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Some tidbits for the preggo-ness

Warning to all male readers, leave now ;-) – this is an absolute “girly” type of post. One however I am sure many ladies can relate with or maybe an informative one for those who have yet to experience this.

… and that is the joys, must and bumps of pregnancy (in more ways than one, bumps that is hehe). 

Lately I have actually had a few people asking me when we plan to have a 5th. I know right. I guess they just expect it since we have 4? maybe because we have yet to have a little girl yet. The answer is without any doubt as of now “no time soon.” :) 

My pregnancies have all been so different.

IMG_1308 copy

I experienced my 1st pregnancy at just 19 years old a few months after we got married… miscarried that sweet baby… but then got pregnant again about a year later with our 1st born Caleb. Who was born 3 weeks after I turned 21. 

With each pregnancy I learn something new :) and with each pregnancy comes its own challenges.

So here are a few tips for new moms to be.

1. Prepare for nausea. Even if you don’t ever “throw up” – you will at some point experience some form of this. I was blessed with a strong stomach in my pregnancies… but did go through spells of morning sickness with my last two pregnancies. The thing that worked for me were “saltines” by the bedside… and “sour candy” – from sour patch kids… to sour mints. Those two things did the trick and thankfully weren’t unenjoyable to eat :)

ED9A35092. Drink some a lot of water. Otherwise you will experience the lovely joy of constipation. Who knew having a baby in your tummy would do this. I didn’t. My first pregnancy I survived chugging prune juice… SO GROSS… tasted like thick blood… not that I drink blood, but I have a strong feeling it would be very similar. Not a fun memory of mine. If only I had known of products like DulcoEase® Pink™ – a painless, tasteless pill that would take care of that in no time. Scratch the PRUNE JUICE and grab a box of DulcoEase® Pink™.

3. Find a good Chiropractor… or mattress? Back pain was always an issue for me. From my first pregnancy to my most recent. I battled it severely. At times it was almost crippling… The best medicine for me was to do stretches to keep my lower back from getting tight… but also going to my chiropractor was so helpful… even though at times it did scare me to get adjusted with a belly… not sure why :) – its totally safe (with a good chiro). Also do not sleep on a squishy mattress… ditch the memory foam toppers… and sleep on something a bit more solid. Prop a pillow between those legs and hug something soft… helps so much. 

4. Invest in tunic tops, camis and a bella band. Who wants to pour a fortune into maternity clothes. I sure didn’t. Tunics, cami’s (tight ones that help hold things up ::wink wink::) and a good bella band are life savers to your wardrobe wallet! 

5. Take care of your skin. Lather up in good natural body butters… and oils. Stretch marks happen despite your methods of keeping things soft… it really is all hereditary…(Sorry to those who put stock in creams, it really wont save you.), but one thing Ive learned is if you keep your skin soft… it sure does help calm down the itchy stretching skin you will experience, no matter how young or old you are. Its just a part of pregnancy :).

I could continue on with lots more tips. This post I think could go down to at least 25 points… but we’d be here a while and you may get bored. In short… enjoy your pregnancy… it really does fly by… here I am 29… 5 pregnancies later… and I remember days thinking “this will never be over.” – it is over before you know it… 

Will we have more… maybe :) – but for now, I have great memories filled inbetween with lots of learning.


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Carving out Time

Since moving into our new house, we have acquired a little neighborhood boy who adores playing with our boys. He is the only child, so you can imagine our house seems very “fun” to him :) – so I don’t blame him for always wanting to be here. 

One thing I have noticed however is that this young boy (who is 7) does not nap or have “quiet times”, ever. 

Any time he knocks on our door around noon or 1pm, he seems puzzled as to why we have to “have a nap.” – Often time he will ask me after I tell him he can’t come over since the boys will be having naps… “Why do they have to nap?” :) – and my response almost always is “Because I need them too.” 

My #littlemen together after lunch. #dudemom #pictapgo_app Obviously our younger two need to nap because they are young and their bodies need that down time. My older two however (ages 6 and 8) do not need that “sleep time” any more… despite them no longer needing actual “sleep” during this time, naps aka “quiet time” is “required” in our home.

