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ED9A4091If you live on the east coast, you are probably experiencing some rainy days. At least we are here in SC. I think today is day 5 of rain. Its almost to the point its becoming depressing… although I am thankful for the cooler temps. Still, after 5 days of constant rain and mist… you do sort of become a bit dreary and done with rain. :) I totally believe in seasonal depression… and Im like “man. Where is the sunshine..” cause I need it.

With things already wet, one evening our boys spent their time getting soaked on the trampoline, adding more H2O into the environment, spraying each other with the water hose.

I am sure if anyone was onlooking on these dudes, they thought I was either crazy, not watching them, or really cool. haha. They had fun and the giggles were adorable to watch.

I still do not feel totally into routine yet here in our new home. I will be honest, moving, no matter when, why or what prompts the move, its always hard. Adjusting to new routines. Learning a new area. Connecting and creating new friendships… No matter how many times I do it, it really never gets easier… you really just adapt and kind of know what to expect.

Hope everyone has a great week this week. Hopefully by the weekend the sun comes out.




& to end, my boys made some more youtube videos trying foods. Def check out their Channel “The Wood Knots”

Abraham the Camel

This weekend we had a church picnic. It took place on the farm we spent 5 weeks at. I found it sweet, that when we pulled up, Reed (age 2) said “Its my house!” – remembering where we called home for those few weeks. They loved it there.

We had an amazing turn out at the picnic… largest crowd they’ve ever had they told us. Travis baptized 3 in the pool there by the pond… we enjoyed great food, fellowship, fishing, golf cart riding, horse back riding and more. Was a great time and we hope they do it again sooner than later :)

Below are a few images from the evening…


This by the way is Abraham. The owner of this farm owns him. Yup. A Camel :)

He was fed by a mountain dew bottle I believe as a baby camel, so he is kind of obsessed with Mtn. Dew.











Total fail this week to blog… sorry! It has been so busy getting back into the routine of home schooling. I feel like we are still adjusting to a new schedule as well. For the last few years in Atlanta I had gotten use to my husband working a set amount of hours on certain days… and while his schedule changed every 4 weeks, it had become our normal. I am very thankful for a much more flexible schedule now… but it has taken some adjusting.

So, since this week is shot. I thought Id highlight a few things I have enjoyed lately :)

Being able to find RAW milk without pre-ordering it. Back in GA RAW milk was illegal. So in order to buy it, you had to find a local farmer. Order it. Then pick it up. While this wasn’t awful, it was just something you “HAD” to remember to do, or else you didn’t get any. Here in SC, selling RAW milk is legal. So its much easier to find. We buy ours from a local nursery/produce store about 5 minutes from our home. A local farm (that is tested and run well) delivers to them every Tuesday. So the last few weeks I have just made it a habit to drop by their store every tues or wednesday. Here is a post on REASONS to drink RAW Milk. :)

I have also been buying our fresh farm eggs from this same source. A lady at our church though has a lot of chickens, so I am secretly hoping to get them from her in the future. Her hens aren’t laying a lot right now due to light changes… but once they do, I’m all for getting eggs every Sunday! :D

– I have loved living close to a lake. A rather large one. Its so peaceful and beautiful there… I just hate its going to get cold soon and we wont be able to swim any more. I am sure regardless of temperature, we will enjoy the shores of this lake many times.

– Living in a neighborhood again, so we can enjoy lots of walks. I’m a fan of a good walk or bike ride. Having paved roads for me is a must for that haha… while I adored living on the farm we stayed at for 5 weeks, it wasn’t ideal for my evening or morning walks. Reed in this photo I think was secretly telling me he wants a baby brother or sister. haha… (no, I’m not pregnant) :D

– Breaking in my new kitchen. I love it. While its design is different than our last. New lay out. It is a great space and so charming. I truly enjoy my time in it.

– Making my home, special. Unique. Small touches that make it ours.
This pot rack my dad made us when we lived in NC, in a small parsonage. He made it so I would have a place to store my pots… the kitchen we lived in then was SO SMALL… and so this was a piece that truly helped my ability to function in our space. We have not used it since then… due to the layout of our Atlanta home. It just didn’t work in that space. This kitchen though, it fits PERFECTLY and I love it.

