Easter Egg Decorating

Egg Decorating

I thought I would break these post up a bit… since I took a lot of photos. We decorated some Easter Eggs a few days before Easter with the boys. I haven’t really talked about Easter Bunny traditions on the blog before. At least I don’t think… but for those curious, we do not really […]

Kids with Kindles

Christmas Memories 2014

A few Christmas Memories below… :) Typically we try to only do “3 gifts” a kid. My parents though were with us this Christmas. Usually they come before or after… but they were in the midst of closing on a home, so this year it just so happened they were here with my brother on […]

Prepping ahead – Share your recipes

Well, besides staying busy working :) – schooling. You know. The Norm. We have been planning for our upcoming Holiday Season. Travis of course has to work on Thanksgiving this year. So, alas we are moving Thanksgiving to Tuesday instead of Thursday. Totally fine… its one of those holidays I believe can be flexible :) […]