we also told the agency we wouldn’t decline a boy either. We just preferred a girl if possible. I know the Lord has lots of valuable lessons ahead for me if He ever sees fit to give me a daughter. :D

Also for those curious where the babies come from through The Hope Box. They got their idea of this ministry through the story called The Drop Box in Korea. Here is a trailer showing the basic concept. So the babies that will come to the Hope Box will be abandoned babies. The baby that we get, may come with lots of questions. We may not know any history on the baby. The Hope Box will have a medical team though that will take care of initial medical concerns. So we will know “some” information about the baby. Blood type, any medical concerns… and if that baby comes in and has drugs in his/her system, they take care of the detoxing process. So so sad to think a baby would need to go through detox! I will be to totally honest, parts of that scare me to death… I know we have to trust God with their story too… and He has the perfect baby out there for us. To those who live in GA and want to adopt through the Hope Box, they are accepting applications now, so do check out their website. The video will bring tears to your eyes. Not only thinking about the mothers who gave up their babies… for whatever reason… but all those babies who are so special and need a home.

So yes. Busy weeks!

Also this amazing warm weather in GA has kept us outside a lot… so I have neglected some blogging duties :)

Any one who has adopted or is in the process, do share any info and advice. I love learning and think its great to hear other families who have been through this process, do chime in with your experiences.

Enjoy the photos below. All from my instagram.

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Trader Joes shopping is Reeds Fav :)

Excited #traderjoes shopper tonight.

Our Homeschool recliner is often filled with Toby, the laziest most cuddly cat.

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A great piece of scripture to remind ourselves of daily.

There are days when I struggle to find joy. I think most moms of little ones can relate. Never because we do not love our children or do not consider it a joy to be their mother. The constant pulling and need to be needed can make you weary. Seeking Chris

My boys latest craze. Super Nintendo playing Secret of Mana (RPG game) – I wont lie, I play too.

Got this as a Christmas gift back when I was 8- when we celebrated Christmas in #panamacitypanama - my boys play it now. This thing is so fun. Old school for sure :) #snes #supernintendo ????

Love my new HCSB bible. Amazing study bible!

Love these #compositionbooks for writing scripture and thoughts. Found this adorable print one at #dollartree and love it! They have great fine point pins too. I'm loving my new bible too. It's been a great asset to studying more indepth. Great commentary

Good form Reed. Good Form :)

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A clean nursery. For once.

Cleaned Reeds tiny nursery this morning.  Its small and nothing fancy but cozy. #smallnursery pretty nuch everything you see here was given to us too. ????

A pile of mulch brings much joy.

Enjoying the weather today ???? #boymom


Not Done?

Yesterday I came across a video on a blog I read called Kate Conners. It was a video about adoption.

Before I get into what I wanted to share… take a few moments to watch the video below.

That video is such an evidence of the blessing children are! What is even more evident to me is how powerful and amazing adoption is.

I am 29 years old… and have been able to give birth 4 times… to 4 beautiful amazing boys… I am so thankful for that! Thankful for the experiences of being pregnant… although not easy at all… and labor is far from a simple task :) – but a blessing none the less… I know so many who cant have children and I know what a burden it is for those who desperately want to… yet never will.

After Reed was born…. Travis and I both started to feel as if my time for “birthing” babes was coming to an end. Even though I am not even 30 yet… the pregnancies have gotten very difficult physically for me.

Even though the joy and sweet feelings of pregnancy were there “at times” – the task as a whole was exhausting… especially with other little ones to tend to.

So Travis especially is thinking “we’re done.” – but… and this is such a weird thing to say…. especially since a few months ago I would have never thought Id feel this way… but for some strange reason, I feel we aren’t done.

When I watched the above video… I cannot help but feel a tugging in my heart to adopt. The world and really even loved ones may think I am a complete nut… but the idea of a large family seems just right… According to society though we “can’t afford” what we have… and therefore shouldn’t even have any more… and while I think its important to be wise with what the Lord has given us… I also know He gives us a peace and a desire in these areas, that despite “what may not look right” to the world… may be exactly what “is right.”

I joke with Travis saying “its the one way I can guarantee a girl.” HAH… but really… Id take another little boy in a heart beat. Having 4 boys is A LOT… and there are many days I am completely overwhelmed and “done.”

More often times than not though I look at my children and am so thankful the Lord has blessed us with so many… They really are a blessing….


Can’t you see us adopting twin sisters and putting them into that bundle of boy love? :)

Ezra & Evie

I posted about this not to long ago… but my dear friend Casey is in the process of adopting 2 sweet babies from the Congo! Their names are Ezra & Evie.

She has lots more about these sweeties on her blog… but I wanted to post real quick bout a Best of Photography Gift Basket she is giving away. FULL OF AMAZING goodies.

Heres an idea of what it includes:


All the proceeds she raises goes straight toward paying for this adoption process.

So check out her post about this Photography Basket – and see how your small donation can not only make a huge impact, but possibly get you a basket worth 100’s.

The gift you give will be such a blessing to their family, so even if you didn’t win – its worth doing any way.