Snapping – New Church?

Its been a busy week snapping photos, organizing work… placing orders… keeping a home. I try hard to balance my business and family life well. I have been in the place of taking on to much work and feeling burned out creatively… I have been in the place where I can’t function as a mom […]

Not for us sadly…

Well… I got a little update on the house situation. Sadly the one we were looking at wont work out. It was a bit of an oversight on our part… but in short, the idea of having 4 teenagers in the size home it was, just wasnt wise… we would out grow it way to […]

Don’t do this before a Labor

SO! this morning at like 6:30am I got a phone call from THIS LADY. Ok ok.. ill post her pic here 2, for those who are to lazy to go to that link :) Isn’t she stunning?! Ok, so I photographed her maternity portraits about a month ago… and she then asked me to photograph […]

Studio Days Over?

If you read yesterdays post you may of seen some nursery photographs in it. As you can see… I nested this morning and changed things up a bit… I kept looking at this room thinking how much I disliked having the crib shoved in the corner… I had it where the bed is now (futon, […]

Another place I blog

I pushed this site a few weeks ago but people had trouble logging in. Just so you know BD is up and running!I am one of the writers for this site in the Photography Portion.Its called Photo Bliss :-) BD Photo Bliss is full of fun photography ideas, help, videos, walk throughs, etc… Its a […]