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Please don’t break

The other day while at a pet store… baby Reed was walking around being oh so cute… using and showing his very proud new walk off to all the on looking staff at the store. Most young girls in their late teens/early 20′s. As Reed walked back and forth he at one point stumbled and fell to his knees. Catching himself with his hands. As soon as he fell seriously all 3 of the women watching him gasped. Was like a chorus of singers hah. I on the other hand just looked at him as if nothing had happened.


It honestly is an acquired calmness.

I use to gasp.

I still do “some.”

More often than not I cringe just a little bit inside. Especially if it really is a moment where a gasp probably was called for.

ED9A9828After 4 boys… countless ER visits… many moments where I wipe, squeeze, bandage and soothe boo boos, cuts, splinters, scrapes, bruises, sores, bites, knots, gashes… yea… you get the idea. After LOTS of those moments, you have 2 options. 1) Stress out and loose your mind worrying about your children’s ability to constantly injure themselves… or 2) Pray God’s royal protection over them and gasp internally a wee bit inbetween. :-D

Our Trampoline we’ve had for about 4 years now is falling a part a bit. Our boys seriously have jumped on it every day as long as weather allows it since we got the thing. It is so well used, its paid for itself 10x. The net it had was falling apart though :-\ – ripped in areas, the bars were bending in spots… and it just was a mess. SOOOOOO My husband took it down. I cringed at the thought of them jumping without that net… but then I remember how often my brother and I jumped on a trampoline just like it, with no net… and never once did we get hurt. At least not to badly. If I had to choose though, I would choose a netted trampoline… and it may stress me out so bad that we purchase a replacement net :) – for now, we have no extra cash… and this will have to do.

So far, no injuries. Praying none come.


The boys have told us they prefer it without the net :) – of course.

Reed for the 1st time actually enjoyed some time on it too. He I can tell is going to be one brave little dude.




& yes, as I have explained on facebook & instagram… we do jump in our pajamas. In fact if you look closely…

Caleb’s socks don’t match.

Reed is wearing Owen’s sweat shirt (2 sizes to big)

Taite is wearing MY polkadot socks.

Owen is in footie jams…

Oh yes. Life with 4.

Life home schooling.

Life with laundry behind schedule (understatement).

Life working and being a mom.

Life relaxed.

I honestly don’t give a rip that my kids aren’t dressed to impressed most days ;-) – im just thankful as long as they are fairly clean and don’t smell. :-D

Photoshopping Faces

This week has been so heavy for us… I had to blog something fun. Well fun to me :)
The morning we took these photos *below), things were “okay” – Reed was the only one with stomach issues at this point… no one else had been sick, so we were for sure we were in the clear. Esp since it had been 2 days since Reed threw up.


That night Taite threw up.

The next morning Owen.

The next night Travis.

Then Caleb…

… and in between all this Reed has had MAJOR diaper issues :( – not cool..

I have some how avoided this bug so far…

Ive been drinking TONS of water kefir…

Lathering myself in Essential oils…

Taking supplements from Native American Nutritional’s. Which is where I get my oils. More to come on that later btw… hope to have some discounts for everyone! They have been the most amazing company. Thankful I found them.

and washing my hands NON STOP…. SO much so my hands are actually cracked and bleeding in spots…

Still, I am thankful we were able to snag some family photos prior to the chaos of it all… and these will be photos I cherish.

First I will post the photoshop fun ;-) – and then below those ill post a few more photos from the session.

These photos btw we took at like 9:30am before the snow began to rapidly melt. I asked my neighbor to be my living tripod. I pre-set the cam and she did great. SO thankful she was willing ;-) – the boys did well too… although like any family with lots of little ones… snagging the perfect family portrait is not always something you can capture without a little help… Sometimes you can get it without doing this, however in this particular case, photoshop came in handy :)

Here is the original photo:

Take Notice of all my kids faces :)


Here is my 2nd edit:

ED9A9468 copy

As I looked at the 2nd edit, I realized Owen looked a bit strange.
The original photo he was straining his neck… so it looked kinda skinny…
I had photoshopped his head off of a “single shot” of him that will be posted below…

I decided to photoshop his head/neck and hair off of another shot and it worked better.