They can…

read books…


do puzzles
(a new favorite of Taites)

something quiet…. for at least an hour 1/2.

As a busy working mom and stay at home mom ;-) – of 4 boys, carving out time for “myself” is so important to my well being. 

During those naps I sit down for the 1st time of the day… enjoy a snack or meal without interrupts… and yes, sometimes I do nap too. :)

Quaker® Chocolate Chip Cookies allow me to be indulgent while still providing the power of Quaker® oats to fuel me for whatever the rest of the day might hold.

Share how celebrate your me-time and go to Everyday Health for more fun stories.

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Havertys Picture Perfect


For almost 2 years my family and I lived in a house that was totally furnished and good to go. It was weird but at the same time very nice, knowing that after a year 1/2 or so, we’d have to move out of that home and into another. So for the time being, we used their furniture and just recently once we moved, we began to unpack our many boxes and lug our own furniture into our new home. I must say, it was really weird! I honestly had forgotten what we had. It kinda felt like Christmas in a way though and was fun at the same time.

Now that we are in our new home, we are realizing we could use a few pieces of furniture. One of those being a bunk bed for the older two boys. Right now they are sleeping on the floor on a queen mattress we had a spare of… it works for the time being… but I do hope to put a full bunk/twin combo in their room. Giving them a larger bed on the bottom to share together if they want and still space up top for a friend or sibling.

Havertys is running a fun photo contest that may help with that “future bed purchase” ;-) – It was so easy to do and honestly a lot of fun. I had never been in a Haverty’s up until this trip. I had heard about them but just never went. I must say, I was impressed with their selection and love love love their variety of tables and different treatments of the wood pieces they offered. Was so pretty.

Here are a few photo’s from our trip to share… but if I had to pick JUST ONE to choose as my “Havertys Photo Entry” – It would be the LAST ONE ON THE POST :) – or possibly the one of Reed and I by the bed (he was sitting in a round tray).

I love love loved this yellow recliner :)
The photo doesn’t do it justice, it was so fun.
These are the bunks we liked ;) – minus the girly bedding hah…

We tried out the mattresses too. So cozy!

Reed sat on the floor while we did this ;) – which made for a cute shot.

& To end, all 4 of my dudes and I on this really huge chair.


Make your home picture perfect with Havertys. Click here to learn more about the Havertys Picture Perfect Contest where you could win a $2,500 gift card!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Havertys. The opinions and text are all mine.

Enjoy the little things

Since moving into our new home… I got to say, one of our favorite things about the house, besides its amazing morning light and spacious kitchen, is the backyard.


Proof he used the mower dad ;) @dulceknitsUm yeah it's that awesome!!

I always dreamed of having a yard full of big tall trees, that provided shade but also beauty… and land enough for my boys to run and play without the worries of a street or enclosed tight yard. To add to the joy of this yard we have been blessed with, is the creek that runs through it.


I grew up playing in a creek behind my home as a child… and my brother and I loved it. We would play in it for hours, despite the poison ivy, snakes and other creatures lurking about. It was worth every risk to us :) – and I am thankful for parents who let us have fun with it despite those things.

Dinner on our top deck :) Our days right now, are off the cuff. We aren’t schooling as of now, since we are so incredibly busy with this move and work… we are considering this our “early summer break,” ;-) and plan to start back sooner than later. 

I love our days at home…. just being who we are… and not worrying about getting dressed in “matching outfits” or “proper outfits” for that matter ;-) – I love being able to walk around in a loose cami with a bun in my hair and not a bit of make up on my face.

I love the freedom of being able to just get up and go without “proper plans”… and enjoy time together as a family… even if it is a trip to LOWES ;-) – despite where we go, we can make it an adventure for our boys. Thankful for the ability to enjoy…. even in the little things.

DIY shelf unit in progress! #boba #babywearing #diy #lowesI feel like a hippie these days with my sock bun and messy bangs growing out and having to be pulled back. It is what it is :)

Every day is an adventure and with Quaker® Perfect Portions I know I am providing my family with the fuel they need for their epic adventures.

