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Inbetween the Books

Inbetween the books and schooling my dudes….





You can find me photographing for Boba :)

I finally get to link yall to some of the photos I took for Boba earlier this year. They came out with some new prints. Both for their carriers and wraps. I love them. Below is one of my favorite photos out of the bunch. Model Tiffany – amazing mom of 3 modeling her youngest, who was just so precious. This photo for me sums up my love for babywearing… and the dad’s expression was just perfect. Thank you to all my amazing models and for Boba who helped put this together as well. I think we all made a great team this year.


See more of the new prints on the Boba Website.

I also got to photograph this cutie over the weekend….


& this coming weekend ill get to photograph THIS ARTIST in concert. SO EXCITED about that. As well as like 9 students for school photos & a sweet little guy on Saturday who I photographed at age 1.

Its been kinda a slow season for me with photography. I didn’t push it over the summer… not to many families want portraits when its super hot… and well honestly, I was a bit burned out that I needed a break. I think its good for photographers to take occasional breaks to recharge. Im back in the swing though and look forward to a busy fall. I only wish I had more energy…. seems with photography teamed with home schooling and the task of housework and cooking meals, it leaves little left. Im worn out by 1pm most days and by the end of the day I am just whooped. I so wish I liked coffee…..

If anyone is curious how schooling has been with the boys this year. I thought about doing a post with our daily routine laid out. Anyone interested in that? If not, I probably wont blog it. So do comment ;-)

It is all I use

I get lots of babywearing questions via e-mail and instagram. Just had to share and echo my love for one particular carrier. & No they are not paying me to do this :) – I truly love their carriers and company. Had a few photos taken of myself wearing Reed when it snowed… figured this be a fun way to share them.

SO before I post them, lets flash back to former Reed moments in the Boba(s).



Video Putting Reed on my Back in the Boba (poor quality video, sorry!)




I still use the Boba 3G with Reed. They have a new 4G out that is even more awesome. It has a newborn insert now and it works so good. I photographed a mom for them using it and was jealous the 4G wasn’t around when Reed was a baby. The insert makes a huge difference when wearing a newborn. Reed is to big for the wraps and is quickly becoming to big for myself to wear in the 3G. I may wear him til he is 2 but my times wearing him are becoming fewer due to his desire to walk now and be more “independent” with his brothers. None the less, ill soak it up while I can. Love babywearing for so many reasons. My journey with it has been an interesting one :) – Ive tried lots of carriers and still prefer the Boba over all of them. Although, I do love having my homemade Mei Tai and also a ring sling. Id say besides the Boba if I had to choose 2 other carrier must, it be those two.

Happy Babywearing! Let me know if you’d like to see maybe a better quality video showing myself wearing Reed or putting him on the back. Note: Im so not a video person.

Just shimmy him on

Its all about the shimmy :)

I cannot even begin to count the times moms ask me “how do you get him on your back!?” while I stroll through the store with my 4 dudes. It is so easy! takes seconds. I will say, it takes practice! You also have to start it when your babes are young if you want them to “be use to it” by age 1. Reed is so use to being worn on my back that he knows what to do with his arms and everything. He is one worn lil dude ;-) – and worn in a good way.

Love baby wearing with the Boba. I not only LOVE them because I get to do their photography ;-) – but they truly are an awesome company who’s carriers I love and use daily…. and have FOR YEARS.

Here’s the video. Sorry it isn’t the best quality. Just snagged it tonight with my iPhone on our way to Lowes.

Now, my view :)

The other day I posted behind the scene photos from our BOBA shoot. Now here are “just a few” of the 4,000 images taken that weekend haha… to showcase these awesome carriers. Be on the look out for many more of these images showing up on the Boba website as well as the Boba facebook page.

Note: I am only featuring a ‘few‘ of our models. Boba will release the rest in time. All of our models were AMAZING and did such a great job! I can’t wait for all their beautiful faces to be slathered all over the web ;-) – on boxes and out there internationally. Its going to be so awesome, especially since many of these women are friends of mine and have become friends since…. So in short ;-) – this is just a teaser.

Melissa Payne Baker is a client of mine but also a dear friend. Shes also Atlanta’s Top Artist! She’s amazing.



Some of you may recognize the model above, she was in last year’s photos too!

Here is a flash back ;-)


& yes, its the same baby, only much bigger now.


This next model is actually a former MODE model! She made the cover of Mode magazine years ago.


She also had an australian accent. We could have listen to her speak all day!




Heather Lindey’s lil one made me want more babes. His baby newborn chub was to much cuteness for me.


Jessica’s husband Seth Condrey even modeled for us. He is a very talented musician and also a great dad and sport, for allowing us to use him two years in a row now as well. The other cute mama to the right is a friend of mine Amelia, whos baby girl Olivia was born on Reed’s due date :) – we are in the same Sunday School together.


& here is one Coleen Verner got of Reed and I together. Love that he got to model too!


Behind the Scene’s with Boba

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Boba’s line again! I did this last year and loved it… but this year was even better. We had amazing models but also Boba shipped me ;-) – one of their amazing managers Bethany, and her along with a few others and the owner of Boba, we got things organized and early April we kicked things off.

IMG_92233 days of shooting.

Lots of baby love.

Lots of beautiful moms and dads!

Amazing weather (except for day 1- we dodged rain, but it still worked).

… and my awesome parents even came down to help baby sit my boys, since I was gone so long. It was a huge help.

Thank you to Coleen, a sweet friend of mine who helped take photographs of Reed and I together but also took every one of these behind the scene photos.






One of our models was Heather Lindsey, she is a beautiful new mom, who also is an Author and Pastors wife.
You can check out her facebook HERE.




& yes… I even baby wore Reed while photographing on day 3 ;-)


More photos to come later….
If you want a great baby carrier seriously look into Boba. I love love love their carriers. I use them every single day I go out and cannot imagine a shopping trip or church without them ;-) – use andreawood10 for 10% off at