Some tidbits for the preggo-ness

Warning to all male readers, leave now ;-) – this is an absolute “girly” type of post. One however I am sure many ladies can relate with or maybe an informative one for those who have yet to experience this. … and that is the joys, must and bumps of pregnancy (in more ways than […]

Carving out Time

Since moving into our new house, we have acquired a little neighborhood boy who adores playing with our boys. He is the only child, so you can imagine our house seems very “fun” to him :) – so I don’t blame him for always wanting to be here.  One thing I have noticed however is that this […]

Havertys Picture Perfect

For almost 2 years my family and I lived in a house that was totally furnished and good to go. It was weird but at the same time very nice, knowing that after a year 1/2 or so, we’d have to move out of that home and into another. So for the time being, we […]

Enjoy the little things

Since moving into our new home… I got to say, one of our favorite things about the house, besides its amazing morning light and spacious kitchen, is the backyard.   I always dreamed of having a yard full of big tall trees, that provided shade but also beauty… and land enough for my boys to […]

Showing Thanks

In just 11 days we will begin the process of moving into our new home. One thing that I have always wanted to start doing but never have, due to not having the proper space honestly :) or maybe it is lack of time? the two combined and babies being born kind of put this […]