So here is my final edit:

To the untrained eye, you wouldn’t be able to tell. At least I don’t think ;-)

ED9A9468 copy22

Not to shappy huh? Oh how fun it is to own photoshop. Btw, if you don’t want to fork out a lot for photoshop CS, the more professional version. DONT. I edited every one of these in Photoshop Elements 9.0 – way more affordable. In fact you can find old versions of photoshop elements super cheap on ebay. I highly recommend it.

WHY admit this?

BECAUSE. :) ITS REALITY. I tell many of my clients, the perfect family portrait doesnt always come naturally hah!!! the best ones honestly are the in-between moments you don’t meant to even capture. I don’t want moms out there to think I have these perfect kids who smile perfectly in every photo to feel discouraged about their own kids. This is my evidence perfection isn’t always the case ;-) – but I am thankful for resources to make changes if I feel the need for it, hehe. My boys though, over all, despite missing the “shot” – did great this particular morning. They don’t fight me much when I request their cuteness for a portrait. They know it makes for a happier mommy in the end if they do well and obey.

Now onto the rest of the family shots I snagged.

Thank you Victoria btw for taking the above shot! I truly am happy with it, even if my kids faces didnt all work at once ;-D

The shot btw with all the boys lined up didn’t have any photoshopping done. :)







& for curiosity sake, these photos were taken about 25 feet in our backyard, by the bushes near the trampoline :)

The view from my kitchen window today. Ooooo so pretty. The snow hides all the kids toys in the yard!

Outfits btw. Not perfect… but work. I have really begun to examine our clothing situation. We are blessed y’all. I mean seriously, we have more clothes than we know what to do with! People have given us so many boy clothing items its probably a sin if you think about it. We have so much and others have so little. This week we got rid of a TON. I still have the bags of clothes btw, if anyone local wants to go through them. Mostly boys 3/4/5T and 6/7. A few 6-12mo. stuff will be in the bags too. Less is more IMO… and buying new rarely happens now. Im huge on thrifting. Reed’s shoes cost me $1.25. Caleb’s shirt was $2.95. Taites was given to us by someone years ago, for Caleb. Owen’s was from my mom as a gift. Reed’s, no idea where it came from but we did not buy it. His scarf, my mom made. My entire out fit was so cheap. My tops were under $1.00 each, including the belt. My jeans were from TJMaxx, I think I paid $6.50? Off season of course. My leggings were $5.00, from years back, my boots were $19.00 from a few years ago too (To pay that much for shoes is a splurge for me. I loved them to much not to buy them, they seriously are my fav shoes. I wear them almost every day, so comfortable! From RUE 21). Travis’ stuff to was very inexpensive and was something we had already. His sports coat we paid $2.00 for at a thrift shop in NC years ago.

My point. THRIFT :) – reuse. Make what you have work. Doesn’t take a fortune to make something look good and go. I put all of this together in under 10 minutes that morning. I love how it turned out!

A much needed update

Its a miracle.

It snowed today in Atlanta :)

Well not really a miracle and honestly a bit of a let down. We were suppose to get like 2 inches of snow and we got a dusting. None the less my boys were so excited to see flakes floating in the air :) and played in them for a good while. I was busy with Reed so I sadly did not get photos of their giggles, but it was cute to see.

… but no the miracle is that both my younger dudes are down for naps… Owen who will be 4 in March has been protesting naps for months… some days he gets them but most days he does not. Today he is… for that I am thankful :) – my older two are sitting alone in the school room (within hearing distance of where I sit), doing home work and afterwards they have a list of chores to complete. So while they work, I thought I would write a quick family update.

