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Inside our home

Well we had photos taken by the photographer our agent provided. He came today around 10:30am. He had a nice 10mm wide angle lens, which will give the buyer a much wider view of our rooms. My lens is only a 28mm. So its not as wide a view. I did however take photos of our entire house, for my own keeping. I probably wont link to the “actual” listing of our home here… just for privacy reasons… For those who did want to see photos though. I thought this was the next best thing. This is the cleanest our home will probably ever be, haha…. well worth capturing ;-)

The kids have done really well helping us this week to keep things clean. We had to sit them down and tell them the importance of them doing their part… that Travis and I cant keep up the picking up behind them constantly. That the house needs to be very well kept for at least a week, while people view it. We think they got the picture and so far have done very well (except Reed, oh the joy of age 2).

ED9A8990So welcome to our home, at least our home for the next few weeks. Its been full of great memories and will be a place we will forever cherish.

Before I get started, let me just clear the air here. I am not posting these photos to make anyone feel like they have less than us. I am not posting this to brag… I do not want anyone to ever think that. One thing I have realized is that we are blessed with much… Every home we have lived in has been a blessing (reminder to those unfamiliar with our journey, this is our 9th move!). Each home had things we loved. Each home had things we didn’t love. While this home has very few things I dislike :) – I will say I feel completely loved and cherished to live in such a beautiful house. When we went looking for a home (this was our first home purchase). I doubted we’d ever have something like this. In fact I expected little. It really is a lack on my faith honestly… I was so use to being without.. that I didn’t ever expect to be blessed so graciously in this dept. I almost came to grips that having a really beautiful house, such as the one we are in, wasn’t something “I needed.” It wasn’t something I felt God wanted to give me… and I was ok with that. I think the Lord just swooped me up though during our 8th moved and hugged me a little tighter… knowing that we had been through such a difficult transition with Travis’ loosing his job in NC… to becoming a cop… my having to go through an extremely hard pregnancy with Reed… on bed rest… into the hospital twice a week for high level ultrasounds, all the while my husband was going through Mandate… then on the roads wearing a bullet proof vest. Working nights… it was very difficult for me… and while I saw the Lords hand in all of it… and those times grew me.. I think the Lord knew my heart… and He knew no matter what home I got, it was okay with me… but I think He also wanted me to have that joy too… and I can write this post in tears knowing I am so loved by Christ… and while I dont expect to have a perfect house, I know I am cherished by a Father who wants us to ask. Through my doubt He grew me, even when I didn’t think I needed growing in this area.

So to my house that I will love and miss, I know the Lord is good… and He has blessed us greatly. With or without.

I hope you enjoy your tour around our Georgia home :) – I hope whoever buys it, loves it as much as I do.

The front porch wraps around part of the left side of the house, I love it!


When you enter the home, you are faced with a hall way straight and then a den to the right.

The school room to the left. A stair case in the center.

ED9A9032 ED9A9035

ED9A9034 ED9A9029

The school room and den are almost identical in size. Both a great size!


Our kitchen table for those curious came from World Market. We love it! Its about 5 years old now.

ED9A9049 ED9A9047

The stairs go up to the bedrooms (4 upstairs), then as you enter down that first hall is a half bath.


Straight down that hallway you will then enter our kitchen/family room area. Its all one huge room.


I didn’t get a photo of our pantry… but it is enormous! Its so big a child could sleep in it haha.

It is through the door beside the oak table in our breakfast nook area.


Looking outward from the kitchen this is what you see.




The living room leads out onto our back deck too. There is no exit off this deck.

That use to bother me but I actually really like that about it now. Much safer for kids.


Then of course you will look out across our beautiful back yard. I fell in love with it at first sight.


and here is a view from the back yard looking back.



The Creek that you often see on the blog, is behind the trampoline.

Now when you walk back up from the backyard, you can enter the house from the basement garage…


It is a 2 car garage (although we never park in it). It also has a connecting workshop.

When you enter the house, this is the room you come to. Its the study.


To go upstairs you’d go right, but if you went through the study, you’d then enter our guestroom.


That guestroom also seconded as a toy room at one time.


It had lots of great shelving for those purposes. :)

The guestroom also had access to a full bath and another lower level deck.

