Just shimmy him on

Its all about the shimmy :) I cannot even begin to count the times moms ask me “how do you get him on your back!?” while I stroll through the store with my 4 dudes. It is so easy! takes seconds. I will say, it takes practice! You also have to start it when your […]

Now, my view :)

The other day I posted behind the scene photos from our BOBA shoot. Now here are “just a few” of the 4,000 images taken that weekend haha… to showcase these awesome carriers. Be on the look out for many more of these images showing up on the Boba website as well as the Boba facebook […]

Behind the Scene’s with Boba

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Boba’s line again! I did this last year and loved it… but this year was even better. We had amazing models but also Boba shipped me ;-) – one of their amazing managers Bethany, and her along with a few others and the owner of […]

A hike

This weekend has been just beautiful! I got to say, if weather stayed this way, depression would be much less HAHA… just saying! :-D We enjoyed one of Travis’ off days this week, by taking a hike. A 3.3 mile hike with our boys… and we had a great time. I wish we had gone […]

Early Babywearer

I will say, I encourage this :) I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t :) I mean, melt my heart! Caleb of course shows the kid in him too :) He loved that he could hold him without hands. & of course, Reed was entertained too. Carrier is the new Boba Stardust – my favorite!