I have been a bit vague in my writings lately… and honestly neglectful of my blog… which is fine. Seasons come and go and there is a season for a slow blog. It go so slow this time I debated stopping my blog… but I get such encouragement to continue from people around the globe (so awesome!) that I stick with it for them but also for myself… its good therapy :)

Many of you may have caught snippets here and there of my mentioning us having to move again.

Lets count these moves up.

IMG_9218copyMove #1 - Got Married… Moved into Seminary housing while my husband finished his Masters. My husband also served part time as a Youth Pastor during this time period at his home church. (2003)

Move #2 – 8 1/2 months pregnant we moved from Seminary housing, to a little country house near Travis’ dad. We had to move because he had graduated and we could no longer continue to live in the apartment we were in, unless he continued in school there. The timing of this wasn’t great, I hated moving that pregnant. (2004)

Move #3 - My husband got a job in NE Ohio, a town called Bellevue, OHIO. His 1st full time Youth Pastor job. We at this time had our 1st born Caleb who was 4 months old when we moved. (2005)

Move #4 – While in Ohio we lived in a tiny apartment, two bedroom. We didn’t care for it because it was so small… and began looking for something a little larger. We found a rental in the same town and decided to move there… the timing was good too because shortly after that move I got pregnant with Taite. (2006)

Move #5 - We left Ohio after 2 years serving… and moved in with my parents in NC. We had no job at that point, so we had no other option but to live with family. This move happened when Taite our 2nd born was 2 months old. (2007)

Move #6
- Travis got hired as the full time Pastor at a church in Northeast North Carolina. So we moved into a parsonage they provided.(2007)

Move #7 - My husband was asked to resign from his job at this church… for those who do not know the history… you can his RESIGNATION letter HERE. A post on God’s perfect Plan for us, regardless of the hardships. What City of Refuge was to us… and I think that should kinda catch you up ;-) – with that resignation we moved into a home provided by a church near Atlanta, GA… by far one of the most beautiful homes we’ve ever lived in. We were so blessed. (2011)

Move #8 - We graduated the City of Refuge program… which meant we had to move from our COR home. So we packed things up… and purchased our very first house! You can read about THAT purchase here and how God’s hand was in it without a doubt! (2013) We know that when the time comes for us to move again, this house will sell like hot cakes! It seriously is an amazing home that God truly blessed us with.

So in 10 years we have moved 8 times, although I thought it was 9, so my math was off there ;-) – and we’ve had 4 babies, 3 ministry positions and now my husband is serving as a Cop. Its been a lot of change to put it lightly.

When my husband got the job as a cop, it was something he felt he was suppose to do.. and at the time, he wasn’t sure if it was long term or short term. He just knew he needed to provide for his family during this time… and going back into full time ministry was not going to happen. When you get fired from a church, you don’t bounce right back. At least we didn’t… getting a secular aka normal type job was what we needed to do for this season.

Now that he is a cop…. and we are out of the city of refuge program… we are realizing, both of us, that this is not what God has called us to do. My husband was called to Preach. He has a gift in it. Back before he even married me he pre-enlisted in the Marines to RUN from that call… because he did not want to Pastor. It is not an “easy” calling… He has a great gift in teaching and I know God has plans for him in ministry and our family.

Right now my husband is looking for a full time position in a church. More than likely as a Pastor again… but it may not be a Senior Pastor. We just don’t know. His resume is out… and now we are just waiting for God’s timing on this.

We know something will happen… we just don’t know when.

It could be in 3 months, it could be in 6. Who knows, it may be a year. We are trying to be content as we wait…

… but I won’t lie, Ive already begun to purge things we do not need… organize… and prepare my mind for a possible move.

The thought of a move excites me but also saddens me.

Ive made great friends since moving here… my photography business is booming! I love the area… its the perfect blend of city life and country life. I love our church. I love the community around us…. but I know this isn’t long term…

SO move #9 is upon us.

