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Farewell Facebook, leaving yall with photos :)

This month Aug-Sept… I plan to take a HUGE leave from Social Media… well facebook mainly. I have done this in the past… just not for this length of time… so we shall see how it goes…

Lately I have just been a bit tired of facebook. Streaming the feeds brought nothing but harsh feelings for me… often times I saw people speaking in ways I knew, without any doubt, they would never speak or say things in that manner, in person. I saw people post on there every few moments it seemed… and it just got me questioning the wisdom in always being connected. Every 4 post is a random video from youtube… and an inappropriate ad.

While I for one see the great use and pro’s to social media… esp. for those who use it for any sort of business…. the constant need to be known and seen by those around us, is consuming and often times not the best.

You can’t help but get drawn in….

On evenings when my husband would be at work on a special holiday… Id log into facebook, only to be faced with feelings of loneliness and envy. Wishing my husband would be there… envying what others had… lonely… and questioning why my friends weren’t calling… or reaching out, when I needed it. I would put expectations on people, who really didn’t deserve that. My brokenness only seemed to be magnified by the constant desire to feel important and seen, heard…

While I do plan to try and keep up with my facebook messages… as it is tied into my business. Groups I am a part of who stay connected and tie into my business, can’t be put off for a month… even if I wish it could some times… I cant just abandon it completely… I think the damage of social media comes though not from those things… but from the streaming…. and obsessiveness of it.

I deleted facebook from my iphone… to avoid temptation
(shame that you feel tempted by social media huh?)…

I will not stream feeds….

I have a few friends due with babies soon …. that do not live near me… so I do intend around the time of their due date, to check on them… and look at “their facebook page” only…

So here is to the break… yall want to take the challenge and take it with me?? if so, comment letting me know – Id love to know who’s following and who plans to do the same. I btw will still be on Instagram and blogging. So if you follow me on Instagram you will see updates there. Far less drama on instagram than facebook :) – @dreawood – is my handle.

To end… I very rarely post lots of photo work on my personal blog. I kinda leave all that for my photography blog… but for some reason tonight, I was looking through some photo work of mine… and felt like posting some. May as well, leave facebook for this time with a shout out to all my amazing clients from the last year or so.

I have been a bit burned out with my photography these days. A little bummed by a lag in business… and a little stressed over the fact we depend on my business… with Travis’ current job situation, my income is a must for us… We never ever wanted it that way though. My main responsibility was to be with our 4 boys… not working. While some don’t seem to mind working full time… for me, its not a desire… and often times very hard to balance motherhood and work… not to mention schooling children.

Thankful for the clients I have that are loyal… encouraging. So amazingly generous and kind. I may not have as many as some photographers… but the ones I do have, are the best. Thank yall for all the great memories and fun.


*instagram photo shooting the above shot*

Shot the beautiful @Jessie Faucette today while in nc. She was beautiful carrying her twin boys. So fun to photograph people from wedding to baby births :) I love that part of being a photographer. #atlantaphotographer























For those curious in what gear I am using…
(although I think most who have read my blog for a while, know this…)

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III
My lenses rotate around a bit, typically always a Canon 50mm 1.4, 28mm 1.8 and the 85mm 1.8.

Those are my favs! :) Would love more gear… but moneys tight… so you use what you got and you MAKE IT WORK. Gear doesn’t make the photographer… the photographer makes the gear. So work with what you are using and press on.

Editing software I typically use, Lightroom 4.

Vlog-ness and Pool-ness

Got like 12 seconds to play catch up. My days have been filled with non stop prep for upcoming work for Boba… going through 1,000 of images from last weeks days of shooting their Carrier for the fall… as well as organizing and keeping together a list of models for this weeks days of shooting for their wrap line. Inbetween all that I am prepping our home for a road trip… organizing animal care. Who knew finding care for animals would be so consuming. I suppose a cat and dog is one thing… add in the reptiles who need live food, entirely different ball game. Thankful for neighbors we found to care for ALL the animals including the snake!! Anyone who is willing to do that gets an “awesome” reward in my book.


I also had to photograph a sweet newborn named Jaynee Monday – shes so cute. Baby fever for sure after working with her. Her session is up on my photo blog.

I managed to make it to the pool with the kids after Jaynee’s session. We got a free membership to a local YMCA because of Travis’s job (it has some perks)… the kids LOVED it, especially little Reed. Here are a few pictures ;-)










Also we have yard work to finish, car oil to change… and all the while trying to finish up this weeks worth of home schooling. I am not sure how I do it some weeks… it all seems to work out though and God is faithful.

Oh on a totally different subject. I have been stalking this couple on Youtube. Any one else ever watch youtubers? I am kinda into that thing lately… Im on youtube under the name “finadrea” I think? if you want to see who I follow on there. I personally dont VLOG but have debated doing it.

