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Home School Year 7 Wrap Up with an Essential Oil Giveaway

My 8th year home schooling. What worked and what didn't?

This June we wrapped up our 7th year home schooling. 7! 1st off, wow. How can I be old enough to have a middle schooler now…. and how on earth did I survive 7 years of home schooling, in 3 different states. :) Lots and lots of grace and venting phone conversations with friends who …

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Home School Room and 2016-2017 Curriculum Choices

How we organize our home school room.

It is officially the start of our 2nd year home schooling in SC. All together though this is year 7 home schooling for me. Crazy! I am counting Pre-K with my 1st born as a year btw, I guess technically from the time my 1st born started Kindergarten its only been 6 years? Still, whos …