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DIY 2 Ingredient Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner Spray

DIY 2 Ingredient Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner

I have been using this DIY all purpose cleaner spray for YEARS now. I believe close to 5 years now. It works wonderfully. It smells amazing. Cleans just as well as any store bought cleaner I’ve used. It is cheaper than any natural cleaner spray you can buy already made and its a lot better …

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Natural Skin Care Routine using Essential Oils

Natural Skin Care using Essentail Oils

For many many years now, I have realized that my skin is extremely sensitive. It has been an issue since I was a child… I use to have to do wet wrap treatments on my skin because my eczema was so horrible. I learned very quickly that things chemical filled and unnatural almost always flared …

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Essential Oil Storage Ideas for small spaces

Lots of great ideas on storing Essential Oils in small spaces. A must pin.

After a while if you grow to love Essential Oils, you will sooner than later have a rather large collection of small glass bottles laying around your home. You will realize, you need a place to store all those oils. Shoving them into a bottomless bag, while easy, isn’t usually ideal when it comes time …

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How to use Essential Oils during the Holidays

How to use Essential Oils during the Holidays

I for one am a HUGE fan of fall and the upcoming holiday months. I love so much about fall. The clothes, the open windows, camp fires with the boys, falling leaves, pumpkin patches, thanksgiving and so forth. I also love the SMELLS of the Holidays. Because Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) where I buy all …

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What Essential Oils do I need for my Kids?

A really simple guide to using Essential Oils with Kids.

When I started my journey with Essential Oils. One of the areas I wasn’t very confident in was what Essential Oils did I need for my kids? There are a bazillion articles out there on Essential Oils. Various companies. Lots of opinions. Books… blogs… youtube videos. Its truly information overload at times. I am still …