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Look back

I have a book I made after the 1st year we had here in Atlanta. A book I wanted to fill with memories of that 1st year… One my boys could look back (esp. the older two) and remember how God moved throughout a circumstance that was less than ideal at the moment. He knew what was to come though. He knew we needed that time to heal. To renew. To be poured into. These last 3+ years not being a Pastors wife have taught me a lot. From the moment I got married at 19 years old, I was put into a position where I had people looking up to me or watching me. I can’t say every moment of that was good.

I can see Gods hand without a doubt in pulling us from Ministry in 2011… and forcing us to focus on ourselves. To be in the congregation as a church member… and to see things from a different perspective. We not only were able to work on our marriage and family… but it also was a time used to heal friendships, inward battles… and insecurities. So thankful for City of Refuge. So thankful for the friendships we have built here in Atlanta.

Since I haven’t had a chance to take out my camera the last few weeks and capture moments around here… I thought some may enjoy this glimpse back in time a bit… to those 1st 12 mo. here in Georgia. Looking back on these photos I realize how quickly the time has gone. Thankful for the memories… and lessons throughout.















and to think… that was just the 1st year.

The second year here, the Lord blessed us with this cute little knot.





Even throughout that very difficult pregnancy… and hard adjustment from 3 kids to 4.. I saw the Lord at work. Our family… and this journey is so full of awesome testimony and Gods hand on our family. We are so thankful… and blessed.

I look forward to documenting this upcoming move. I have a few jobs to finish for Boba. A newborn session next week… and we have an obvious big job ahead of packing up a house with four kids in it. So taking out my camera to capture the boys among all of this, isnt high on my list :) – but I will try harder to be intentional about that once things get finalized a bit.

We did make an offer on a house this week… but it was countered with a higher price tag… and we decided it wasn’t for us. We wanted it to work because we didn’t want to have to move to a rental, then move again (That make move 10!)… but I also know that when the time is right, God will open a door to the perfect house for us and our family.

So our next move wont be the last it seems ;-) – but hopefully the 10th move will be within the same town haha.. and we will plant some actual roots. I look forward to building community with the church we will serve at… and getting into the routine living in a new town. Thanks for all the prayers… and don’t forget you can keep up with our daily adventures over on my instagram @dreawood

Inside our home

Well we had photos taken by the photographer our agent provided. He came today around 10:30am. He had a nice 10mm wide angle lens, which will give the buyer a much wider view of our rooms. My lens is only a 28mm. So its not as wide a view. I did however take photos ofContinue Reading

Packing away

Its been a busy week full of packing, moving furniture and prepping for the listing of our home. A home I must admit, I do not look forward to selling. To those unfamiliar with our journey to this home, you can read this old post. While I do look forward to Travis not being aContinue Reading

Trip to the Farm

Trip to the Farm

I still haven’t decided if im keeping this blog or relocating to “Grace for that“… but since I don’t know what I will do yet, I figured Id post this post here for the time being :) – do check out and comment, let me know what you think. Yay or nay on theContinue Reading

Rest of our Easter 2015 Pics :)

Rest of our Easter 2015 Pics :)

I totally meant to post these already… but im behind. Here are the rest of our Easter photos. We celebrated Easter with our old neighbors (who we lived beside for two years while in our City of Refuge Home). We have spent I believe every Easter with them since we moved here in 2011. ItsContinue Reading

Egg Decorating

Egg Decorating

I thought I would break these post up a bit… since I took a lot of photos. We decorated some Easter Eggs a few days before Easter with the boys. I haven’t really talked about Easter Bunny traditions on the blog before. At least I don’t think… but for those curious, we do not reallyContinue Reading



Just a couple scriptures that have spoken to me lately. Thought Id share with those who don’t have instagram :) Those btw were made with the new IMAGE option in the Bible App. Its fun to create and free! & to end, a few grams from our weekend…. Our cat lives on the wild side.Continue Reading

Encouraging the Moms

Encouraging the Moms

A few days ago I posted the images to the right on my instagram. It is an image of myself as a newborn in the hospital, shortly after my mom had me back in 1983. That is me in the first container crib. :) When I look at this image the first thing that comesContinue Reading

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow days in the south are so different than snow days in the north. After two years in Northern Ohio. I learned the difference pretty quick :) I did learn to drive in it better…. … and after a few years in Atlanta, I realized when it snows, its all good and fine, as longContinue Reading

Social Media Heaviness

Social Media Heaviness

Do you ever have those days when you read something else, yet again that just makes you a bit heavy? From a news article. To a blog post. To a persons post on instagram or facebook. Something else that is laid in front of your face to read, that does nothing but cause worry, anxietyContinue Reading