Well today I am officially over 30. One step closer to 40? :) hah…. Thought it would be fun to take a look back towards high school. When I hit 30, I automatically thought of the movie “13 going on 30.” Thirty, flirty and thriving. I am sure some reading will know what movie that […]

Steps – 3 :)

Last night my sweet baby took his 1st steps… 3 to be exact, well more than 3, but only 3 at a time. Id sit him in front of me… I would then let go, he’d stand firm, look around, then go… he’d give the sweetest giggle as he made those steps.. and at about […]

Ow-Doggie – 10 months

*the photo to the right is a test shot from Owens session. The flash is set wrong – hence a shadow – but this photo was the only one I got of him standing , since while I adjusted camera settings, Owen decided to fall over – so then any standing photos I attempted he […]

Owen – 8 Months

Today Owen turned 8 months old! My sweet little man is only a few months shy of turning 1. It really has gone to fast. So, what has changed since Owens last month-day :-) He still has 2 teeth. He still drinks 6 oz bottles at a time… He is TALL.. not sure exactly HOW […]