Decorating the Tree

The day after Thanksgiving, we kept with tradition and went out to get a tree with the boys. They love doing this. I snagged a few photos as they decorated the tree that night. Always precious to see. This tiny “soft” plush tree my mom got us many years ago. We let this become “the […]

Pumpkins and a Coupon

We carved some pumpkins this week. The boys always seem to enjoy this. This was the first year though that Caleb (our oldest, who is 11) wanted to take on doing most of the job himself. Surprised me, because he tends to be funny about getting messy. Out of all my boys he seems to […]

Easter 2015

Rest of our Easter 2015 Pics :)

I totally meant to post these already… but im behind. Here are the rest of our Easter photos. We celebrated Easter with our old neighbors (who we lived beside for two years while in our City of Refuge Home). We have spent I believe every Easter with them since we moved here in 2011. Its […]

Easter Egg Decorating

Egg Decorating

I thought I would break these post up a bit… since I took a lot of photos. We decorated some Easter Eggs a few days before Easter with the boys. I haven’t really talked about Easter Bunny traditions on the blog before. At least I don’t think… but for those curious, we do not really […]