A fun fall giveaway for moms & blog with recipes, encouragement & more.

Fall Giveaway

My friend Nia is having a really fun giveaway this week and I thought Id share it with my readers. Its supporting lots of great shops run by women. Its really simple to enter. You do have to have an instgram though. I love how Nia is reaching out to other moms with her reach […]

Lindsey P. Emery Art Giveaway

It is no secret that I love art. Prior to becoming a photographer I was very much into sketch art… and even at one point went to college for graphic design. I loved using my hands to create and have always had a real appreciation for artist. I have a few artist friends in the […]

Babywearing Giveaway – Baby View

For all those pregnant Mamas out there… I have a fantastic giveaway for you! I also have a 20% off coupon you can use to purchase one for yourself or bless another mom with a great wrap for their new bundle. Also.. for fun I took a short clip of Taite on my back this […]