– Discovering a creek behind our home (sorta). This is a hike back but its a cool space. It technically is not on our land though but we got permission to explore. If this was our land, Id totally clear a straight path to this small creek and find ways to make it playable. :) For now, its a bit dangerous for the little ones… but perfect for big boys who want to explore.

– and… I have truly enjoyed getting to know all the great people at our new church. It has been a bit weird for me to be a “Pastors Wife” again. I haven’t been one in almost 4 years. Thankful for all the sweet people who have baked us goodies, given us gift cards, baby sat our boys, helped us move in and so forth. We are blessed. Our boys are getting into a routine here and I love seeing them grow comfortable with those they are around weekly at church. Reed esp. while he still cries some when I drop him off for Nursery, he is getting familiar with certain people, resulting in less emotional tears. :) I love that he is recognizing people and shakes hands with the older men in the church saying “Im Reed!” as he goes by.

So its busy here… but we are thankful.

Forgive the delay in posting. I do hope to do some more room tours next week. I want to show everyone the boys bedrooms… they are just disasters right now after such a busy week schooling… Lets just say, I try not to even look in them. :\ Life with kids. Results in really well lived in homes haha, not magazines.

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New Home School Room

ED9A3746One thing that we made sure to look for when we began house hunting months ago, was a school room. This could possibly be a 5th bedroom or a den. In the case of our home, it is a den. This honestly isn’t my “first option.” Only because the room is open to one side of the house and can’t be closed off. This isn’t a big deal as far as “looks” goes… but when you have four boys in a home, while schooling an older kid, your house may be a bit to loud at times. I have debated putting in a sliding “barn style” door to close it off to the hall way that connects to our living room space… but for now its open. This room does open up to the kitchen as well, but has french doors to close it off from the kitchen if need be.

The room features beautiful bay windows. I love them. Its a tad smaller than our other house school room, but its still a great size.

Today we had our first “FULL” day of school. With the move, we kind of dabbled some here and there with some of the boys school… but held off starting officially until this week.

Next week our home school co-op group begins meeting too. So it seemed like good timing.

The day went relatively smooth. The boys are excited I think for some new curriculum. Caleb especially is stoked that we get to learn about dinosaurs this year in science using Apologia. In case you miss my post earlier this summer, here is a look at our choice of curriculum.

Below are a few more photos. A small glimpse into our day schooling.





Toby (our cat) often hovers during school hours. Not sure why but he loves being with us, right at our feet.


My view from the school room, looking back towards the kitchen.



This small desk is new. I got it from Aldi for like 24 bucks. I couldn’t use our longer BLUE school table in this room. It just wouldn’t fit… so I intend to donate that table (cause it was a nice one!) to our church nursery room. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as we did.


Its funny, when I look at what Caleb (age 11 – 5th grade) is doing, I am like “wow… my baby is so grown, his books look so complicated now… ” Thank the Lord for DVDS that help to teach 5th grade and up… cause Lord knows I need that haha.. I can teach Owens age (grade K) with almost no guidance now. After doing it with two other kids, you almost have the lessons memorized. :) Funny how when you first start home schooling it scares you to death… I was always so fearful I was going to screw up my kindergartner… and that he would never learn to read. Thankful I stuck with it, I surprised myself and doubted for no reason.


Caleb turns 11

Today is Caleb’s 11th Birthday! To the day :) – This weekend we celebrated Caleb turning 11 with my parents and his brothers of course. All went well and Caleb had a great Birthday celebration.

Despite my little guy growing leaps and bounds this year, one thing remains the same…

Blueberry Roarer


ED9A3666He is one animated and awesome dude.

We are very proud of who Caleb is becoming. A great young man. I cherish the moments of innocence I still have left with him… and love he isn’t “GROWN” yet… but I can see in him already, a great father and husband. He is a great kid.


