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Not Oct Weather :)

IMG_9509Yesterday the boys and I made our way to a local pumpkin farm place. My friend Candra txted me the day before saying they had free admission from 10am-1pm at this place. I dont know about you but we love free things :) – and when you have a family of 6, free is always a blessing. So I decided we’d take the day off from schooling the boys (that is the beauty of home school)… and head on over to this farm.

The farm wasn’t to crowded when we first arrived… however it did quickly fill up and became a bit to crowded for my liking :) – but who can complain when its free, right?

The slide and zip line were a hit as well as the water table duck thing they had set up.

The corn maze tho.


DO NOT GO THROUGH A CORN MAZE WITH A 2 year old, in 90 degree heat. Bad bad bad idea haha… unless you have a really nice jogging stroller and can push your baby through the maze. It was def. not something I will ever repeat ;-) – unless its much cooler out….

The boys had fun though for the most part… and we ended our trip with ice cream pops on the way home. Here are a few photos from the adventure…












Reed and baby Heaven walking together. They are 1 day apart ;-)


“Mom we’re lost”



Story of the World

homeschoolThis is a totally random post between some schooling we are doing this morning. Today we studied more about Ancient China. We are working through the book Story of the World Vol. 1. I saw this on another bloggers blog back this summer… and it looked easy enough to follow, so that is what I chose to order for this years History. Caleb though who is grade 4 is doing this with us as well as History with Switched on Schoolhouse. (SOS). He so far is doing well with that too.

A lil warning to those who only like to use Christian curriculum. THIS is not a Christian book, although it has some bible stories in it… it does have some stories about pagen God’s and myths. To me tho it is VERY important to expose our children to more than just “Christian” perspectives (although they are very important too)… At least I think so :) – some may disagree. I am sure to give them biblical truth too, but learning about the Egyptians God’s and the Chinese traditions, etc..etc.. is so good for them too.

We learned today about how China invented Silk… and the story behind that. I had NO IDEA silk came from silkworms! I mean maybe I did know but just forgot over my many years not being in school? :) – I had heard of silkworms prior but just never thought they were associated.

I think its cool how as the parent and teacher, I am learning right along with them.

The Story of the World for those who may be looking for a simple and easy to follow book, is great. You work at your own pace and their activity book is great to go along with it. In fact, don’t get the book without the activity book. The activities, review questions, coloring sheets and so forth are well worth having.

I’ll leave you with some videos we watched today on silkworms as well as harvesting rice :) – youtube btw is a homeschoolers bestfriend. I go there for more videos than anything! Best thing is youtube is free ;-)

Also, if you have not heard of Usborne Quick Links, check it out. Great source of fun activities to go along with lessons.

Tot Distraction – Home School Schedule… ish.

I get asked A LOT what I do with baby Reed while I am schooling my older boys. I thought Id type up real fast kinda our general home school schedule on a normal day :) – by normal, just means a day we are home with nothing else to do, but school. Non-normal days mean we have plans to meet another home school family, or family is in town, or a kid is sick, etc..etc…

—- So on a normal day kids are up by 7:30am. They eat breakfast – yes I have taught my kids to fend for themselves most mornings. Some may agree or disagree with that. For me, its a must. I can’t hand feed my kids forever. Teaching them the basics of how to cook an egg, make some toast, pour a bowl of cereal, is key for my personal sanity haha… as well as begins to teach them responsibility and independence (yes please)

—- We try to start school by 8am. Reed the youngest who will be 2 in a few weeks, sleeps most days until 8:30 or 9am. THANK THE LORD, this is huge for us. When time falls back, I think ill loose my mind. Hopefully he bounces back to the normal routine eventually after that dreaded day… but for the last month or so, that has been our normal.

—- First thing we almost always start our day with is Science. A lot of home school moms start with Bible… however, my husband takes care of the bible when he is home, so for us, this isnt the 1st thing we cover. I guess that kinda goes against the code of conduct for more Christian home school moms… for us, it works. I’m all for breaking rules and not fitting the mold of a typical home school mom. haha… not really, but I pretend im a rebel. To those curious, I use SONLIGHT for our Science. We do it together. WORKS GREAT.

—- Next we do History. I am using STORY OF THE WORLD VOL. 1. I LOVE IT. Could not be happier with it. Involves a lot of reading but its been good for me and the kids. The activity book I highly recommend. History we do not do daily... I would say most weeks we do it 3 times a week.

—- By the time we finish History it is at least 9am.
So those two subjects typically take 1 hour. By that point, Reed is awake. So I then get the boys started on their seat work. This includes working on phonics workbooks (for Taite), writing workbooks, their Math-u-see worksheets (or video lesson), computer work, etc.. The boys know what has to be done and they can get it done without me sitting there all the time. This has been a process btw… and takes lots of work… some days are better than others.

—- Once Reed is up it takes me a good 30 minutes to get him dressed, changed, fed and settled…
I wont lie, I typically put Reed on the sofa with some breakfast (cut up toast, dry cereal, muffin, that sorta thing), his bottle of milk, and turn on a netflix show for him. Owen is typically by his side, so they keep each other company and destroy something together.

