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Vacation Day 3?

I think the breakdown of these vacation trip post isnt accurate, but none the less Im breaking them up by days ;-)
On this particular day we went to a nearby park to visit with our old time friends The Dews. We have known the Dew’s for our entire marriage and prior to that Travis went to school with Jamie. They were best friends for countless years.

Tara has 2 sets of twins. If you follow my blog you’ve heard me mention her before :) She use to blog but now is a private blogger… so not sure if I can share her blog address here, she can comment otherwise ;-) – Tara’s twins are Taite’s age (so 6) and Owen’s age (3). Both boy/girl sets.

We love being able to catch up on our trips back to NC! We do miss them greatly.










still traveling :)

ED9A4156we are still traveling! i am making do with my iphone/ipad mostly, to keep up with business emails if need be… but today while reed napped and the other boys went with travis/grand-daddy and aunt tracy out and about… i used the free time to play catch up on my mini laptop – which has a sticky shift key! forgive the no caps.

the traveling has been so so…

i will not lie, traveling with a 1 year old is not easy… reed has been extremely hard to deal with in regards to his sleeping and napping. he doesnt understand why he isnt able to nap in his “crib” – its confusing for babies… so we’ve had many restless nights dealing with him.

its worth to see family and friends… but i will be glad in the future when traveling is a little easier… the older 3 have done fabulous. at 3, 6 and 9, they are a lot easier to handle on this trip then ever before.

their favorite thing by far has been riding an electric scooter my dad got them to use at his house, playing with old legos my mom found in her attic (that were mine and my brothers), and then here on the farm driving the golf cart around. it is so cute to see. they literally drove it for hours yesterday and did not stop.

i dont have photoshop on this mini laptop so i wasnt able to “fine tune” my pics like i typically do… but thought it be fun to post a few highlights so far :)

my mom with reed on her front porch :) – so sweet

reed in my parents front yard, his 3 strands of hair cracks me up.


taite on the scooter :)


the boys piled up in my moms craft room. she had 3 beds shoved in there for them :)


driving around the farm


cousin sandy taking care of reed. he loves her!




reed actually napping for once :) – shoved in grand-daddys office


next stop – a visit with our friends in wake forest, the dews! then we head to my friend shannons area and will get to see aliesha there too, and her new baby boy jude.

You know your done when…

Today was one of those days that will put your motherhood to the test. While the 1st half went “fairly well” considering, it wasn’t without its moments.

I met up with a sweet friend today at the Atlanta Zoo. The weather… well, I wish I could say it was to my liking, but if im truly honest, it was not. Come on fall, just make it here and stay here, please… I was so hot the entire time… and definitely wore pants on the wrong day.

To add fuel to my motherly fire brewing, I am battling a 9 year old who seems to always think he is right, and a baby who refuses to sleep while out. Caleb is an amazing 9 year old but I am seeing glimpses of “those teen” years already and am unsure how to deal with them at times. While Reed wasn’t bad even without any nap, the tug and pull on me throughout the day did wear on me and by the time we left, I knew I was on the verge of one of those DONE moments in motherhood.

Yall know exactly what I am talking about… and if you do not you either dont have enough kids ;-) or you are in denial HAH!

… and like all hard days like this, it typically doesn’t get better until the day is done.

On my way home I got SO LOST. It took me way longer than it should have to get home… Reed only napped maybe 10 minutes in the van on the way home (despite not napping our entire day out)… because he didn’t nap on the way home he cried most of the trip home…. and then was a delirious tired baby when we got home.

… and…. then, comes the smothering moment of my day.

Our AC broke upstairs, and since fall seems to be in protest, it was 85 plus degrees upstairs… if not hotter… and so so so stuffy.

I attempted to put baby Reed down for bed but because it was so hot, I just laid him down with a diaper only.

Big mistake.

About 45 minutes later, after I had just gotten fans into all the windows upstairs, which was so difficult because our windows are apparently “not easy to roll up” – I then decide “I should check on Reed… just in case” – as soon as I open the door I get a whiff of POO. Like stinky poo smell, way to strong to be contained in a diaper.

Reed had poop all over him. Major blow out. Poop on his crib bumpers… poop on his pacifiers… poop on his back, shoulders, legs… um yes, a “I just cursed” moment and was completely and utterly done.