For Caleb’s birthday we had a big breakfast and then made our way to a nearby Lake. Its A HUGE man made lake in SC. Those local know exactly where I am talking about. :)

It was beautiful. Not to hot. Very few people. In fact my boys were the only children there over the age of four. Because we went on a friday morning, schools were in session… so we most def loved being a home school family that morning haha…

After the lake we enjoyed Caleb’s choice of lunch. Pizza and Soda (We rarely give the boys soda, so this is a treat when we allow them to choose the drink they want). We then sang Happy Birthday, had cake/ice-cream and opened gifts.

For dinner we went to a local mexican place Caleb loves. Stayed out til like 9pm. Stayed up til 11pm watching movies.

Birthday success. :)

Below are a few more memories from the day…











My adorable parents. They celebrate 35 years in Sept!












Trip to Riverbank Zoo

Love these #aquarium pockets #columbiazooLast Thursday we got to go to the Columbia Zoo. Its also called Riverbank Zoo. It is a 140 acre zoo here in South Carolina… and I must say, It was very nice. We had a membership to the Atlanta Zoo last year and the Riverbank Zoo has it beat. It had a good number of indoor facilities too around the park, so if you got hot, you could regroup inside. The Penguin exhibit I think was our boys favorite. It was either that or the Giraffes. Although the aquarium they had was very nice as well.

A church member gave us free passes to go. My parents even drove up to visit and came with us. So it was a nice treat.

I do believe we will go back and purchase the membership for the year. It was most def. a place I could see going lots with the boys.

I didn’t take my camera with me… but I did take my iphone… so below are a few memories from the trip. :)



I am not sure Reed liked the Croc.




He love the #giraffes - so friendly! #columbiazoo

The bears were so cute taking a bath.


The boys got a kick out of the turtles fighting over a flower.



Since we got in for free, we treated the boys to “1” activity. Older two picked rock climbing. Younger to, Carousel.

Untitled Untitled

& to end, we saw the Apes. So cool! Taites remark when we left “Mom did you see that one Ape eat his booger?” Boys :)

Their communicating. ? #columbiazoo #gorilla

Things to learn about farm life :) – Update on House

Since moving to this beautiful farm. Things I have learned very quickly.

ED9A2899There are a lot more bugs here than in the city. While we still saw roaches, crickets, spiders and ants in the city… it just wasn’t as many. Maybe having pest control people spray, really does help… :-D Either way, lots of bugs here! When you need to go fishing. Set a wheel barrel upside down and you have a huge supply of black crickets at your disposal. Leave food out, within seconds, lots and lots of ants.

One way I have repelled ants naturally while living here too, is to use Cinnamon Bark Oil and Peppermint Oil. I put it into a spray bottle with some water, shake it well and spray it around any cracks and areas ants may be coming in. The first few nights here we had issues with small black ants getting into the kids beds. Yup… They weren’t biting but they did wake you. The Cinnamon and Peppermint spray did wonders. So I do recommend that. Smells good too!

For those scared away by the huge price tag on the Cinnamon Bark. Do know that having that oil in your oil collection is worth it. I use it constantly! Its one of my go to to treat illness… and I use it in my immune strength blend I make for the kids. Because I own all the oils in the Immune Strength Oil Blend, I actually just make up my own now. Saves on cost I think. Plus I can add more or less of a certain oil depending on what I want.

ED9A2904Oh and for MOSQUITOES I am using THIS recipe. Oddly enough since living here we haven’t noticed many mosquito’s. Maybe they are to busy biting the horses to worry with us? :)

Another thing about the Country life I have learned… is that I am highly allergic to horses. Like for real allergic. Not just a small allergy. A, swell up, hives, close your throat up kind of allergy. The awesome guy who owns this land and horses, treated our boys to some horse back riding this weekend. These horses are POLICE TRAINED horses too. They’re amazing. The boys got to comb the horses… hear a little bit about their training… and then ride. I could tell pretty early on during the “barn” combing period… that my allergies were already beginning to flare up… but I figured it would be no big deal and Id be fine once I got home. Well, I decided to ride the horse for 2 minutes… and I guess that did it. Within minutes of leaving and getting home my upper lip swelled up like a balloon. Got hives all over it. My eyes swelled and got red and itchy… I then broke out in hives up and down my arms and legs!! and then my throat began to tighten. Making it hard to swallow. I was shocked at how bad I got and how fast it all happened. I took some medicine and it took a solid 3 hours before I started to feel better and the swelling went down.

