DIY Goo-Gone

I had 4 sticky spots on my hardwood floors from some duck tape I had used to adhere a rug to the floor. Probably not the wisest form of adhesive haha… none the less, the rug is no longer there, which has left 4 nasty looking sticky spots on my floor, big ones. I was […]

Paleoooo, pamlico? whatever its called

Just wanted to thank those who commented on my instagram about my interest in the Paleo diet (err life style). Ive been doing some searching for some time now on ways to make our way of eating even better. We do eat mostly organic and stay away from processed food if we can help it. […]

Ignorance can be Bliss… or can it?

One thing that for some time I have heard about is the term GMO. I am sure many of you have heard this term as well. Here is a quick mini-over view of what it is…. My brother the other night sent me an article on GMO’s… and even though I knew GMO’s were a […]