Caleb turns 11

Today is Caleb’s 11th Birthday! To the day :) – This weekend we celebrated Caleb turning 11 with my parents and his brothers of course. All went well and Caleb had a great Birthday celebration. Despite my little guy growing leaps and bounds this year, one thing remains the same… He is one animated and […]

Wifi is on!

After a couple weeks without Wifi, I can honestly say, we are glad its back on. :-) While it is nice to disconnect… with a business… and little ones, it is nice to have a wifi signal. Not to mention we have used up an insane amount of data on our phones. Even just looking […]

Letting go

The last few weeks as you all know have been a little harder than normal. Lots of changes happeningā€¦ the natural trials with moving a family of 6, selling our first homeā€¦ and on top of it all sickness making its way through our family and then crippling myself for over a week. Not at […]