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Unashamed confession.

I have a TON of cloth diapers… yet have barely used them with baby Reed…


I had full intentions of cloth diapering my 4th… like I did my 3rd and 2nd.
One thing you come to realize though is, you can’t do it all.

With an over flow of boy clothing always needing washing. Bed Wetters (oh man don’t even get me started on this!) – can we say “changing sheets on a bunk bed is torture?!” – add to the load, school work, photography, cooking… the thought of washing one more load of laundry, dunking diapers to rinse of poo and storing smelly buckets around the house, was not high on my list.

You learn to let things go with the 4th… I suppose after the 2nd really, you learn to let things go… but most def. the 4th, makes you do it even more.

I wanted to cloth diaper. What was more important to me though was my sanity :) – not keeping up appearances with all the crunchy peeps in the world… Being ok with the fact that not all diapers are created equally… but the kind I could just toss in the trash, sure made my life easier. So, I went with it. Guess what… Life was totally fine without Cloth Diapers :) – Baby Reed has no weird rashes with or without cloth… Reed pee’s and poops in either one just fine. I don’t worry any more about what a diaper might do laying beside his boy parts. I remember with my other 2 children I use to think putting a disposable diaper would make it so my child couldn’t pro-create LOL… and while there may be some truth to that… to worry yourself to death over a “maybe” just isn’t wise. No Cloth Diaper Hate here :) – just being honest.

Now that Reed is almost 2 though, I have taken up cloth diapering again
. My oldest turns 10 in August… and my other two have a bit more maturity on them as well… so I have been able to catch up (some what) with house hold task… Also Reed SLEEPS AMAZINGLY now… First 7 mo. of his life he was up every 2-3 hours. I truly thought I was about to loose my mind during that first year… Thankful he sleeps 12-15 hours at night now. Praise GOD!!! Sleep is a must for me :) – With money tight though… The Cloth Diapering has begun again. One thing that is true about Cloth Diapering. IT SAVES MONEY. Esp. if you re-use the same cloth diapers for more than one child. I have had these diapers since Taite. So while some are newer than others. Many of them I have are 7 years old!

Got to say…

It sure is cute….


So cheers to letting go… not expecting perfection… and learning to balance.

To those curious. The Diaper Reed has on is a BUM GENIUS from Cotton Babies. I have always used those diapers… and love them. They are expensive though. Thankful to have gotten many of my newer ones free years back… (just a lil perks of being a photographer… I photographed their diapers many years ago and got 25 free!!) – any how. So yea, they work well but there are def. cheaper alternatives out there. Kawaii Diapers I heard are great. Feel free to comment with your favs ;-)


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