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Inbetween the Books

Inbetween the books and schooling my dudes….





You can find me photographing for Boba :)

I finally get to link yall to some of the photos I took for Boba earlier this year. They came out with some new prints. Both for their carriers and wraps. I love them. Below is one of my favorite photos out of the bunch. Model Tiffany – amazing mom of 3 modeling her youngest, who was just so precious. This photo for me sums up my love for babywearing… and the dad’s expression was just perfect. Thank you to all my amazing models and for Boba who helped put this together as well. I think we all made a great team this year.


See more of the new prints on the Boba Website.

I also got to photograph this cutie over the weekend….


& this coming weekend ill get to photograph THIS ARTIST in concert. SO EXCITED about that. As well as like 9 students for school photos & a sweet little guy on Saturday who I photographed at age 1.

Its been kinda a slow season for me with photography. I didn’t push it over the summer… not to many families want portraits when its super hot… and well honestly, I was a bit burned out that I needed a break. I think its good for photographers to take occasional breaks to recharge. Im back in the swing though and look forward to a busy fall. I only wish I had more energy…. seems with photography teamed with home schooling and the task of housework and cooking meals, it leaves little left. Im worn out by 1pm most days and by the end of the day I am just whooped. I so wish I liked coffee…..

If anyone is curious how schooling has been with the boys this year. I thought about doing a post with our daily routine laid out. Anyone interested in that? If not, I probably wont blog it. So do comment ;-)

Grams and our Living Space

Recently while my mom and dad visited. I got the itch to rearrange my living room furniture. Am I the only one who loves moving furniture around? Is it an OCD thing? :) Ive done this numerous times since moving into our current home…. I for some reason could not let it be. I loved our living room, yet something about it bugged me. We originally had our TV on the left side of the room. We placed it there when we moved in because that is where the cable hook up was. Because we had purchased our first home, had to have cable installed and so forth for our internet… we got a special deal on cable. We never had it years prior, but decided why not, since it was discounted. After the year “discount” ran out however, our price got jacked up…. so, we canceled our cable. So now all we have is the internet. Because our TV no longer has to be hooked up to the wall for cable, I figured we could play around a bit with the arrangement now.


ED9A6199So I relocated the TV to the right side of the room and made the sofa’s into an L. While I loved the open space of no sofa’s cutting the room in half from the kitchen area… for the way this room was shaped and the functionality of all our kids being able to see the TV on movie night and family/friends when visiting, it was what worked.

Once it was all set up, I really did like how it turned out. It makes the living room feel separate yet still part of our kitchen. It created a divide so that when the living room is trashed, it doesn’t bug me as much now. Now all of us can sit and enjoy a movie comfortable… and I feel like this set up works well for family worship too.


With the rearranging of furniture, I also played with our mantel some. I have had a wonderful painting up our mantel since moving in. A painting my friend Melissa Payne Baker made me. I LOVE IT. So moving it was not easy for me. It however was relocated elsewhere, in a place we still see often. So its ok :) – it will always be a special part of our family decor, even if its not the center piece on a mantel.

*I am debating hanging it right behind the large sofa in the room. It go good there. I just need to get proper hanging screws to do so. So we shall see if I can get that done soon*




I recently got some Instagram photographs printed by a company called ORIGRAMI.
(cute name huh?) A play off on the word Origami.

I loved the look of them and their price was good IMO for a thick high quality print, so I picked out the SQUARE PRINT option. Its basically $21 for 36 images. So its less than $1 an image. Great price. The quality is thick and well done. The backs of the photographs have the date the image was taken printed on it. They come packaged in the most adorable square camera box.


I had fun figuring out how to display these… and while I still have more to display, what I have done so far, is a start.

The first place I started displaying them was on the mantel in the window panes I had set up. I got these old windows at a guys house when we first moved into our home. They cost $5.00 each. So a great price… I love windows!

instagram display

To attach the images, I used a rustic thread from the dollar tree. So $1.00 :) and tiny little clothes pins I got from the walmart craft dept. I believe they cost around $1.50? It came with a generous amount too. We use these same pins in our school room to display art. To hang them I just taped the thread to the actual window. I taped it generously (with clear scotch tape). You can’t see the tape when looking at the display, but trust me, theres a lot there haha… I suppose you could use small thumb tacs or nails too. I however didn’t have any, so tape it is!



ED9A6223 ED9A6224

Another spot I decided to hang some, is located between a deck door and our kitchen area. Its a thin strip of wall. Its to thin to hang much of anything… but is one of the first walls you see as you enter our living room. To hang these I just got sticky adhesive tabs (I had them already for hanging stuff in our home school room). I cut them real thin to fit behind the tiny clothes pin…. and just put them straight onto the wall. Was super easy to do and very fast.

instagram display

printed instagram

So if you are looking for a simple and fun way to display your Instagram images. Do check out Origrami. I have hopes of creating a few more fun displays using the rest of the images I have.

Their website btw allows you to download your instagram straight into their photo ordering process. It took me literally 10 minutes or less to do.

How to make your own Light Box & Edit the Results

A few of you chimed in on my facebook about wanting to hear how to create a lightbox… and create images like this….

garter snake

bearded dragon

leopard gecko

My Son Caleb asked me to photograph his reptiles (to those who want to know more about his animals, check out his blog)… so one afternoon we did, using a lightbox my mom created out of a card board box. I didn’t re-create the box for posting purposes, because my mom being awesome, did it! So if you want to hop on over to her blog you can read up on how to make your own small lightbox. This will allow you to photograph stills like the images above. So if you sell anything on etsy…. or just want a fun way to capture images on a white backdrop, this is the way to go.