One thing I am praying for in the mean time is for a place to go that will last a while. While we seem to have gotten good at moving… I do desire to settle some… and to find a home we can raise our boys and give them the comfort of a place that last more than a few years. While I realize this is not our final home… I don’t think its wrong to desire “a home” in the midst of life here on earth.

Hopefully all this made sense :)

I am off to tackle our laundry now… before Reed wakes. Our kitchen table has turned into laundry central. I posted this photo on instagram earlier today showing it. Follow me @dreawood ;-)


Im glad we have a full bar area in our kitchen area to use to eat at in the mean time… our kitchen table has been like this for a solid week HAH!! It’ll get done today though. Last two loads are drying/washing now.

Blessings! stay warm :)

DIY Chore Chart

With the new year comes a desire to really nail down on our boys a bit harder when it comes to their chore routine. We’ve always been the type to implement chores onto our boys… but its hard to keep up with it and manage them without a system. When children (esp boys) are young, its a constant “reminder” routine going on… day…after day… after day. I often times feel like we do no good at all telling our boys to do something, because seconds later they forget what they were doing. Maybe this is a DUDE thing… because I see this in my husband too. HAH…

ED9A6701So something visual and simple for the boys to read and use was an idea I was willing to try.

I found this idea on Pinterest – looked inexpensive and doable… so I had at it.
I think the total cost does end up costing around $15.00 though, just as an FYI. I will try to jot down the cost below for what you need to make these.

Tools needed:

- Dollar Tree Small Baking Sheets – $4.00 (for all 4)
- Ribbon (you may have this on hand, if not the Dollar tree has it)
- Scrapbook Paper – $.29 cent – $5.00 *depending on what you buy*
(I had none… so I purchased a fun book of it with like 100 pages for $5.00 – I think at Michael’s you can purchase the sheets for .29 cents each, so that would be a great and cheaper alternative than what I chose… I liked the paper though and thought it be handy to have on hand for crafts throughout the year.)
- Round Plain Magnets - 50 Pack – $4.95 – from Walmart in craft section (Dollar Tree had none)
- Adhesive Glue - $2.00 Walmart Craft Section
- Sharpies - Dollar Tree had a fun multi pack full of lots of colors – $1.00
- A drill (which we had – to create holes in baking sheets)
- Ruler (which we had)
- Laminator (which we had)
- Card Stock and a Printer (which we had)
- Command Strips (if you don’t want to use nails to hang these.)


I created little labels using Microsoft Word on our school computer. With a list of chores for the boys. I printed them on card stock and then laminated them. I then just cut them out (they are pretty small, id say 1/2 inch – 1 inch in size.

I then took the adhesive glue and glued the labels onto the magnets I bought. They took like 5-10 minutes to dry, while they dried I did the rest of the project.

I had my husband drill holes into the baking sheet (two holes at the top for the ribbon to hang)


I then took the scrap book paper and wrote the boys names on it, as well as the “to do” and “done” portion on the paper. You just use a ruler to section this off evenly. I used a sharpie to write the names on with. I then Laminated them. The laminator sheets I had were 8×11 though and the paper I used was like 8×15 – so I just laminated it twice, flipping the paper, so it cover the entire sheet used. Hope that makes sense :) Then I just punched 2 holes into that paper and used the adhesive glue to place the paper onto the baking sheet. Allowed to dry.

Hang them with the ribbon tied into a bow… and you are done!

So far it works well :)

Also for those curious on chores we have on the board here is a list.

- Take out Trash (from inside of house to garbage can by garage)
- Clean Bedroom
- Pick up Dirty Clothes
- Put away Clothes
- Take Clothes out of Dryer
- Do Laundry
- Bring down Dirty Clothes
- Clean Reed’s Room
- Pick up Livingroom
- Pick up Playroom
- Clean up Schoolroom
- Change Toby’s Litter (our cat)
- Feed Toby
- Feed Bella (our bird)
- Clean Bella’s Cage
- Sweep
- Swiffer
- Get Mail
- Clean out Bathroom Sink
- Clean Toilets
- Empty Trashcan’s upstairs
- Pick up Toys
- Make Bed
- Put away Dishes
- Wash Dishes
- Take out Recycling
- Put Trashcan’s at Road (for trash day – which is Friday)

and I think that is it :)

The older two do most of all of those … Owen who is still 3 pretty much just does the following:
(Owen’s labels btw have PHOTO images to help him know what to do, since he doesn’t read yet.)