One of my favorite vlogger families right now though are Sam and Nia. They are the FROZEN couple who sang “Love is an open door” on youtube. I am sure majority of you have seen it. If you haven’t I will post it below ;-) – its cute. Their videos are silly but suck me in for some reason. I love how openly they have spoken in some of their videos on their faith as well as modesty. Its refreshing to see a young good looking family speak about these topics without a second thought. I wish more believers did that.

You can follow their channel here :) and like I said, below is the video that made them go viral.

To end… even tho this is a sad note… wanted to record it for my memory sake. My mom’s sweet cat (my former cat from my early teens) had to be put to sleep Monday. She wouldn’t eat and was more than likely in kidney failure.. was hard to tell. She was 17 years old and lived a great long life… but it sure is hard to make that decision. She will be so missed :(


The first photo was taken years back… the one below this was taken a few weeks ago… she lost a lot of weight.


I hope everyone has an amazing week/weekend… if I am away, you can keep up with us on Instagram @dreawood :) – I tend to be instagramming more than blogging. Its just easier.

Bobaing it.

boba2“Bobaing it” really is the only way I can think to describe what I have been doing lately. :) – The last 3 days Ive photographed I believe 7 families? some just mom/baby combos, but in a few sessions the entire family. Photographing adorably cute families, squishy babies, stylish dads and trendy lil mamas. I love photographing for Boba and each year is always different than the last, which I love. The one thing that does remain are great baby carriers and flexible moms willing to loan us their beauty and babes.

Thank you to all those who have spent their mornings and evenings with us allowing me to do this. I look forward to the photos releasing late fall :)- yes yall… even I have to wait to share them haha… grrrrr… but will be worth the wait :) – For now a snippet of last years work, more can be seen on the Boba website, throughout.

If you are interested in a Boba Carrier btw, feel free to use andreawood10 at checkout for 10% off. If that coupon doesnt work e-mail me ;-)

I love Boba carriers and am proud to be a user of their products since the beginning.

Happy babywearing.

Do forgive the lack of blogging. Between 3 days of shooting, house work, sick baby and home school… its been very busy. This weekend family comes in… on top of it we have 2 more days of shooting next week for Boba as well as planning for a road trip to Ohio, VA, TN and NC… so it will be quiet busy. If I am away, that is why :)


Oh and for fun, check out these cute instagrammed photos that Boba has up on their facebook and instagram (@boba). All featuring some of my kids.

boba4 boba5

boba6 boba7

Photography Answers

shot1I wanted to type this post up today to help update people on what is in my camera bag and a few thoughts on the “whole being a photographer” thing…

First off, a little disclaimer here. I do not claim to know it all… I have so many areas I need to improve in, business being one of those… I do what works for me and it may or may not work for you. I am thankful for the ability to do photography but will not lie, I do get burned out some days…(Which typically happens when I overbook myself.)

So first few Q&A questions I get asked a lot.

1. When did you start your business?
- Answer: 2007 shortly after Taite was born.

2. What camera did you start your business with?
- Answer: Canon Rebel XT with a 50mm 1.8 Lens

3. What camera do you use now?
- Answer: A Canon 5D Mark III – purchased it last year refurbished from Canon USA.

4. What lenses do you use now?
- Answer: 50mm 1.4 Canon, 28mm 1.8 Canon & a 85mm 1.8 Canon. Thats it. Would love more, but can’t afford any right now.

5. What camera bag do you use?
- Answer: I use a few depending on the location. For wedding’s I shoot with an old Tracy Joy shoot sac style bag. I can’t really link to any for sale. Tracy Joy is a photographer and no longer makes the bag I use… I love it though and paid very little for it. Thankful to have gotten one before she stopped making bags.

For every day shooting with clients I use either my Epiphanie Belle Bag (a review) or my Emera Tote Bag (also a review). Feel free to google both ;-)

To those curious where I review: I do all that on She {hearts} It.


6. How did you get started?
- Answer: I first started by finding some willing friends to let me photograph them. I charged very cheaply, maybe $50.00 a session… and really the only reason I was charging was to raise money for better gear… at that point in the game, it wasn’t about making a living… it was about gaining experience through trial and error. After I got a few friends under my belt, I began setting up a website and prices… I believe my start price was $75.00 a session and included images on disc. Mistake btw. One thing I have learned is if you start doing that from the get go, eventually when you get better and realize you cannot support your family with a $75.00 session and no profit post-session & you raise those prices… you will face lots of unhappy clients who would have previously known you as “the free disc photographer.” Lesson learned, I suggest if you do want to give a disc with your sessions that you factor that into the cost right off or sell the disc in addition to a session for a small rate. You can always raise that rate as you get more experienced… make sense? :)

