Fast Mom Make up

Should you wear make up?

How old were you when you started to wear make up? Why did you want to wear it? Was it because your peers did? Because of the magazines you saw? Curiosity? I can’t exactly remember when I started to wear make up… but I do remember feeling the need to at one point, because I […]

Homemade Whipped Body Butter

Homemade Whipped Body Butter

I’ve posted a recipe similar to this one about 2 years ago… and thought I would experiment with it a bit more now that I have a good collection of essential oils. I will admit, the last recipe I made using this method, while I loved the texture of it, the vanilla smell after a […]

Pixie Hair Journey Update – One Year?

Thought it was time to do a pixie hair update! If you have followed me for at least a year, you would have been around for when I donated 11 inches of hair to a Cancer Foundation. The long locks went fare well, onto a better use, hopefully… while I got to sport a fun […]

Hair Update

I thought I would do a brief hair update for those curious where I am at with it. I am finally to the point where I have almost 100% of my hair to one length, except for my bangs. I did decide to cut the bangs again – its a love hate relationship really. I […]