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It has been raining the last 2 days.


Our 70′s-80′s bid us farewell for a few days. Totally OK with that, no complaints. Could be snowing still, right? ;-) – while indoors though we have to find ways to entertain ourselves. Board games do become a must.


Can you tell our floors/rugs need cleaning? gag. I did vacuum last night but I need to heavily mop soon.

What are your favorite board games? My kids recently love is Monopoly Jr. Although Caleb wants to attempt the “real” monopoly… I however am not ready for that sort of board game commitment haha.. Going to teach the kids UNO today.

While they School

Had to share these 2 photos.

A typical school morning here can consist of these two joining us.


August our Bearded Dragon – hes quiet, best pet really for those who hate noise and messes. Just be mindful when investing in a dragon (ours was only $29.00 btw), the cost of a tank and food for this wee lad does add up. Thankful to have thrifted his large 29 gallon tank for $7.00. Hoping that last him a while. I have heard larger dragon’s can get so big they need a 70 gallon, I am hoping that is not the case. :) Also be mindful when investing in a dragon, they eat bugs… A LOT OF THEM. So you cant not like bugs. I hate bugs but my son doesn’t care, so he feeds August ;-) – and cleans his cage. Score.


Meet Pip. We haven’t really spoken of this lil guy. Actually, its a female… but Taite said he wants to pretend its a male, so he can name him Pip. Hamster doesn’t care so Im cool with it ;-). Travis got Pip for Taite after seeing how badly he wanted his own pet to care for. This was not my doing – but oddly enough I am glad he got Pip. Pip seriously is one rad little hamster who lets Taite do whatever he wants with him! I read online that these dwarf hamsters are mean and the hardest to tame… well, we must have gotten a gem of a hamster, because this dude never bites Taite. He does however bite me. So I don’t hold him much. :-)

Love that we can allow our boys to enjoy these small little pets… we don’t have the means to Travel much… in fact we haven’t had a real vacation in about 4 years now… :( – makes me sad any time I see friends at Disney… or other amazing places… we don’t get that right now… trying to learn to be content with our situation. One day hopefully we can travel some with these kids… before they get to big any way.

Happy Monday’s. Its rainy here and I will be stuck inside all week due to not having a 2nd car. An update on our car situation is due. Lets just say, its been a stressful yet very revealing journey…

My 9 Year old Website and Youtuber

ED9A9863You all know that my son Caleb who is 9, loves reptiles. Like – its all he talks about loves. He seriously has such an interest in them and is pretty knowledgeable IMO for being so young. I know its a typical boy thing… but he really does do well with caring for his pets and lately has wanted to create more videos showing others how to care for them as well.

We monitor our kids time online and on youtube. Obviously you need to… there sadly is a lot of crap out there that children can be exposed to… I highly suggest SAFE eyes or some sort of filtering system to use to protect your children while online… if you do not have the money for such programs, simple monitoring and “computer safe spots” in the home where they can be watched is typically just as affective :)

Caleb about a month ago started asking me questions about setting up a website. He began sketching out what he’d want it to look like on paper… and so one day this week we sat down and started playing. I helped set him up a simple site using WIX. Its 100% free btw. Its nothing super fancy but it gets the job done… and if he got more serious about it, he could always create something more professional as he gets older.

I had to show off his cute site here.. so adorable and fun. I am going to teach him the basics on how to edit and publish… embed his videos and so forth. I also may teach him how to blog so that he can practice his writing through this as well. Talking about his adventures and things he learns with blogging.

Below is a link to his site. Do visit :)

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 2.10.33 PM

He’d love to know lots of my readers went to it. Also he posted a new video recently about Bearded Dragon care and wanted me to tell you all to check it out and leave a comment too. If you skip btw to the last few minutes of the video there are some bloopers that are really cute and funny. We are practicing a bit more on him narrowing his video monolog down a bit… he can get a bit lengthy…. He comes up with his own speeches though, for only being in 3rd grade, I think he does well! Go home schoolers! :-D

Reed btw interrupted our 1st attempt to film the above video. Which is why the bloopers you see are from a different angle and there is day light out :) – here are a few photos of Reed interrupting us, so cute. We later filmed the video after Reed went to bed.

and yes… Caleb’s room needs cleaning!



Please don’t break

The other day while at a pet store… baby Reed was walking around being oh so cute… using and showing his very proud new walk off to all the on looking staff at the store. Most young girls in their late teens/early 20′s. As Reed walked back and forth he at one point stumbled and fell to his knees. Catching himself with his hands. As soon as he fell seriously all 3 of the women watching him gasped. Was like a chorus of singers hah. I on the other hand just looked at him as if nothing had happened.