Now, for those curious how to edit what images you take using the lightbox. Well, I created a video for you :) – I plan to sell some of these videos along the way… but I thought I would let this one be a freebie.


Editing the images is pretty simple if you have any of those programs above. I do not know all the tricks in lightroom yet, so for that reason I did use lightroom and photoshop elements to complete the look. However, you could absolutely do this entire editing look in Photoshop Elements. Again you can find Elements used on ebay. The version I am using is Photoshop Elements 9. Or you can buy version 12 on amazon prime.

For those curious what camera/lenses, etc… was used in the above images. Here is that info for you:

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm 1.4 Lens
ISO: 320
Aperture (f-stop): 2.2
Shutter: 1/1000
No Flash
No External Lighting – Only window light.

If you wanted to do away with all the shadows, use your lightbox better than I did here by putting light on the sides of the box. You could easily use a table lamp to do this :) – doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Hope you enjoyed! If you’d like to see more videos like this do comment and let me know.

How to Create your own Logo/watermark in Photoshop

ED9A1665-2Here is the 1st of a hopefully reoccuring series of video tutorials for you all! I am charging for these... they take me some time to create, since I’m such a newb at iMovie and voice overs, visual screen capturing and all that jazz. I am a pretty fast learner… but the learning process, has taken me hours to grasp. So, Im trying to use my talents to create easy to follow videos for those interested… but also considering my time doing them and time away from the family. I am only charging $1.00 though, so its super cheap. Its the price of a pack of gum. So keeping it affordable ;-) and you should be able to re-watch it all you want once you pay.

Im fairly new to the world of Gumroad though, so if you have ANY trouble at all, let me know, kay?

In this video I am using Photoshop Elements 9! A very inexpensive program you can find on amazon. I do not believe the version I am using is available any more, since its older. However, Photoshop Elements 12 is available on amazon. If you are on a tighter budget do check out ebay and see if you can find used versions of Elements. I have used as low as Elements 6 and between you and me, 6 was just as good as 9 :) – so feel free to bargain shop in that area.

To download the video, CLICK HERE.

I hope you all enjoy the video! If you would like to see more like it, do comment and let me know. I already have another one created on how to edit images taken in a homemade whitebox. Super excited to post about that one :)

Farewell Facebook, leaving yall with photos :)

This month Aug-Sept… I plan to take a HUGE leave from Social Media… well facebook mainly. I have done this in the past… just not for this length of time… so we shall see how it goes…

Lately I have just been a bit tired of facebook. Streaming the feeds brought nothing but harsh feelings for me… often times I saw people speaking in ways I knew, without any doubt, they would never speak or say things in that manner, in person. I saw people post on there every few moments it seemed… and it just got me questioning the wisdom in always being connected. Every 4 post is a random video from youtube… and an inappropriate ad.

While I for one see the great use and pro’s to social media… esp. for those who use it for any sort of business…. the constant need to be known and seen by those around us, is consuming and often times not the best.

You can’t help but get drawn in….

On evenings when my husband would be at work on a special holiday… Id log into facebook, only to be faced with feelings of loneliness and envy. Wishing my husband would be there… envying what others had… lonely… and questioning why my friends weren’t calling… or reaching out, when I needed it. I would put expectations on people, who really didn’t deserve that. My brokenness only seemed to be magnified by the constant desire to feel important and seen, heard…

While I do plan to try and keep up with my facebook messages… as it is tied into my business. Groups I am a part of who stay connected and tie into my business, can’t be put off for a month… even if I wish it could some times… I cant just abandon it completely… I think the damage of social media comes though not from those things… but from the streaming…. and obsessiveness of it.

I deleted facebook from my iphone… to avoid temptation
(shame that you feel tempted by social media huh?)…

I will not stream feeds….

I have a few friends due with babies soon …. that do not live near me… so I do intend around the time of their due date, to check on them… and look at “their facebook page” only…

So here is to the break… yall want to take the challenge and take it with me?? if so, comment letting me know – Id love to know who’s following and who plans to do the same. I btw will still be on Instagram and blogging. So if you follow me on Instagram you will see updates there. Far less drama on instagram than facebook :) – @dreawood – is my handle.

To end… I very rarely post lots of photo work on my personal blog. I kinda leave all that for my photography blog… but for some reason tonight, I was looking through some photo work of mine… and felt like posting some. May as well, leave facebook for this time with a shout out to all my amazing clients from the last year or so.

I have been a bit burned out with my photography these days. A little bummed by a lag in business… and a little stressed over the fact we depend on my business… with Travis’ current job situation, my income is a must for us… We never ever wanted it that way though. My main responsibility was to be with our 4 boys… not working. While some don’t seem to mind working full time… for me, its not a desire… and often times very hard to balance motherhood and work… not to mention schooling children.

Thankful for the clients I have that are loyal… encouraging. So amazingly generous and kind. I may not have as many as some photographers… but the ones I do have, are the best. Thank yall for all the great memories and fun.


*instagram photo shooting the above shot*

Shot the beautiful @Jessie Faucette today while in nc. She was beautiful carrying her twin boys. So fun to photograph people from wedding to baby births :) I love that part of being a photographer. #atlantaphotographer























For those curious in what gear I am using…
(although I think most who have read my blog for a while, know this…)

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III
My lenses rotate around a bit, typically always a Canon 50mm 1.4, 28mm 1.8 and the 85mm 1.8.

Those are my favs! :) Would love more gear… but moneys tight… so you use what you got and you MAKE IT WORK. Gear doesn’t make the photographer… the photographer makes the gear. So work with what you are using and press on.

Editing software I typically use, Lightroom 4.