Christmas 2016

I have been so terrible at keeping my blog up to date with life events. I remember the days when I use to blog like 4 times a week, if not more. Life has just been so busy… Just with every day task. Schooling the boys. House work. Cooking. Normal stuff. It is busy enough. […]

Returning to Atlanta

Back in Sept 2011 – our family took our 1st ever trip to Downtown Atlanta. We had just moved to Atlanta August 2011 and entered the City of Refuge program that Pastor Johnny Hunt started at First Baptist Church Woodstock. I love how God can use a hardship in ones life ultimately for the better […]

Worship is not an experience.

Worship is not an experience.

Worship has been something on my mind a lot here lately… It is something that I honestly had trouble with for many many years while serving in ministry. I knew how worship “went” in church. The singing of a few hymns. The occasional special music that had powerful lyrics that move you. I’ve experienced worship […]

Relish Motherhood. It goes quick.

I use to share more

I grabbed my camera this weekend. A camera that I feel I’ve neglected some, due to the ease of an iphone always being handy & the ease instagram provides. It takes me being intentional to actually use my “professional camera” but as my little one who is now, not so little, almost 4, napped. I […]

Abraham the Camel

This weekend we had a church picnic. It took place on the farm we spent 5 weeks at. I found it sweet, that when we pulled up, Reed (age 2) said “Its my house!” – remembering where we called home for those few weeks. They loved it there. We had an amazing turn out at […]