It honestly is an acquired calmness.

I use to gasp.

I still do “some.”

More often than not I cringe just a little bit inside. Especially if it really is a moment where a gasp probably was called for.

ED9A9828After 4 boys… countless ER visits… many moments where I wipe, squeeze, bandage and soothe boo boos, cuts, splinters, scrapes, bruises, sores, bites, knots, gashes… yea… you get the idea. After LOTS of those moments, you have 2 options. 1) Stress out and loose your mind worrying about your children’s ability to constantly injure themselves… or 2) Pray God’s royal protection over them and gasp internally a wee bit inbetween. :-D

Our Trampoline we’ve had for about 4 years now is falling a part a bit. Our boys seriously have jumped on it every day as long as weather allows it since we got the thing. It is so well used, its paid for itself 10x. The net it had was falling apart though :-\ – ripped in areas, the bars were bending in spots… and it just was a mess. SOOOOOO My husband took it down. I cringed at the thought of them jumping without that net… but then I remember how often my brother and I jumped on a trampoline just like it, with no net… and never once did we get hurt. At least not to badly. If I had to choose though, I would choose a netted trampoline… and it may stress me out so bad that we purchase a replacement net :) – for now, we have no extra cash… and this will have to do.

So far, no injuries. Praying none come.


The boys have told us they prefer it without the net :) – of course.

Reed for the 1st time actually enjoyed some time on it too. He I can tell is going to be one brave little dude.




& yes, as I have explained on facebook & instagram… we do jump in our pajamas. In fact if you look closely…

Caleb’s socks don’t match.

Reed is wearing Owen’s sweat shirt (2 sizes to big)

Taite is wearing MY polkadot socks.

Owen is in footie jams…

Oh yes. Life with 4.

Life home schooling.

Life with laundry behind schedule (understatement).

Life working and being a mom.

Life relaxed.

I honestly don’t give a rip that my kids aren’t dressed to impressed most days ;-) – im just thankful as long as they are fairly clean and don’t smell. :-D

Homeschool update…

ED9A9673Lets be honest here people.

Homeschooling is hard.

I don’t care who you are, if you cannot admit that, you are a liar. :)

This year has been weird. Not the hardest as far as “school” goes… but also not great either.

My husband’s job has him on a very difficult schedule. He is home with us until just after lunch time… but from 1pm until midnight or later, he is gone. His off days rotate every 3 weeks… making finding a routine very difficult. He only gets saturday/sundays off every 3 months…. so having a normal life seems impossible. I don’t get to hang out with moms during the day… because my husband is home. I mean that in the best of way btw… I don’t want to do anything with anyone during the day because that is the only time my husband gets to see his children… so naturally it makes for a conflict of schedules when majority of the ladies I know, do things during school hours… and any time they do things after school hours, its alone without kids… like a ladies bible study… or hang out at Panera’s or just shopping alone to get out…. I can’t do those things much lately because my husband is not home at night. It has been very hard and ill be completely frank, I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. If I could snap my fingers and change his schedule tomorrow I would. I get very depressed thinking about it… nights are lonely… and I feel isolated and alone often. It can be a very defeating feeling….

any way… Thats beside the point of this post.

So school update.

We are behind :) – but who cares. It will get done. We are about 15 days behind schedule…. but besides that our boys are doing well. Taite is reading great! He will finish up 1st grade this year… and Caleb will finish up 3rd grade. I do have to get Caleb signed up for testing this year too… In Georgia they don’t test every year… but they do test in 3rd grade. This kind of makes me nervous :) – but I am sure he will do just fine.


As far as organization or tips.

None here.

We’ve tried the work box system. Doesn’t work for us.

My husband right now does 90% of the teaching. Because we are both home during school hours we learned very quickly we both could not teach together. His methods were not the same as my methods and it just caused us to get into arguments. So he teaches majority of the time and is very good at it. When he leaves for work he leaves seat work aka homework assignments for the boys to do on a white board (or chalk board). The boys then are responsible to complete those task on their own during the two younger dudes naps. They just mark and check off what they do… and if they have any questions they can ask me. Also sometimes I have to read with them but by the time Travis leaves our school day is pretty much done as far as “teaching things” goes.

As far as future years schooling the dudes goes… right now we still feel home school is what we should do.

We aren’t against the idea of public school one day… just as of now, we aren’t there.

This works for our family. I am thankful for the resources and ability to keep them home too.

SO how is your year going? :) Be honest. :-D