DIY Camera Bag

A sweet friend of mine Shannon recently purchased a bag from one of my favorite stores (and hers) TJMaxx. She was wanting to find a bag that she could use to make into a camera bag. As a fashionable mom :) and aspiring photographer she wanted something that not only functioned well but was unique. […]

Sea Shell Magnets

The other day in science we were talking about the ocean. So what would be more fun than to take painted seashells and make them into magnets. I think the most enjoyable thing for my kids was using “Mommy’s special Gun” The “HOT GLUE GUN” that is :) – It btw is a low temp […]

Art Time

One of the things my boys always seem to look forward to during schooling is art :) – Despite Taite not being into coloring yet he does enjoy putting things together. Caleb has really budded into the whole expression of art and creating as well. The past 2 weeks we’ve been using egg-crates to create […]