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It’s just a move.

IMG_0017copyMy parents who lived in Charlotte, NC… moved yesterday.

From my childhood home.

A house I spent from  age 3 or 4, to age 19 (when I got married).

A house where I sat as a child but also an adult, married, pregnant and with my children, throughout the years. Its the house my parents became grandparents in… and a home that holds so many childhood memories, all very vivid still today.

My parents are both retired now… and while I may not have understood their move completely… one thing I am realizing, is…

It’s just a move…

A hard one. For more than one person in this case… but a move.

As I thought yesterday of someone new moving into my old bed room… of new children exploring the back yard and creek… of different things up on the wall… and new smells and people entering those walls, parts of those thoughts, made me sad.

I think it should make anyone sad.

That is a lot to let go of…

As I sat yesterday, I looked around at my home. A beautiful 5 bedroom house that the Lord most obviously blessed us with… A home I wanted… and yet at times find myself discontent because of the unknown with Travis’ job. At times finding it hard to be, in the now… wondering when God might uproot us again.

IMG_9364copyIn our 1st 10 years of marriage we moved 8 times.


Twice before Caleb was born.

Twice in Ohio (so Twice before Taite was born)

Twice back in NC before Owen was born.

and Twice since being in GA.

We have had a new baby in every city we moved too. We joke if we move again God may give us more HAH!

My parents today will be moving into a rental, while they figure out what the next step is. They will reside in a new city… a little closer to us (but still a bit of a drive)… around new people… new stores… and new things to see. It will be new for them.

Different…. and unfamiliar.

I know from personal experience… you will have days where you miss the old days and the old house… I still have moments where I miss our small parsonage back in NC… as much as I hated the small kitchen it had for many years we lived in it… the memories it held when my first two children grew up in that home for 4 years…  will forever and always be special to me, regardless of how we left.

Life here on earth is temporary.

“We are here for only a moment,

visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us.

Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace.

- 1 Chronicles 29:!5


Some people stay planted for 25-40 years in one spot. Others like us, move every 2-4 years. It is just how it is.

One thing I am trying really hard to do though, is relish in the now… and remember that the walls around us, don’t matter in the end. Enjoy the memories… the pictures… and the move… one thing I always tell my boys when we move is… “To Consider it an Adventure!” :) – and always try to make it fun….

Vacation Stop 3 – My BFFS :)

I totally forgot to post photos from our 3rd stop on our trip last month!

Got to busy :) – our 3rd stop was to visit my best friend Shannon and her husband Stevie. Shannon and I met at a home school group years ago when I lived in NC. Yall who follow my blog know the story ;-) – so I wont revisit it with each visit to Shannons haha… but in short. Love her. Cannot imagine life without her. Shes a true blessing and I consider her family. Our children love her kids too! They miss them a lot. So any time we visit, it is bitter sweet.

Here are a few photos from the visit…

The Invasion of the house Begins :)



Pre-New Bathing suit. My bathingsuit was so droopy! >.<



These 2… <3






Shannon’s oldest. Hes so well behaved it will make you want to just take him home forever.


The Dudes


Shannon Dives


I pray for warmth





While in NC, we also got to see some old friends from the town we lived in. So good to see them all.
Our kids miss their kids and could not believe how big everyone had gotten.



We attempted a group photo of all the kids. Total fail ;-) but at least entertaining.


Vacation 2014 – The Wood Farm

On most of our vacations the last few years. We use a good majority of the time seeing Travis’ side of the family. From his dads home to our home… I believe is roughly a 8-9 hour drive, depending on traffic and stops. Its a ways to travel… and with his dad being a farmer, its hard for him to ever leave. So we make the trip most years and our boys enjoy life on the farm for a while ;-) – I think they are citified a bit, so it is an adjustment from life in Atlanta… however its so beautiful and they sure do love the freedom of riding a golf cart! Here a few photos from the stay.


No stay on a farm is complete without some trucks or legos.

ED9A1098 ED9A1110

The gross line down Reed’s bib was some sorta food. Gross.
He is going through a major drooling phase!


Travis and his sister Tracy. Tracy I believe is 10 years older than Travis.
I dont mean to out that as a way to say shes “older” :)
She though was like Travis’ 2nd mama.


Aren’t these onions beautiful?!


Golf Cart Love.


Flash Back time – This was last years visit.


Little old house on the farm. Its furnished inside 2.
Forgot to take a photo tho :-\ – but its so cute!



Reed had gotten his clothing messy… so diaper baby on the farm it was.


He didn’t seem to mind.


I was sad the blue berries weren’t ready.



View from the backside of the strawberry fields.


He knows hes cute.



& So skinny!!




Yea… we don’t get it either Owen :)


& at the end of most days. We just relaxed at his Dads house.
Chatted… and ate way to much food.