ED9A9022 ED9A8998

Ok now lets zoom all the way upstairs. On the 3rd story that is where 4 other bedrooms are.

yes this is a 3 story home. So lots of great leg workout here. :D

ED9A9053 ED9A9055

The boys have a full bath, beside their rooms.


Taite and Owen share this room together.


Caleb is in the neighboring room.



Reed is in the smallest room in the house. It works though.

ED9A9072 ED9A9071

Once we move we will take Reeds crib away. Hes ready. I just keep postponing it :)


and this is our bedroom.

ED9A9060 ED9A9065

Thats it! :) Oh! and totally forgot the laundry room too. Its on the main level, right beside the kitchen. Its a good size too.

2 Ingredient Bathroom Tub and Shower Cleaner

What I am about to show you on this post is kinda embarrassing. I neglected our shower. A LOT the last month… and, with 4 little dudes who for some reason like our shower better, plus Travis and I. It didn’t take long before that shower began to look gross. Thankfully I have the best Tub and Shower Cleaner to handle the job and you wont believe how easy and cheap it is to make. I have been using this same recipe for about 3 years now. It works so good! I figured while my shower looked gross, I’d take advantage of that and snag some before/after photos for you. Don’t worry, if you ever visit with us, our guest bath is almost always clean. ;-)

2 Ingredient Bathroom Tub and Shower Cleaner that will put any bottle of bleach to shame.When I was pregnant with Reed and put on bed rest around 32 weeks. Our shower at our other home, got so disturbingly gross (due to my inability to clean and Travis’ busy mandate schedule). We ended up hiring a house cleaner and she told me she couldn’t get the shower clean that it was so bad (yup that bad). I told her to try my cleaner and handed her a bottle I already had made up. She let it soak (I told her it needed to soak for at least 30 min – 1 hour). After she finished cleaning our home she then asked me for the recipe. She said she has tried many bleach and chemical filled cleaners but none cleaned tile and grout as good as the bottle I gave her. (note: no hate on those who use chemicals or bleach. There is a time and place for them. We do own bleach too.)

She was impressed :)

I hated she had to clean up our gross shower… it was a hard season for me. Unable to do what needed to be done… It is life though… and I will be the first to show my life is not perfected.  My shower gets gross during busy months home schooling. We get behind on laundry… and our floor can go a mouth without being mopped… but for the most part, our home is clean enough to enjoy and that’s all that really matters. Travis always tells me, when I complain about messes…. that our home is not “a mess” – its “lived in.” Perfection never last.

SO here is the recipe. I promise, you’ll love it.


2 Ingredient Bathroom Tub and Shower Cleaner


  • 1 part White Vinegar
  • 1 part DAWN blue soap (use dawn, other brands don't work as well, trust me)
  • 1 Empty Squirt bottle (Dollar Tree has them)


  1. I use the large dollar tree squirt bottle. I believe its a 16 ounce bottle. I then fill it with half white vinegar and half dawn soap.
  2. Mix it together by shaking it with the top on...
  3. Spray it onto the surface you want cleaned (don't be shy either, spray it well). Allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes - 1 hour.
  4. Once it sits, get a sponge or brush and scrub away the grossness. I have found for grout using a tooth brush after this application helps. Rinse it with warm water and you're done!

Boy Room Redo

Boy Room Redo

This weekend we decided to finally put forth a little effort in re-doing the boys bedrooms a bit.

We didn’t have much money to invest… but I knew I needed to do something.

I very much disliked their bedrooms the way we had them. I don’t have recent photos of how Taite’s room eventually became… but at one point he had his bed on the floor. Just a mattress… no frame, nothing… and it just looked terrible. The dressers we had were overly big… old. Had a lot of flaws and needed a lot of TLC… while they would have made great re-purposed pieces, I knew I didn’t have time for that. So I listed those to sell on facebook and sold both… along with the boys cheaper particle board desk.

We then decided to move Caleb into Taite/Owens old room… and to move Taite/Owen into Calebs old room.

So a task :) but one that I think went very well.

So here are some photos to show what was done :)

I will show before photos below as well. So to compare.

Caleb’s old room prior to the re-do


ED9A1050 ED9A1046

After the re-do – Now Taite & Owens Room


The dressers we got at IKEA. Lightweight and solid pine. Great price too.