ED9A8755—- By 10am the boys begin to finish up their seat work… Caleb is working through SOS History/Science/Bible for 4th grade… its a bit more advanced and has helped him developed I believe in his ability to navigate his way on a computer, as well as establish some independent learning… while it is not an easy program to use at first, I think it has been good for him. Caleb usually cannot finish his SOS work from 9-10am… but around 10, regardless if he is done, we almost always break for snack. Or just a brief intermission… brain break :)

—- 10:30am I try to sit the boys back down to finish any other lessons I have. Sometimes this consist of me working on Taite with his phonics and spelling… other times it may be me helping Caleb with his computer work for the day. It is never exactly the same in that regard.

One way I keep Reed busy though, that I thought Id share with those reading this… is to get a big mop bucket (nothing to big, you dont want a drowning hazard), fill it up with some water, and give your tot a few plastic cups. I kid you not, this will keep your tot busy for the longest time! We have a top deck connected to our living room.. so what I typically do is, open the door wide open, so I can easily hear Reed playing, and let him have at it. He gets as messy and wet as he wants. HE LOVES IT! I actually kinda dread the weather getting cold… cause once its cold, he wont be able to do this out there… but for now, it is my go to :) – I suppose once its cold, the back deck will be filled with macaroni noodles and rice. HAHA… you do what you got to do… working around a 2 year old is def. VERY HARD in my opinion… and it makes home schooling very challenging. Some day, he is super needy and we literally quit schooling until his nap. Then from 1-3pm we finish while he sleeps.

The boys almost daily finish their more quiet work during Reed and Owen’s nap time. While I typically get some work done.

Not sure this post helped anyone :) – hopefully so haha…

Thankful for the ability to home school these dudes… it is an experience I will look back on and cherish.

Below are some photos of Reed playing in his mop bucket :) – he is so cute! I love watching him with the cups of water. Apparently our cat Toby does too. He always seems fascinated with Reed.


ED9A8746 ED9A8764



& Yes, Reed’s clothes are a few sizes to small. Its how we roll, HAHA. It is what happens when you dont have time to switch out the clothes for the season and your baby is still wearing size 12 mo pants and shirts. Poor dude. He doesnt seem to mind, he just looks kinda like a hobbit some days. I plan to make time to switch out clothes soon… bless him ;-)

Inbetween the Books

Inbetween the books and schooling my dudes….





You can find me photographing for Boba :)

I finally get to link yall to some of the photos I took for Boba earlier this year. They came out with some new prints. Both for their carriers and wraps. I love them. Below is one of my favorite photos out of the bunch. Model Tiffany – amazing mom of 3 modeling her youngest, who was just so precious. This photo for me sums up my love for babywearing… and the dad’s expression was just perfect. Thank you to all my amazing models and for Boba who helped put this together as well. I think we all made a great team this year.


See more of the new prints on the Boba Website.

I also got to photograph this cutie over the weekend….


& this coming weekend ill get to photograph THIS ARTIST in concert. SO EXCITED about that. As well as like 9 students for school photos & a sweet little guy on Saturday who I photographed at age 1.

Its been kinda a slow season for me with photography. I didn’t push it over the summer… not to many families want portraits when its super hot… and well honestly, I was a bit burned out that I needed a break. I think its good for photographers to take occasional breaks to recharge. Im back in the swing though and look forward to a busy fall. I only wish I had more energy…. seems with photography teamed with home schooling and the task of housework and cooking meals, it leaves little left. Im worn out by 1pm most days and by the end of the day I am just whooped. I so wish I liked coffee…..

If anyone is curious how schooling has been with the boys this year. I thought about doing a post with our daily routine laid out. Anyone interested in that? If not, I probably wont blog it. So do comment ;-)

Hey you.

Sitting on our school table.


Be still.


He is a very indecisive Dragon.


So he ended up in my lap.

Yeah. Life of a Dude Mom, strikes again.

Do you all have any class pets? If so, what ones?

—- for those curious, this is August our Bearded Dragon. He is ALMOST a year old. Caleb got him last Christmas but we believe he was born around August last year (explains the name a little bit). Not 100% sure though, just a guess based on his size. Caleb takes care of him completely and has ever since we got him. Its a must, cause this dude is high maintenance in the area of food!! You can learn more about him and Caleb’s other reptile pets on his BLOG. I hope to encourage his writing more with the blog this year in school. He is taking typing right now, so hopefully this will give him that extra push and practice.

People think we are nuts to have pets like this.

I however am a firm believer in pouring into your children’s passions. Caleb loves reptiles… and since getting him a few, it has really encouraged him and engaged him more into learning. I have seen HUGE growth in his ability to retain things, maturity levels in responsibility and so forth. While I do not believe this is an easy pet… the cost of its set up can add up and the hassle with live feed is a pain. Its been trial and error for us. Thankful to have a set up now that works well and is super cheap (just kinda gross… you can read what he feeds him on his blog) High maintenance or not, this has absolutely been a good one for Caleb to learn with. If your boy wants a reptile, Id suggest a snake ;-) – way easier!!! however, the Dragon has a lot more personality and doesn’t seem to creep people out as much.

Yes, I am a dude mom. Hear me roar :)