2014 Vacation – Day 1-3 – Creation Museum

ED9A1019-2Thought I would do these post in segments to help organize it a bit. We went out of town for almost 2 solid weeks… visiting Ohio to see the Creation Museum. Yes… its a long way to go… honestly not sure Id do it again haha… If we had a re-do Id prob. go to the beach or something instead… but our kids really wanted to go and since Kids are FREE all year right now, I figured this was the year to do it. Also the hotel we stayed at gave us two free adult passes (good for 2 days), so the entire visit to the museum was free. So you can’t beat that. Still, long drive. We headed that way 5pm on Sunday 2 weeks ago :) – after Travis got home from work. We arrive in Ohio at 1:30am!! ridiculous lol. We then had to make up a pack-n-play and then set up a sleeper sofa… as there was a bit of confusion with the hotel room situation. Lets just say the following day I felt like a mom with a newborn who needed sleep badly :) – we pressed on and saw part of the museum the 1st day… the rest the 2nd day. Truth be told. This museum is not meant for small kids. Its way to involved and if you go with kids under 7, you will miss a lot. Caleb was the only one really interested in reading during the museum… the other boys just wanted to rush through to see the dinosaurs. Its ok tho. We spent time together and had fun at the hotel pool, etc… Here are some photos…











We have no idea why Reed raises his hands during photos. Its so cute tho :)



He was a bit scared of the raptor :) – do you blame him?



I found the bug part of the museum fascinating. Although I hate bugs!



When I look at the bugs, I see so many amazing differences in them… such detail. God is so amazing. I have had a few people mention to me how they would never go to this museum because they do not believe in the “NEW EARTH” thing. Thats a huge debate right now. Is our world NEW or OLD… Has it been here for 1,000′s or millions? Its something believers and unbelievers constantly go at each other on… and honestly even Christians vs. Christians go at each other in regards to who is right and who is wrong….

My thoughts?

I think we serve an amazing God. A God who created each of us unique… A God who formed this world and every detail…. I do not believe we came from an explosion or evolved from apes or tiny cells. Got breathed into us life and I believe the Bible for exactly what it says.

I don’t know how old the earth is… but honestly I think so often believers get hung up on these facts and “things” that it does nothing more than cause divides. Im completely for educating one self… I for one am not smart enough to understand it all :) – I leave that for the PHD peeps and scholars who can grasp things I can’t. However… If my best friend believed the earth was a million years old and I believe it was 1,000′s of years old… it would be ok. As long as she had a belief in Christ… and who he was and what he did for us… and lived according to the scriptures… I could care less if she believe we lived in an OLD earth. I want my loved ones to know Christ. Not the age of our world…

Any how, thats my lil soap box.

Will post more vacation photos eventually :) Off to the pool now!

Snapping – New Church?

Its been a busy week snapping photos, organizing work… placing orders… keeping a home.
I try hard to balance my business and family life well. I have been in the place of taking on to much work and feeling burned out creatively…

I have been in the place where I can’t function as a mom because I am to preoccupied with my career. While at times it doesn’t feel like a career… more so a need… something I have to do to help make our bills… it really is a career and something I work hard at.


Thankful for the ability to have a flexible job.

With hours I choose.

I really have lots to be thankful for and being a photographer is one of those things I am thankful for.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday.

ED9A3545Today we have to attend a new church. Well, don’t HAVE too… but are having to choose to do so.

The current church we attend no longer offers evening worship. I remember when I was a Pastors Wife I very much disliked evening worship. Sounds terrible when I say it out loud :) – but after wednesday bible study, ladies bible study, church events on the weekend and normal church service/sunday school… the idea of one more service exhausted me. I don’t think evening worship is something every church should offer. Not having it opens the church up with the ability to reach out to their neighbors on a sunday evening more so than they would in church again. It gives leadership a break. There a pros to it.

For those however with jobs like my husbands. Jobs that you truly have no control over “having sunday off…” you depend on finding a church that offers those types of services. Travis will only have Sunday’s off every 6 mo. or so… So I guess the next month he will have Sundays off will be close to thanksgiving. :-\ – yeah, its a longggg while.

We debated for a while what to do. If I should just attend our current church with the boys and Travis do something else on his own… but we knew we had to do this together. Worship as a family.

So tonight we attend a new church. With some friends actually… and you know, it will be ok.


We will miss our Pastor and the familiar feel to the church we have been at the last 2 1/2 years… but this is a season we are in and we have to do what is best for our family. I do hope to still be involved with our current church… helping when I can with photography and still being involved with our sunday school and friends there.

I think what makes this decision so hard though is the fact that our current church did so much for us. When our church back in NC kicked us to the curb, asking my husband to resign because he “wore jeans…” or “preached hard messages…” First Baptist Woodstock took us in, gave us a home… loved on us… and helped us heal. No matter where we move… where we go to church, First Baptist will always be a home to us and our family.