Dirty Bathroom

While in the bathroom with my two older boys, I asked them to wash their hands. Caleb had just killed a fly (with his bare hands) and Taite, well, he always needs a good hand washing :) – while in there, Caleb proceeded to tell me with a very disrespectful and ungrateful tone… “I wish […]

Comes along once

This past tuesday I missed out on our ladies bible study night – since we were out of town. I hate I missed it!! It was on a great chapter in the book we are going through – talking about Priorities. Aliesha did a write up about it HERE…. A quote however that really spoke […]

Slow down

This week, I believe it was wednesday… I had a total loose it moment. After 2 days being away from home… Monday at an all day session (pretty much) – and then Tuesday traveling to a city an hour 1/2 away to pick up our new kitchen table… resulted in my home getting trashed… It […]

Single Mother

This past week my husband was gone from Monday – Friday…. and I must say, any time a spouse leaves it really gives you an appreciation for what they do. At times you feel they don’t do “much…” but during these “single mother” periods, you realize thats far from true. I cannot imagine being a […]