Being a mother of boys.


This week will be a little bit busy as the holidays approach…. but had to throw up this photo for memory sake. It was taken on my husbands 39th birthday this month (Dec 9th). I love how it came out. Even if it was taken with my iPhone. SO thankful for these guys… they bless […]

A blog written by a mom of four boys. :)

Band of Brothers

The other evening, I was watching a movie with my boys. As we watched my two youngest (Owen & Reed) crawled up on my side… Reed laying on my left… Owen in front. For a solid 25 minutes I was sandwiched between those two… and I just couldn’t help but think “One day, they wont […]

Caleb turns 11

Today is Caleb’s 11th Birthday! To the day :) – This weekend we celebrated Caleb turning 11 with my parents and his brothers of course. All went well and Caleb had a great Birthday celebration. Despite my little guy growing leaps and bounds this year, one thing remains the same… He is one animated and […]