Little Hands and the journey Homeschooling

Little Hands

See those little hands? Those messy adorable hands belong to my two older boys. Who are now 10 and 8. Those two little hands I have watched day after day grow and grow, every moment of every day. I had a friend at church sunday ask me how home schooling was going this year. A friend who I look up to and admire greatly. One that I value her advice and opinion and will always and forever remember. She was a wealth of help when we first moved here and for her, I will always be thankful. When she asked …

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Reorganized Home School Room 2015

Reorganized Home School Room

One thing that often happens when you home school. Is that things can get sloppy. At least I find that true for me. The every day task of motherhood, house keeping, school room responsibility and everything else that goes along with what I do daily, piles up. I have been in this weird “purging and reorganizing” mood for weeks now. I have no idea why. No, I’m not pregnant. So I cant blame hormones. :) I think it may be the pre-spring cleaning fix? or something. Whatever the culprit my husband I know is probably a bit annoyed with my …

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Homeschooling. Means far more than just academics


After about 3 solid days of sunshine here in Georgia. We are faced with a very dreary and wet day. I suppose after 60’s for 3 days, it was only due time for the temps to drop and us to get back to the reality of what Winter should be like. Today was one of those days we had very little school work to do. So despite being stuck inside all day, besides a few spelling test, seat work and a dab of computer work. My boys were free to do as they pleased. Mid morning they began to get …

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Best Kindle Apps for Kids

Amazon Kindle Kid Apps

The Amazon Kindle was one of those items that we debated on getting for some time now… All that ill get into in just a second. I wanted to write this post to show you all some of my kids favorite games for kindle that they use as well as some good apps for parents to control permissions. This is Post #1 in my series on the best apps for kids. So for today I will show you the top Apps for Amazon Kindle according to the Wood Boys. Little history before we get started: We have had an iPad since …

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For the littles

Kenetic Sand

For those interested in one activity I use to keep the tots busy in our home :) – its Kenetic sand. Its kinda pricey… but if you get a 50% off coupon at Micahel’s you can almost always get it for around $5.00 a box. My mom bought the boys some in blue and Travis’ sister got the boys a really cute wood box to play with it in, and wood shapes as well as some “natural color” sand too. So we got lots and its fun to have around. I didn’t have a chance to film my ipad app …

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Candle :)

Homeschool by candle light

A funny moment I captured the other day during schooling the boys. Taite had to take a test… and while taking it, he wanted to set a lit candle beside him. I’m not sure why, but maybe it helped calm him and help him concentrate haha… we broke out these candles last week when we lost power for a few minutes. Since then, the boys are obsessed with having this one candle lit. Who knows :)