Pleasing Mom… not Peers

Well, I may fuel a fire here today and loose a reader or two but I just can’t help but speak up about this. So yesterday I got a comment on the post I wrote about Caleb wanting to keep Reed through the night… and how we let him…etc..etc… you can read it HERE. I […]

Gaskets blown

This is a venter post, just to warn :) Nothing more than my blurbing out thoughts. I’ve just been really battling my kids lately in obedience. They aren’t BAD but they are in this rut of “trying to debate” their way out of a situation… or “waiting” way to long to follow through with something. […]

Preparing our hearts

My husband and I both started reading a book 1st of the year called Parenting in the Pew. He is done with it, I however am still on Chapter 5… I had to start another book for the ladies bible study im taking part in now… so thats slowed me up on the other book. […]

Not perfect but cannot imagine …

I must admit… this week we have faced some discipline issues in our home. Both our boys have been rising really early in the morning (no matter what we do)… and refuse to nap some days… which results in very easily frustrated children, cranky, tired and down right RUDE behavior. There have been times I […]

Food Tips for Babes (for new Mamas)

So I had a friend email me and ask what I feed Taite… she needed some ideas for her son who is the same age. I remember as a 1st time mom not knowing what to do… so I want to try & share with new moms what I do w/ my kids. Taite is […]