Taite & Owens room before the re-do

– Their room was SO messy – always. The closets. The dresser. Always a mess. Because the drawers on their dresser were so heavy (since the dressers were old)… they had a terrible habit of leaving them open. This room also is very narrow… so it made putting two beds side by side impossible. A bunk works too and we have had bunks in this room before… Even when we had a bunk in the room, it just never looked the best. With the room re-do we are establishing much stricter chore rules… and these dudes are going to chip in their piece to keep their rooms nice and well taken care of. I am partly to blame for not enforcing this more. I think a huge part of my lack in motivation in this area, was the fact their rooms were always so “bleh” to me… I didn’t much care what they looked like because they functioned so poorly.



After the re-do – Now Calebs room




You can’t see inside the closets in either room… but we completely gutted them. Took everything out… organized their clothes on hangers… and took out ALL the toys. In Owen and Taites room we do have a small book shelf with a few toy buckets and things they enjoy. Besides that, there are no toys in their room. I did find them some cute lamps at Target. For $12.99. The lamp has two charging outlets on the base, which we love! It makes it so much easier for them to plug up their kindles and charge them.

Here is a close up:


So, that is it! I haven’t tackled Reeds room yet… but his room was never really an issue. Although his is kind of plain, it was never overly trashed. :)

The only thing we purchased for the room make over were the two dressers in the younger boys room… the lamps and thats it! My mom and dad brought the cute SOLID wood desk for Taites room this weekend. So that desk replaced the cheaper one we had. It has lots of great storage too.

We got rid of TWO TRASH BAGS FULL of boy clothes. We had so many boy clothing shoved into their drawers… it was a bit ridiculous how many clothes they had to choose room. Children do not need that much! Esp. children home schooled haha… I mean the pressure of “certain clothing items” is not heavy on my kids… and so having drawers full of so much really was causing more trouble. Making it hard for them to see what they had… and hard for them to put clothes away.

The boys so far have done a great job keeping up their rooms. We are really pushing them to put their clothes away as soon as they take them off… to get better about putting their clothes in the hamper… and hanging things up right away. We even got Taite a little stool (it use to be in our kitchen). This way he can hang up clothes easier in the closet. That stool btw comes from IKEA. Its solid pine and only cost $15! We ended up buying an additional one to replace the one in the kitchen. Great function-able stool…. that last. (the blue one is 5 years old)

While these rooms may seem simple :) – Im proud of them… and thankful for the means to make them a little bit better…

Making it our own

Making it our own

Atlanta Artist Melissa Payne BakerI posted last week a piece of art work that my friend Lindsey gave me [the winner for that was chosen btw, thank you for all those who entered]. My love for art is nothing new but I will admit. I feel spoiled knowing such awesome artist personally.

I thought id share another piece in our home.

This one is by Melissa Payne Baker. She was named Atlantas top artist a few years in a row recently by a very popular magazine. She is very talented. I met her our 1st year here after she hired me to photograph her maternity portraits/birth of her son/newborn portraits and since then birthday parties and so forth. I feel honored to be her photographer and you cant help but fall in love with her family.

She painted this particular piece from inspiration of our journey over the years and my childhood memories of a creek growing up.

Her work is abstract and so beautiful. Her use of colors is perfect. I have 3 of her pieces now and love every single one. Each one special in its own way.

So thank you Melissa for this beautiful piece. I LOVE IT.

I do hope when we move and really settle in some place, that I can display it even better.


ED9A6467 ED9A6470


and for those curious how we are liking our Casper Bed. WE LOVE IT still! I look forward to sharing my thoughts more on this great bed soon. I wanted to give it a few weeks before doing my complete write up. If you missed our unboxing video you can see that HERE. :)

Casper Bed unboxing?

Casper Bed unboxing?

If you follow me via instagram you would have heard about our new Casper Bed coming in the mail. For those unfamiliar with the Casper Bed, I’m about to introduce you to something pretty awesome.

Casper BedMy journey to the Casper Bed started when I mentioned to a friend about wanting a King Bed. It was a totally random conversation… but that friend told me about a company called Casper and how amazing their beds were said to be. So I went to the website and began to look around. It intrigued me instantly because of their money back guarantee and the fact they shipped to your home.