ED9A6704- Pick up Room
- Pick up Toys
- Make Bed
- Put Clothes Away
- Pick up Dirty Clothes (this is for when they leave clothing out on the stairs, etc..)

They do not do these EVERY DAY… some they do, bed room, picking up toys, that kinda thing… others like clean toilets may just be once a week, change the litter box, once a week (we have an amazing litter box that self cleans, so you just have to empty the “poo drawer” it has on it, so nice and easy – love it!).

It is defiantly something we are realizing takes lots of reinforcing… trying hard to set some strict rules to keep these task completed and to get to the point where we don’t have to harper the kids to do them…

Our boys do get allowance every week… which is half their age.

SO Caleb gets $4.00 a week, etc..etc…

We have taught the boys how to split what they are given into 3 jars. Giving, savings and spending. This way they boys learn the importance of saving money, giving their tithe or to others and then having a lil play money as well.

All this being said. I will not lie in being honest that the last few weeks, months really have been hard for us. We feel as if we are battling a constant never ending war with our children… and part of us feels very defeated and overwhelmed when it comes to what we have to do each day with them… We have no breaks and it is hard.

I have debated public school A LOT the last few weeks.
With a more than likely upcoming move this spring/summer… I’m not sure that is the best move right now… although if I knew we’d be here til the winter, I may put them in public school… cause both Travis and I are worn out. His job is so demanding and my working as well is putting a strain on our family. It is something I know if it were long term, we would not continue to home school, because neither of us can keep up with it.

Home schooling is very rewarding… but when seasons come that require you to pour elsewhere, committing to schooling your children is very difficult to put it lightly.

I know what will help though is structure… and this chore chart is just one step I’m taking to help with that…

Any who! hope this encourages and makes sense. Forgive the lack of blogging. Its not high on my priority list right now… but had a few moments to do it today :) – Oh and since we are showing stuff on our walls, had to share this new canvas’ and cute piece of art my friend Coleen gave me. I love both!



Most bloggers do their “christmas” rants before Christmas. I think I am the type to do it after… maybe because this season seemed oddly busy and I truly had no time to write. In this post ill throw in Christmas photos throughout, just to spread them out some ;-)


*The boys stockings btw, small snippet on those. I purchased the two BLUE pottery barn stockings years ago on sale for like $7.99! They only had two designs though, so I opted to just get two that year, thinking the next year they’d have a new design. WELL, since then I have yet to be able to find the blue ones :( – so Caleb and Reed are using my old stocking and a stocking my mom made. Which works… but I did still want Caleb and Reed to have a stocking with their name on it to match… so this year I found the same design but in red. So I got those coming, got them after Christmas too marked down. I am not really into monogramming much, just not my thing… but stocking to me do look very cute with the child’s name on it… SO yea, thats just my lil spill on our stockings and why two have names and two don’t. Oh and yes, thats cash in the stockings. My dad gave me some dollars to put in there for them. So I listened and obeyed ;-) *

ok…. back to the post ;-)

ED9A6439So! Christmas has come and gone, to a degree – my parents arrive tomorrow… so the boys will get to experience the fun of grandparents coming with gifts – but for the most part, our Christmas is wrapping up… Ive actually taken down some decorations… I am the type who enjoys cleaning the Christmas stuff out fast… while I love it when it goes up… by the end of Dec. I am ready to see it go. That is exactly why you will never, EVER see me put up a tree before thanksgiving ;-) – id be so sick of it. I think this has something to do with my OCD side.

