Unashamed confession. I have a TON of cloth diapers… yet have barely used them with baby Reed… I had full intentions of cloth diapering my 4th… like I did my 3rd and 2nd. One thing you come to realize though is, you can’t do it all. With an over flow of boy clothing always needing […]

Strive to Cloth Better

As you all know I cloth diaper. I started this with my 2nd son and continued it now with my 3rd. I love it. MOST of the time :) However I will admit this time around it has been harder. Im working a lot more, home schooling now and just really behind on house work […]

Signs of Cloth

For about 2-3 weeks I got out of the cloth diaper routine with Owen. He caught a stomach bug somewhere along the line and it left him with horrible runny diapers for a solid 2 weeks. I think that bug on top of cutting 4 teeth at once, was just poop overload.. and I honestly […]

Is it worth it?

As you all may already know, I cloth diaper. I started cloth diapering with my 2nd son Taite when he was about 4 months old. One day while browsing the internet I came across some cloth diaper sites… and the look of them just really appealed to me. I mean lets be honest, they are […]