7. What do you charge now?

- Answer: I charge between $125-175.00 for a single session. If clients want to purchase a disc its an additional $400.00. Yes clients pay it and should. I remember when I priced myself after moving to Atlanta having such a doubt in my mind about charging basically $525-600.00 a session. I didn’t think I was worth it or good enough… but I also realized each passing year of doing photography, I felt burnt…. and weary with my business. I didn’t want to do it anymore…. and I realize now it was because I devalued myself and worked countless hours for very little. While so many think photography is nothing more than showing up, snagging 50-100 photographs and burning them to a disc… what is not considered is the communication time with a client… the travel cost… the time spent on location… the time spent at home putting and refining a blog post, posting images to facebook… touching up photographs, creating private gallery for client, touching up specific photos even more for client, ship cost, disc cost, branding cost… it all adds up and the $500+ price tag is well worth it for amazing portraits IMO. Can I afford me? Right now. No… but we each have to budget what we can afford… and if I was not a photographer, I know I would be the type to go to a small mall studio or find a new college student willing to brave taking my family of 6 portraits at a nearby park. I know the quality though would not be professional, they’d simply be, photos slightly better than an average joe could take and that really is what most want. Investing in portraits, professional ones, does cost money. We all invest in what we feel is important to us… and we all pay for what we want. If someone wants a huge TV that cost over $1,000… they save up and pay for it, because they want it. So in short, if someone wants the style photography you offer, they will pay for it… and YOU my dear photographer are worth it. You are worth the talent and the time spent from your home. It is a creative passion but it is also a job that supports your family.

You can view my print prices and such on my website if you are curious on that too:

Can you tell I am preaching to myself? :)

8. Do you shoot in manual? If so how did you learn?
- Answer: Yes I do, 100% of the time… even with the kids :) – I learned how in high school. Took a basic photography class and the rest is history. Once you begin shooting manual and understand what it involves, its just a matter of practicing and getting use to adjusting your shutter, aperture and so on easily, without much thought. I can switch my settings so fast now that I don’t even have to look. That wasn’t the case 7 years ago when I started ;-) – confidence with that has def. been acquired more with time.

9. What is your favorite thing to shoot?
- Answer: Off the cuff events probably. I love spontaneous sessions… If I had more of me to give and a schedule that allowed it. I would strictly shoot events, births and weddings. I do however adore maternity sessions and couples. I oddly enough have grown fond of newborn sessions too… ever since I decided to give up being someone Im not and start shooting newborn sessions the way I felt comfortable doing. I also really enjoy photographing for Boba. All the images in this post came from sessions I shot for Boba last year. I adore photographing moms wearing their babies I guess ;-) – it really is such fun! I wish I could do it every month.

10. What do you edit with?
- Answer: Currently I mainly use Lightroom 4 for Mac. I also use Photoshop Elements 9.0 for a few other things… I have Photoshop CS5 as well but rarely use it. I started my photography business with Photoshop Elements 6… so I suppose I use Elements more because its more “familiar” to me. I have not felt CS5 did much more for me, so I have stuck with what works. My editing is light… I try to keep processing minimal as I think less is more.


11. Do you connect with other photographers?

- Answer: Yes! I think one of the biggest mistakes photographers make when they start, is they become stuck up. Is that the right terminology ? You don’t want to connect because you don’t want competition? or you don’t want to connect because you are fearful you may loose a client to the other person? Obviously other photographers are your competitions… but I believe each photographer has something to offer and we should each learn and grow from each other… not shun or hide. I love connecting with other photographers and have no problem at all helping new ones. Be confident in who you are… I am thankful for those photographers I got close to in NC when I began this journey… who befriended me when I was the newbie… loved on me and guided me. I will be forever thankful to them… and miss them greatly!

I suppose thats a good place to end :)- Mad props to Coleen Verner – my dear friend and also a amazing professional photographer in my area. She took all the behind the scene photos in this post.


All I have done the last 2 days in my free time is work on websites and catch up on e-mails (So behind!)

From editing this blog.

To editing my photography site (its under a total Reconstruction), to the photo blog.
Its been determined I should show more photos like this on my photo site ;-) – I have been told this is called Chimping ? Had to laugh at that.


Chimping or not, I am polishing my business a bit… I have been a bit burned out with my photography lately and have to reorganize and set my prices a bit more firmly. When you do this for many years you realize the value in your time and work you put into your business. It is definitely a learning experience and something I am far from perfected in yet… but im trying.

Ive also been helping a friend start up a fitness site…

… and now, editing a website for Caleb. Oh yes, Caleb. He is 9 yall. Will share more on this later and why I am cool with it.

Lets just say, between all that and NORMAL stuff… home school, house keeping, laundry (the pile in my kitchen is ridiculous). It has been very busy. Forgive any lack of blogging ;-) – I am trying to keep up with that too and get this blog off the ground a bit. Oh and have you heard? Atlanta is suppose to get hammered again with snow. What is up?! I am hoping that is just a bad weather report and we will enjoy 70 degree weather again next week.