This Christmas we scaled down a bit…. For the last 2 years we were being poured into by our church family… the 1st Christmas in Georgia my husband had no job… our church basically paid for our Christmas. So amazing and such a surprise. We didnt ask or expect it. 2nd Christmas here, same thing… even though my husband now had a new job (although not a great paying one), the church blessed us beyond belief with an amazing offering of love, that we were able to use to bless our kids again… and honestly we had a lot left to help pay for groceries that entire month.

I think the out pouring of their love, made us want to just love on our kids heavily those two years, and I think we went a bit overboard ;-) – which had its season I suppose? haha.. I’m justifying our big Christmas’ those two years. None the less, we knew we had to stop doing that much.. we knew our kids were getting to the age where showering them with a mass amount of gifts would in our view, send the wrong message, as to what Christmas truly was about.

As a believer, you all know where I stand. As cheesy as the saying can get, Jesus is the reason for the season… and we want our boys to know and understand that fully.



Which is why we choose not to do Santa…. not because we think he is evil… I grew up with Santa :) and obviously turned out just fine. We just came to the decision that it was a distraction for our children and neither of us felt right telling our children he was real, when he really wasn’t.

SO our boys know WHO Santa is. They know all about St. Nic :) – we have our own fun Christmas Traditions. We do still do stockings (can’t help it, I love how they look hanging up.) We also chose This year we also made the decision to only do THREE Gifts per kid… kinda goes in line with “Baby Jesus only got 3 gifts, then again he wasn’t a BABY by the time the wise men got to him ;-) – an more than likely it wasn’t CHRISTMAS then, but you get the point…that in itself is a blog post…” We also did stocking stuffers… but they are small gifts, so I don’t include those in the “3 gift rule…”

I thought Id list out the gifts our boys got, for those curious :)
[this may give other moms ideas for future gifts? It is in no way meant to show off, brag, etc... although I don't find this as being showy at all... but it never fails, someone reading this will ultimately think something negative, it is what it is :)]

Caleb (who is 9)


1. A Bearded Dragon (we had the tank, so thankfully did not have to purchase that. I got his bearded dragon on sale for $29.99 – typically these range from $75-150.00!) – His name is August and so far he is doing beautifully. Caleb ended up getting this gift early btw… after a week or more keeping him hidden in my closet, I gave up. I was scared Id kill the poor thing. He btw is so cool! With his dragon we did include the gear he would need to care for him…. heat lamp, bulbs, basking spot, that sorta thing. I think the total cost was around $85.00 once we added it all up… which I think is a great deal on an awesome pet he will have for a long time. Comment below btw if you want me to do a “how we care for his dragon” post ;-) – I will admit, I really like him, he’s very cool.


2. A book about weapons – He is into the history of them, loves reading about how they are made, etc… this book has amazing illustrations!

3. A Wooden Sword/Shield – From THIS ETSY Shop (cannot praise this guy enough, he did a great job! He painted and custom made the swords for the boys)

(We also threw in a Lord of the Ring small Lego set for Caleb (It was one of the 20 dollar sets) Since he didn’t have the Dragon to Open on Christmas Day, I wanted him to have that “3rd” gift experience… so I guess he got 4 gifts… but it was partly my fault he couldn’t get the bearded dude on Christmas Day… soooo yea, he got the lego set too.

Taite (who is 7)



1. A Walkie Talkie Set (which can be used with all the boys, its a very nice one, we didnt want something cheap that only last a year and we’d waste batteries on. This one has a charging station, so no need to buy batteries, ever. Also came with a head set, very cool and they have used it great so far. Oh! and its water proof. We didn’t want them dropping it in the creek by accident playing and breaking them. I think the mile range is like 29 miles!)

2. A Small Drill with screws and a hammer – I got this at Harbor Frate down the road, was $9.99 for the drill, 2 bucks for the hammer and like a $1.50 for the screws. Its the perfect size for him! He loves drilling things into piece of wood. Its cordless too and has a charging battery included.

