Weight of Motherhood

Weight. Its a funny word. You associate it with gain. Loss. Measures. Strength. Ive had a rough time lately with that weight. I guess you could say in both physical and emotionally/mentally/spiritually. Weight obviously sticks around after 4 babies and those who don’t have that problem are blessed or don’t eat :) – My body […]

4 is a lot but can be done

*The Photos in this post are totally random. I just thought they were cute. The other day while I was getting Reed’s bath water hot, Caleb was suppose to be “undressing him” for me… and when I come out of the bathroom to get him, I find them putting head phones on him totally butt […]

Exploring Purity at 7

For some time now, I have had a burden on my heart… … a burden for my boys & their purity. It seems with each passing year, the statistics of men addicted to porn goes up… and up. Sexual addiction is such a problem & yet so many people feel the need to just burry […]

Encouraging Help

One thing I have really been trying to teach the boys – is to help. May it be cleaning up for each other… or even just putting their dishes away. Lately the big thing for me is helping with Owen. Owen is in a very needy phase right now – making it hard for me […]