I strip his bed, give him a bath, re-make his bed… put him BACK to bed, drag poop laundry downstairs to my already filled laundry basket…

… and then begins the process of bringing my children in from the creek, who once in begin to bicker about something completely pointless….

Then to end, Owen pulls Caleb’s hair – for what reason I am not sure.

… and I was done, like forreal done. The type of done that makes you the scary dragon lady done. The kind of done where your kids stare at you in either a very scared, sad or confused moment… as to why their mom seems to have totally lost it.

… yeah, that kind of done.

They are in bed now.

For that I am thankful.

I am thankful they are safe… and despite boo boos, getting lost, poop all over the place, a COLD SORE in my mouth (did I forget to mention that?), a weight of “chores” left to do, but a severe “lack of desire” to attempt any of them today or tomorrow… leaves me feeling defeated and tipped over.

Motherhood can I tell you, if you haven’t realized, IS VERY HARD. There are days you want nothing more than to get in your car, drive very far, get a big glass of wine, lay in a crisp cool hotel bed some where for days and shop alone, eating whatever food you want. Or maybe thats just me?

… but I will say, the good days do outweigh these DONE days… but if I was the type to only post the “good” – I think that leave others feeling less than and alone.

Motherhood is a joy… and something I feel privilege, scared, unqualified and thankful all at once to be doing.

When I write post like this I want people to feel connected and see my candidness in it all. I don’t want anyone to think I am ungrateful for my boys… that is as far from the truth as can be. One thing I am learning is that to pretend we have it all together is a lie… and while there are things I said today and ways I acted that were not right and I will end up having to apologize for in the morning when my mind is rested…. I dont want to hide “the bumps” along the way, just so I look good.

Our trip to the Zoo was an adventure and I am thankful I got to spend some time with a dear friend.

Even if the rest of the day royally wore me out, I can see the blessings in the moments in between.

To end… some sweet moments from our day….




Reed and baby Heaven (1 day apart)


They were 2 cute together.


She had a lot more hair ;-)


He was in awe at her ability to walk.


and would not stop gnawing on mulch.


Lets count…


Yup between us we have 7 boys and 1 girl :)


Heaven and Reed chilled in the stroller A LOT – we tried doping them up with milk.


and… then we climbed walls, well they did. Although I felt like climbing one ;-)



Candra treated the boys to the rock climbing, merry go round and train. They were loving it. Here’s one of her son Solomon on it.


We took up like 3-4 rows on the train. Woot woot.







and high fives for Candra and I for making it out alive :)


Picture Ready! ::yeahhhhh::

Met up with a sweet friend today to get our kids sugar fix. Free donut day at Krispy Kreme as long as you dressed or acted like a pirate.


We technically qualified for a dozen free donuts EACH kid, but this place was insanely crowded. The wait was over an hour! So we opted for just 1 each ;-D – with no wait. As you can see this was a total picture fail on my boys part HAH… don’t they look excited and picture ready?! :)

Still such a cute photo. Even lil Reed was bandana’d up.

Fun memories.

Upon leaving Caleb told me “I love your donuts much better.”

BAM!! that made me feel good :) – although Krispy Kremes are pretty mouth watering. Did me good to hear that from him. Glad he likes my cooking some days ;-)

- Here is my donut recipe just fyi.

Landed and safe:)

As my instagrammers and bloggy peeps know, I flew out Thursdays last week to NC for 4 days. Yup 4 days… no kids. Well sorta ;-) – I did stay with my bff Shannon and she has 4 kidlets running around, so it was kinda like I was still home but not really? ;-) – but no really, I loved being able to go… and enjoyed my time with her sweet family… and was so sad to leave, yet excited to get back home to see my crew.



Times like this weekend make you realize the power in friendship regardless of distance. If I could pick to have things the way I wanted, Id pick to live right next door to Shannon :) – and my sweet friend Laurie who had a vow renewal service I photographed while there. I loved seeing Aliesha who I use to see multiple times a week while serving in NC at West End… we are apart… but we are still together… and while I hate we are so far in miles, I am thankful for each of these sweet friends…

Mmmmm Olive Garden :) with some sweet friends.

Goodbye my sweet friend! @shannonbatkins see you in a month!

Lunch date with @feathersinournest  who was due yesterday ;) sending labor vibes friend!!



and so look forward to seeing them again.