We have wanted a King Bed for MANY YEARS. Since adding a few kids into the mix… its just been something Ive really wanted. Also I am a very light sleeper and so sleeping in a Queen in close quarters to a man who doesn’t sleep quietly… made it hard for me many nights to rest well. With all our pending moves over the years, investing in a larger bed just wasn’t high up there… but I made a good extra bit of cash in December… and decided it was time. No more waiting… no more putting it off. I was worth getting something really nice for Travis and I… and even if we have to move in 2 months or a year… it wont matter if the bed is just a wee bit bigger than our Queen. :) It’ll get moved one way or another.

So we got the Casper last night and I LOVE IT already.

It is soft yet not to soft… it hugs your body great… and both Travis and I after just one night woke up rested.

I plan to do a full write up on my thoughts on the Casper (After we have it for weeks) as well as my thoughts on another bed similar that we tried before the Casper. (yes there are more than one of these box beds out there)

For now, here is an unboxing video for fun.

Our kids found unboxing this thing so fascinating. As did we :)

Also for those interesting in purchasing a Casper. Do know there is a great no hassle return policy. So you can buy the bed and if after 100 days you don’t like the bed. You can return it and get a full refund. No questions. The way they do the refunding process btw is they donate it to a local charity… so you don’t have to worry with shipping it back or shoving it into the tiny box. From all I have read this company has the most amazing customer service… and I have yet to read a bad review on them in regards to returning a mattress a person wasn’t satisfied with.

Feel free to use OUR LINK to save $50.00 off your own Casper Mattress :)

Keep an eye out on my facebook and instagram for when my full review goes up :)

I hope to include some photos in that as well as more on why we chose to go with the Casper Mattress.

Disclosure: I purchased this bed with my own money. This bed was not given to me to review. I am linking to their site using a referral link. So if anyone clicks through from my site to theirs, you save $50.00 and I get a little bit back in return. Its a great policy they have. With or without it, I would have purchased a Casper.

Lindsey P. Emery Art Giveaway

Lindsey P. Emery Art Giveaway

It is no secret that I love art.

Prior to becoming a photographer I was very much into sketch art… and even at one point went to college for graphic design. I loved using my hands to create and have always had a real appreciation for artist.

I have a few artist friends in the Atlanta area I have made.

Melissa Payne Baker was my first artist friend I made after moving here. An amazing lady, mom and artist who I adore. I have 3 of her paintings in my home and each of them is very special to me.

I was super exciting when Melissa agreed to mentor my friend Lindsey. Who has wanted to start an art business for some time… but it got put on hold due to moves, cancer and, well… life.

Super excited for Lindsey to finally have her business off the ground and moving right along.

She gave me a beautiful piece for Christmas and I just had to share it.

Art on Mantel

ED9A5563 Art on Mantel

Art on Mantel

Lindsey wanted to

give away a 6×6 mini canvas away on my blog!

Its a cute bird nest canvas and would make a great addition to a mantel, book shelf, collage wall, etc. You can view Lindsey’s website at Lindsey P. Emery Designs.

To enter this giveaway you have to live in the USA. Just fill out the Raffle Copter below to enter.

Thanks everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



open living spaceSome of you may have seen recently on my Instagram my posting photos of our living room and bedroom. Since Christmas passed I have been in the whole “opening up the space” “changing up the room” spirit. I think after Christmas I really began to feel heavy with the constant state of “limbo” our life has seemed to hover at for the last few years. Waiting on jobs, pending moves and so forth.

It is hard when you live with constant change, to really dwell in the now. I can’t even count how many times I have prayed for the Lord to help me be more content with our circumstances. I think I pray that like every day haha… cause it is an area I struggle in a lot, esp. lately.

So! I have vowed as of the new year, to stop dwelling in the unknown.

Or at least to “try” not to.

One step to help with that is to start making my home a home even though there is a chance we may move this year.

To cherish this beautiful home the Lord has given us… and to decorate it… arrange it, paint it, even if its just in little ways, to be our home NOW.

Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.

I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity;

in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry,

both of having abundance and suffering need. I

can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:11-13

“And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness” …

Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake;

for when I am weak, then I am strong.”

2 Cor. 12:9-10