DIY Bug Spray – 2 ingredients

You will never buy bug spray again! I found this recipe on pinterest months ago and finally made it. It works great. I sprayed it all over myself before going outside one evening with the boys. I however did not spray my feet. The mosquitos were going mad over my toes :) – but did […]

My First Garden

One of the 1st things we did when we moved in, or should I say “I” did ;-) – was plant a garden. The previous owners left us their HUGE compost bin as well as a raised bed already made and pretty much ready to go. I planted some seeds but also purchased plants already […]

Mountain Biking Nearby

My husband at least a month ago started a new routine of fitness with barefoot running. He loves it – but he also loves to bike ride. He recently heard from a friend about a trail nearby that had great mountain bike trails you could either ride or run on. He checked it out and […]


Our church has a great parking lot to let the kids ride bikes in. Even though we live in a great neighborhood, the hills in it, make it hard to ride bikes with our kids. The hill our house is up in-particular is very steep… and honestly I don’t think id ride down it on […]