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Trip to the Farm

Trip to the Farm

I still haven’t decided if im keeping this blog or relocating to “Grace for that“… but since I don’t know what I will do yet, I figured Id post this post here for the time being :) – do check out and comment, let me know what you think. Yay or nay on the leaving.

Travis and I last week got to go on a short trip. Him and I both have been wanting to take the boys some place fun for a while… but we sadly had very little to work with in regards to “extra” fun money…. to spend on going on any sort of trip. It is just the season we are in right now. There is really nothing left to do much with after we pay our bills… We were blessed by a friend who made our trip to the Georgia Mountains possible. Id love to share all about this person but out of respect for her privacy I wont :) – but she knows who she is and I hope she knows how much she blessed us with this trip.

We also got some big news prior to going on this trip. More on that later… the news though was good too. I look forward to explaining all of that in time… but for now I will share some photos from our trip. This place is an hour and 50 minutes from our home. So not to bad a drive. Its also about 45 minutes from TN. So while there we got to travel to TN and see some caverns. Most of our time though was spent fishing on the farm. The boys LOVED IT!

All the boys slept great. Including Reed! I was so surprised how well he slept. We put him in a queen bed by himself, with pillows surrounding the edges… and he slept all night. So thankful. Most times we go out of town Reed doesn’t sleep good… so this was a blessing too.

Below are a lot of photos but I put over 100 on a Flickr Album for those wanting to see more :)











With all the fishing and creek wading the boys did, they took a lot of baths.
They thought this huge bath tub was the best thing ever.


We had no internet wifi or cell service. So we played a lot of board games :)




and made smores :)




Enjoyed being barefoot :)


and fishing more….. and more…. and more. (The kids wanted to do this like 3x a day)




We cooked most of our meals in the house. This was a funny moment I caught while my mom cleaned dishes.


Walk on the road were barren :) – no cars! rarely any way.







Travis got to go the entire time without shaving. He loved that :)







Rest of our Easter 2015 Pics :)

Rest of our Easter 2015 Pics :)

I totally meant to post these already… but im behind. Here are the rest of our Easter photos. We celebrated Easter with our old neighbors (who we lived beside for two years while in our City of Refuge Home). We have spent I believe every Easter with them since we moved here in 2011. ItsContinue Reading



Just a couple scriptures that have spoken to me lately. Thought Id share with those who don’t have instagram :) Those btw were made with the new IMAGE option in the Bible App. Its fun to create and free! & to end, a few grams from our weekend…. Our cat lives on the wild side.Continue Reading

Fire Fighter Museum

Fire Fighter Museum

Today we took a little field trip. We don’t do field trips often (although I hope one day we can be settled enough to do more with a local home school group… ). This trip worked out great. Travis has a 3 day weekend due to rotation week… so we made the best of aContinue Reading

Boys World

Boys World

You know you are living in a boys world, when you walk into their bedroom and see this…. August was a bit in defensive positioning here :) Anytime you approach him from above he puffs up. Thinking Im a big bird or predator. He is gentle as can be though :) Btw, Happy Valentines everyone.Continue Reading

Teaching Care

Teaching Care

I get stopped often while out with my boys. Especially if I am running an errand… waiting in line somewhere… or trying on clothes (yes I have taken all four of my boys into a dressing room area – now that they are older they wait outside my dressing room, but you get the idea).Continue Reading

Being Boys

Being Boys

There have been very few people in my life, that I have come across, who just very much dislike me and my family. I don’t say that in any way to brag… I think over all we are fairly likable people. I try to be kind and generous as much as I can with thoseContinue Reading

Creek Boys

Creek Boys

We have gotten the nick name by some ;) and are referred to as “the creek boys” :) It is a nick name I for one think our boys would wear proudly. One of the things I was looking for when we began our search for our very first “home purchase”, was to find aContinue Reading

Best Kindle Apps for Kids

Best Kindle Apps for Kids

The Amazon Kindle was one of those items that we debated on getting for some time now… All that ill get into in just a second. I wanted to write this post to show you all some of my kids favorite games for kindle that they use as well as some good apps for parentsContinue Reading

Must Have Things – for Pregnancy, Newborn & Up

Must Have Things – for Pregnancy, Newborn & Up

Can I admit something to you? I kinda sorta… some what, just a little bit… miss the newborn/baby stage. My husband would be like “you do!?” :) – haha… but really, you do miss it once its gone. To a degree. I will say I enjoy my full nights sleep now that Reed sleeps amazinglyContinue Reading