So despite how beautiful horses are… I am going to keep my distance.

Another thing I have realized. My boys love dogs. This place is full of them! The owner has a former police German Shepherd named Bolow. (not sure on the spelling haha). He also has a Great pyrenees dog called Buzz. He is HUGE!! There is also a lab (I forget her name). She is so sweet and will continue to bring you a tennis ball over… and over again until you play with her. Here is a photo of Owen playing with her.


The owner also has these two small poodles that chase our boys. They think its hilarious! So lots of furry friends out here to see. It kind of sort of makes me want a dog. However, I am allergic to them… so I’m not sure it work out. Travis really isn’t into the “hypoallergenic” dogs either. Im allergic to cats as well but Toby our cat doesn’t seem to agitate my allergies, as long as he doesn’t get in my face. So a dog may not be to bad. Still, in time. I defiantly am in no rush to own a dog.

I love the sights here… We are so thankful to have this quaint place to keep our family during this time of waiting.

It will be a place we will forever remember. Its been fun to build memories here.

Here are a few more photos from our horse riding adventure.




ED9A2930We also have met a new friend since living here.

A few days after being on the farm I got a phone call from a friend of ours back in Atlanta. She was actually a neighbor too! Lived in our neighborhood and went to church with us. She was a home school mom of 5 as well. Her kids were all much older than mine… but I liked that. Always nice to connect with moms who are a few years older who you can learn from. Any how, she called me up and told me her Niece just moved to the same town we just moved too! That her niece just had her 2nd baby girl and that we’d get along well. So she gave me her information and she gave her Niece my info. A few days later we connected, hung out at the pool and got to know each other. We discovered they are living in a neighborhood within walkin distance to the farm! In fact her backyard backs up to the farm! Crazy coincident huh? Her girls are adorable!!! We got to see them again Sunday morning at church and invited them out to the farm to see the horses as well. My boys got to ride her 17 mo. old little girl on the horses and I must say, it made me want a 5th baby haha… was very sweet to see.

Its really cool how God brings people into your life in such a cool way. This family also CAME from the same city in Atlanta, Woodstock, that we came from. So they are familiar with our former life there…They even attended the same church we went to while there… we just never ran into each other.

We are excited to get to know them better.





Now… Update on the house we are buying.

We had the inspection done… and it came back with some pretty big issues. 1. Termites. There were some in the front den, which had caused some rot problems in the sub floor. So the subfloor and a portion of the hard wood floors in that room have to be replaced. When we heard this, we kind of expected they’d say no to the repair and re-list house for more, fix the floors and hope to make more money off the sale… we offered 10K less than asking.. so we just weren’t sure what to expect.

There were a few other issues that needed attention… over all they’ll prob spend 3-6K fixing these problems. Roughly. We wrote up the addendum with the realtor and sent it over to the sellers agent. To our surprise they agreed to fix EVERYTHING we asked for. So that is going to be happening the next few weeks… and if all goes as planned we close on August 17th.

I have had some wavering back and forth. Wondering if we got the right house… doubting… dwelling on “what ifs” and worrying myself to death about it! Buying a house is a big deal… and when we went looking for a home I so desired one really close to the church. Since that is what we knew prior in ministry. We always lived very close. However, after looking at 30 some homes, we just realized that may not happen this time… The house we found is 16 minutes from the church. We timed it last night :) – so it really isnt THAT FAR… even tho it kind of feels like it right now. It isn’t next door… its not within walking distance… but its close enough. We also will be in a great neighborhood with beautiful large oak trees and shade. The yard is almost an acre… shaded… with grass and woods for the boys to play around. A beautiful wrap around porch… and lots of charm. Its also on a very large and nice cul-de-sac!

So it is a great home.

… and I’m having to trust the Father that if this isn’t meant to be, it wont happen… and who knows, it may happen… and we may move in 3 years to a closer house. I’m going to try really hard not to live in the “what may come” limbo phase tho… and hope that once we move in there, I can make it our own and plant some roots.

I think our history of moves has made this very hard… but it is something I greatly desire.