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Rest of our Easter 2015 Pics :)

Rest of our Easter 2015 Pics :)

I totally meant to post these already… but im behind. Here are the rest of our Easter photos. We celebrated Easter with our old neighbors (who we lived beside for two years while in our City of Refuge Home). We have spent I believe every Easter with them since we moved here in 2011. Its been fun to do and see how the kids grow each year. This year we had to host because Jessie and Dave had a house project going on that made it less than ideal to host ;-) – so we opened up our house for the hunt this year. It was fun… the kids had a great time!





We of course had to get a group photo of the kids.


and for fun, here is a flash back to our 1st photo on our 1st Easter in GA


Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter.


Egg Decorating

Egg Decorating

ED9A9058I thought I would break these post up a bit… since I took a lot of photos. We decorated some Easter Eggs a few days before Easter with the boys. I haven’t really talked about Easter Bunny traditions on the blog before. At least I don’t think… but for those curious, we do not really celebrate the Easter Bunny. We do in ways. We decorate eggs and we egg hunt… however the boys have never been told a Bunny brings those things to them. Its just something we feel was best for our family… but no judgement here if you choose otherwise. I will say our boys had a friend ask them on Saturday why they got their Easter Baskets already (we chose to give them the day before Easter since our egg hunt with friends was that day)… and their friend was very puzzled as to why the Easter Bunny brought their baskets early :-\ – haha… oops. We have explained to the boys that their place is to never tell friends something doesnt exist. That it is up to their parents when they want to tell them these things. I guess in this situation it was a little hard to avoid the obvious. I told them next time to just joke and say the Easter Bunny always stops early at our house. :)

I think holiday traditions are super fun… and I love taking part in them. When I became a mom though I felt really conflicted about things like Santa… and the Easter Bunny… even the tooth fairy. We never did Santa or the Easter Bunny… but we did try the tooth fairy. It seemed so harmless… but after just one year doing it… my son Taite found out the Tooth Fairy was made up because we forgot to put the money under his pillow… and he was in tears for a long time about it… and told us “I don’t understand why you’d lie to us!” – it struck me very hard and I knew from that moment on we’d never do anything that required us not telling the whole truth. Even if it seemed innocent enough… it was just something I felt convicted about.

Enough about that though :) – enjoy the photos of the dudes decorating. Was sweet…










Christmas Memories 2014

Christmas Memories 2014

A few Christmas Memories below… :)


ED9A3604 ED9A3624







Typically we try to only do “3 gifts” a kid. My parents though were with us this Christmas. Usually they come before or after… but they were in the midst of closing on a home, so this year it just so happened they were here with my brother on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. So our tree looks a bit FULL this year :) – which was fine. Some of what was there was for the adults, some for kids from us and A LOT from my parents haha.

ED9A3746 ED9A3778

ED9A3797 ED9A3855



ED9A3893 ED9A3940


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6


Ginger Bread House Fun – & Best Icing Recipe

Ginger Bread House Fun – & Best Icing Recipe

Yesterday we made up some Ginger Bread houses. Or “house” I should say. I did the foundational pieces to the house using graham crackers and a homemade royal icing… once it was built and ready to go, I then layered on more icing and let the kids have at it. Was fun. I must applaud myself on my building skills. Im terrible at decorating cakes but I thought I did pretty good with this!

royal icing
The Icing is key btw for a good ginger bread house. If it is not thick and dries fast and hard, it does not work well. I found the best recipe for the job and thought I would share it with you all. See below.

ED9A3527 ED9A3522
ED9A3532 copy
Ginger Bread Royal Icing


  • 2 pounds powder sugar
  • 1 tsp. cream of tarter (this is key)
  • 6 egg whites


  1. Put all of these ingredients into a mixer.
  2. Mix on high for 5-8 minutes or until icing begins to form peaks.
  3. Scoop out and place into icing bag and you are good to go! :)

A little tip too for putting icing into a bag. I use just a regular large ziplock. I place the zip lock into a large cup, kinda like you would a trash bag into a trash can… Then fill the bag with the icing til full. Zip shut. Snip off the tip and you are good to go. No need for fancy icing bags :) – this works perfect!


ED9A3542 ED9A3541








Prepping ahead – Share your recipes

Prepping ahead – Share your recipes

ED9A5656Well, besides staying busy working :) – schooling. You know. The Norm.
We have been planning for our upcoming Holiday Season. Travis of course has to work on Thanksgiving this year. So, alas we are moving Thanksgiving to Tuesday instead of Thursday. Totally fine… its one of those holidays I believe can be flexible :) and having it early has its advantages too. Travis I thought would have off Christmas this year too… but turns out he more than likely wont. Booo. Moving Christmas for me is a hard one to move… but we probably will. That one is harder to move since our church has Christmas Eve Service… and its just always been nice to go to church on Christmas Eve, then do Christmas the next morning… it’ll be fine tho. I am hoping and praying this will be our last year as a “COP” family… and next year we wont have that worry about “off days” like we have the last few years.

This week we will spend prepping for next week though. My parents will come into town and hopefully my brother too… hes in school again tho, so that may not work out for him… but I am hoping it will.


We also have begun some preparations for decluttering :) – fall and winter brings this on me like a wave. Not sure why. I guess because you are inside more? I have been selling stuff on facebook yard sale pages like crazy… and Travis today I hope will finally go through his closet and weed out what he no longer wears.

I am now off to burn 3 client disc :) – then plan for the rest of the rainy day… Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Reed btw has nothing to do with the post :) – just thought these photos were cute.



He was playing my iPhone one night late this week while I edited a portrait session. He is so good with the ABC came on it… I am in awe at his iPad skills every time :) – crazy how fast they learn!

For fun, if you want. Leave me a comment letting me know your “Thanksgiving Menu!” – I asked this on facebook yesterday and had a great response. Many of what you all said I plan to make for Thanksgiving now. So share your family favorites in the comments. Id love to hear.

Easter 2014

Hope everyone’s Easter went well. Ours did. Sunshine and so so pretty out. All the kids were well and we got to spend the day with friends. Not much more to say :) – below are a few photos from the day…




Pre-Egg Hunt photo to keep with Tradition.


Remember 2013’s? :) – our 1st year in GA.



Reed caught on quick, he did so good. Was so cute to watch him.




Reed running towards an egg. Cutest.Thing.Ever!!



Does anyone else have little ones who point with their middle finger? :) Reed never uses the index finger. Its humorous.



For some reason all my older boys looked so thin and tall to me this year! They grow to fast.




Reed wasted no time breaking into the eggs.






& to end a fun day, a bottle of milk is always a must :)