3. Sword/Shield - Matches Caleb’s – from same shop.

Owen (who is 3 1/2)



1. His 1st big boy Bike - It was just a $50.00 one from Walmart, he picked it out – we kept it hidden at a neighbors.

2. Helmet

3. Sword/Shield Set

(Owen got a couple extra stocking stuffers, since the Helmet wasn’t the coolest gift to get, more of a “must” for a new bike rider. If you can’t tell from the photos though he was super stoked to have the new helmet. Wore it half the time he opened gifts.)

Baby Reed


He was SO SO SO CUTE, when he realized inside the paper was a toy. Priceless smile.





He only got 2 gifts ;-) – he didn’t even know what was going on… so why lavish him with all 3 just yet ;-D

1. A toy phone, he loves phones. – was one from walmart? I think 5-10 dollars? I honestly can’t remember what I paid.

2. A toy Police truck that makes sounds (he’s into buttons) – Tonka I think?

and, thats it ;)

Joint Gifts



- A $5.00 BIG WHEEL (Its a HUGE Big wheel, I can’t remember the name right off… its SOLID metal. I found it on amazon after finding it at a thrift shop. It was $250.00 new on amazon!!) – Our neighbors kept this hidden for us and even cleaned it up and blew up the front tire. SO nice of them. It works great. Has been a huge hit. Not to shabby for 5 bucks.

- Lord of the Rings Wii Game

- Some Bible DVD’s (we collect the NEST series for them, they love them – got them 3 combined to add to the collection they have already).

… and thats it.

All of the gifts I was able to pay for this year with my photography business. Our budget is tight… so so so thankful the Lord has provided a very busy season for me in my photography. I have been blessed with an amazing flow of steady clients. In fact I’m booked through January already and the inquires keep coming.

For my Christmas my husband blessed me with a fun pocked camera called a Canon G9. I linked him to some listings on Ebay for them… I wanted a pocket camera that was NICE and fulfilled my “professional side” without being to much gear to carry. While I love my professional Camera… what I do not like is lugging it around with 4 kids alone… it is worth more than my 1st car… the last thing I want to do is have a kid kick my diaper bag or step on it and break it… so I try to never use it for “personal use” outside of the home… unless its a “special event” or something. SO this G9 will do a little better than my iPhone ;-) – so far I love it. Here is a photo taken today actually while on a bike ride with the boys…


& He got me a Zyliss Garlic Press. Sounds lame, but its awesome!! can press the garlic with the peel on it. Used it tonight for the 1st time and can’t imagine pressing garlic without it :) – a great price for one that does such a good job too btw…

So to wrap this post up…

What I guess I’m trying to say is….

IMG_5707Despite no Santa.

Despite no Elf on the Shelf.

Despite some of our gifts being thrifted :)

Our boys had an amazing Christmas and I think got PLENTY of gifts.

They do not lack in anything they need… and I think our society we live in makes you feel guilty almost if you do not lavish your kids in gifts at Christmas time…. while there are seasons for this, I think to continually overload our children with so much they can’t even remember what they got… the whole idea of Christmas becomes a big distraction onto materialism…. and the whole purpose for it is forgotten…

I just want to encourage everyone to pray about Christmas when it rolls around… each families “gift amount” may not be the same as ours… and that is ok! Some may give much less… some may give much more. Some gifts may cost a lot – some may cost a little. We each have to decide what is right and the Holy Spirit I do believe will guide us and give us direction in that area…

Thankful for this Christmas… Thankful we had well kids, no fevers, no throwing up… and a husband who was able to get off from work for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. SUCH A BLESSING!! Last year he did not have that luxury …

Hope everyone else had an amazing Christmas!!

Oh and we do get the boys Jammies. One pair of these was thrifted btw ;-) – no shame.
The boys specifically asked me for FOOTIE Jammies… and have worn them every night since.