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Showing Thanks

In just 11 days we will begin the process of moving into our new home. One thing that I have always wanted to start doing but never have, due to not having the proper space honestly :) or maybe it is lack of time? the two combined and babies being born kind of put this desire on a back burner…. but one thing I love that my mom does to show thanks, appreciation, care, is to make her own thank you notes or gifts.

My mom has a special talent though that helps with this. With her petite lil’ Panamanian hands she crochets and knits up the most adorable things. Many of them have uses besides their cuteness, but even those that are there merely for decoration, are keepsakes and things I so enjoy getting.

On almost all the gifts and cards we get now, my mom includes these pieces.


Small touches that really do make an impact and make people feel special and cared for.

Mahalo is the Hawaiian word for thank you. We all have ways of showing thanks. Thank you to the many charities who do just that every day; Big Brothers Big Sisters, Meals On Wheels Association of America, Family Caregiver Alliance, and One Warm Coat.

King’s Hawaiian would like you to help vote for one of these amazing charities.

All charities will receive $10k, but the winner with the most votes will receive $25k.

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Fueling Myself

IMG_2126 Don’t we all wish we had the fuel and energy of our children? 

I sure do.

There are many days I wake up completely exhausted. Wanting nothing more than to crawl back into bed. I think these cold mornings don’t help with that. 

Every day requires a lot of me. I obviously add to the task list some days… but most days, I just go, go go… because I have too.

From cooking 3 meals…. almost all of them from 100% scratch (because I truly desire to do it)…. you can imagine how long I am in the kitchen. Lets just say I look forward to moving and living in a house with a gigantic kitchen!

:) – To in-between schooling of my two oldest… yes in-between. Nothing is constant here right now, lots of doing it when we can routine… To prepping baby bottles, washing clothes (the never ending task and mountain), organizing my calendar with sessions, blog post and activities with the kids… to actually working outside of the home shooting portrait sessions for various clients. For all of this I need fuel.

The best fuel honestly I have found is to eat clean… and go to bed early!

On days I don’t have time to cook though, it is nice to have some alternative snack options and I got to admit, quaker granola bar’s are a favorite of ours. I could make a meal out of one, if I’m honest. :)

I never know what my days will have in store for me and my family, so keeping Quaker® Big Chewy Granola Bars on hand help make sure we have the fuel necessary to get the day. Now the Quaker® Big Chewy Granola Bars have chocolate drizzled on top and are 60% bigger (I got boys you know!) – perfect for my hungry family!

Share what activities you need fuel for everyday and see other stories on Everyday Health

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Lets start with 1

The journey to living a healthier life style, if you didnt already read in my post a few days ago, is a process…. it has taken me over 5 years to get to where I feel is a good for myself and my family.

One thing I have realized along the way however, is that it takes “small steps” to get there… and it can’t all happen at once.

So lets start with one.

The Question?

What is one small change will you make today to live a cleaner, healthier life? 

For me today… I have one goal, to drink nothing but water :) – except for my morning tea of course. I will admit, giving up soda was a hard one for me. Diet soda in-particular. I craved it badly pregnant too, :-\ – something about it was just so tasty to me during phases of my life. Despite my knowing how bad it was for me, I still wanted it. Funny how that works. I am happy to say that I no longer buy soda for myself…. but do on occasion treat myself to one if we are out to eat. 

Making it a goal ahead of time does help…. so as small as that may seem, today I will drink water.

IMG_5691In the past, Ive had other goals to live a cleaner and healthier life….

Such as….
– Milling my own Wheat (that was a big step!)

– Using Cloth diapers (something I started 6 years ago now – although I am far from constant with it, we do try to use it when possible)

– Buying organic produce and gmo free meats/foods.

– Using vegan and natural make up (Think about it… make up is something we put on at least a few times a week, if not ever day… it should be something good for our skin and not packed full of chemicals…. I love love love my make up)

– Cleansing with natural soaps.

– Making my baby’s formula (you all know that is just recent)

These things happened slowly….

One small change at a time :)



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